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Dr. Steven Schwartz
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Compare Schein Dental to Net32 Dental Supplies

Net32 customers save an average of $17,4113 a year compared to using Schein Dental.

Alloys and Anesthetics


Tytin - Regular Set Double Spill 500 caps$1,479.99$472.95
Save: 68%


Tytin - Regular Set Triple Spill 500 caps$1,794.99$575.00
Save: 68%


Cook-Waite Carbocaine 3% box of 50$49.99$33.99
Save: 32%


Lidocaine HCL 2% Epinephrine 1:100,000$41.99$26.75
Save: 36%
Core Buildup


Ketac-Silver Aplicap - std pack 50 caps$327.99$111.77
Save: 66%


Miracle Mix - P/L Kit - 15gP/10gL$304.99$89.99
Save: 71%


LuxaCore Dual Cure core material$222.99$178.53
Save: 20%
Cements and Liners


Ketac-Cem - Triple Package$385.99$106.50
Save: 73%


Temp Bond NE - Tubes$61.99$17.85
Save: 71%


Luxatemp Fine Mixing Tips, Box of 25$53.49$19.84
Save: 63%


Maxcem Elite - Clear Refill - 2 Syringes$155.99$69.50
Save: 56%
Cosmetic Dentistry/Crowns


G-Bond - One Component - Light Cure Kit$184.99$83.95
Save: 55%


Z100 - A2 Syringe - One 4g Syringe$110.99$21.23
Save: 81%


Revolution Formula 2 - A2 Refill$95.99$36.95
Save: 62%


Esthet-X HD - A2 20-.25g Compules$131.99$82.50
Save: 37%


3M ESPE Asstd. Primary Molar SS Crowns$686.99$375.00
Save: 45%
Disposables/Infection Control


Birex SE - Op Package - 48 1/8oz packets$242.99$134.90
Save: 44%


Ear-Loop Face Mask - Blue - Box of 50$15.99$8.85
Save: 45%


Sani-Tip plastic Syringe Tips - 1500$352.99$119.50
Save: 66%


Scott 10.125" x 13.15" C-fold Towels$52.99$30.50
Save: 42%


Technol Ear-Loop Mask - Blue, Pleat-Style$12.49$5.39
Save: 58%


Cranberry Latex glove: NS/PF - Box of 100$12.49$7.45
Save: 42%


Sani-Cloth Plus - Large Wipes (6" x 6.75")$11.99$6.65
Save: 49%


Safe-Tips EZ Universal Syringe Tips$409.99$193.72
Save: 53%


Purevac Cleaner - Super Concentrated$135.99$107.95
Save: 21%


CaviWipes Towelettes (Large)$14.99$7.18
Save: 52%


Endo-Ice pulp vitality refrigerant - can$31.99$14.00
Save: 56%


AH Plus endodontic Sealer - 4ml A/4ml B$117.99$76.00
Save: 39%


Pulp Canal Sealer EWT - std package$214.99$74.50
Save: 66%


Sealapex - Non-Eugenol Kit$72.99$14.75
Save: 80%


Tubli-Seal - Paste/Paste ZOE$71.99$21.50
Save: 70%


RC-Prep - 18g Jar$34.99$24.13
Save: 31%
Impression Products


Express STD - VPS Putty$185.99$47.99
Save: 74%


Impregum F - Double Package - Med. Visc.$171.99$91.20
Save: 47%


Impregum Penta - Refill Pack - Med. Visc.$357.99$198.40
Save: 47%


Impregum Penta Soft - Refill, Med. Visc.$399.99$213.99
Save: 47%


Examix NDS - Heavy Body (Yellow) VPS$30.99$22.19
Save: 37%


Kromopan 1 lb dustless regular set alginate$12.49$7.93
Save: 66%


Aquasil Ultra - Heavy (Light Green) - Fast$127.99$112.99
Save: 12%


Genie VPS - Heavy Body$641.99$537.95
Save: 16%


High Performance Mixing Tips - Small$49.49$16.40
Save: 67%


Denticator Original Green Angles - 500$274.99$199.00
Save: 28%


Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle - 100$66.99$55.53
Save: 17%


Duraflor NaF Varnish (5%) - 200 Doses$220.99$160.55
Save: 27%


MI Paste Plus - Asstd Pack 10 Tubes$159.99$125.75
Save: 21%


Disposable 90 degree Recip Prophy Angles$77.99$54.75
Save: 30%


#2 DV-58 Film - Periapical - 600$203.99$124.99
Save: 39%


#2 DV-58 Speed D Periapical - 100$54.29$29.99
Save: 45%


#2 Kodak Insight IP-21 - 150$85.99$52.94
Save: 38%


6" x 12" Panoramic TMG-15 - Box of 50$132.99$68.95
Save: 49%


#0 Ultraspeed DF-54 Periapical - 100$64.99$33.50
Save: 48%


Kodak DF-58, Box of 150$75.99$47.15
Save: 38%


Kodak DF-57 Film - Box of 130$95.99$50.50
Save: 47%


Omat2 5"x12" Duplicating Film - Box of 50$145.99$83.50
Save: 43%
Other Popular Products


Expasyl - Original, 20 Capsule Refill$362.99$225.00
Save: 38%


Traxodent 15% Aluminum Chloride$267.99$210.98
Save: 21%


Luxatemp Automix Plus - A1 Refill$219.99$91.80
Save: 60%


Luxatemp Automix Plus - A2 Refill$219.99$89.45
Save: 61%


Integrity - A2 Refill - Temporary Material$223.99$135.00
Save: 40%
Weekly Specials Check out this week's specials.