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  1. 3/24/2011: Net32, Inc., Releases New Shipping Feature on Multi-Vendor Comparison Shopping Website for Dental Supplies
  2. 3/22/2011: Net32, Inc., Opens Up Communication With Growing Dental Industry Customer Base
  3. 10/6/2010: Net32, Inc. Survey Reveals Social Media Habits of Dentists
  4. 4/6/2010: Net32, Inc. Reports Record Rate of New Product Additions
  5. 10/30/2009: Net32, Inc. Launches New Feature - "Top Sellers"
  6. 09/03/2009: Net32, Inc. Reports Highest Customer Ratings Ever
  7. 01/19/2009: Net32, Inc. Finishes 2008 With 52% Growth Rate
  8. 10/14/2008: Net32 Takes a Bite Out of Recession Fears For Dentists
  9. 7/23/2008: Net32, Inc., Beats Dental Industry Sales Trends
  10. 5/1/2007: Net32, Inc., Provides Purchasing Capability for Pennwell Dental Publications
  11. 9/20/2006: Net32, Inc., Granted Patent for Internet Comparison Shopping Technology
  12. 4/10/2006: Net32, Inc. Brings Its Patented Comparison-Shopping Technology to the Nation's Capital Dental Meeting at the Washington Convention Center
  13. 2/22/2006: Net32, Inc. Creates New Way for Advertisers to Reach Dental Industry
  14. 1/9/2006: Net32 New Customer Acquisition Triples
  15. 11/28/2005: Net32 Traffic Doubles in Four Months
  16. 10/24/2005: Net32, Inc Enhances Comparison-Shopping Website with Best Selling and Best Savings Results
  17. 9/26/2005: Net32, Inc. Brings Its New Website Technology to ADA Annual Meeting and Technical Exhibition in Philadelphia
  18. 8/29/2005: Net32 Launches Powerful New Dental Supply Search Engine
  19. 7/11/2005: Net32, Inc Launches Enhanced Online Comparison Website — A Wholesale Dental Products Marketplace for the Dental Profession
  20. 6/8/2005: ABELDent Practice Management Software for Dental Practices Now Available on Net32, Inc's On-line Dental Products Marketplace
  21. 12/15/2004: Net32 Online Shopping Patent
  22. 10/13/2004: Revolutionary Shopping Tool Assists Dental E-Commerce Customers in Maximizing Savings
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