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ADI Seminars Level 1 Implant course in Jamaica, June 12 - 16, 2019. Basic

ADI Seminars Level 1 Implant course in Jamaica, J
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Level 1 Implant course in Jamaica, June 12 - 16, 2019. Basic Course 5 Days - 35 CE Hours. Location: Kingston, Jamaica. Full tuition cost includes 5-day course tuition, meals, 4-star hotel (6 nights) and island transfers. Implants, instruments, bone grafts are included. Airfare should be purchased separately. **Click on "Additional Information" tab below for details
Level 1 Implant course in Jamaica, June 12 - 16, 2019. Basic Course 5 Days - 35 CE Hours. Location: Kingston, Jamaica. Full tuition cost includes 5-day course tuition, meals, 4-star hotel (6 nights) and island transfers. Implants, instruments, bone grafts are included. Airfare should be purchased separately. **Click on "Additional Information" tab below for details
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ADI Seminars
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5 Day Implant Course, Level 1
35 CE hours
June 12 - 16, 2019
Kingston, Jamaica
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    Additional Information
  • ADI Seminars - 5 Day Implant Course in Jamaica

    Consider the following questions, then decide to come to Jamaica for a 5 Day Implant Course provided by ADI Seminars to further your career:

    1. Would you like to learn how to insert and restore implants from outstanding world-class practitioners?
    2. Would you like to insert implants on provided patients (no malpractice insurance necessary) with individual guidance and supervision by experienced instructors?
    3. Would you like to attend a 5-day implant course in beautiful Jamaica, which may be tax deductible?
    4. Would you like to bring your family along for an outstanding vacation at inexpensive prices?
    5. Would you like to receive 35 hours CE credit?
    6. Seminar Objectives

      Please see information on product detail page regarding specific dates this seminar will be held.

      Upon completion of the 5 Day Implant Course in Jamaica, the clinician will be able to accomplish the following tasks:

      1. Identify cases suitable for dental implants
      2. Diagnose and treatment plan for preservation and restoration of edentulous and partially edentulous arches
      3. Demonstrate competency in the placement of single tooth implants, soft tissue management and bone augmentation
      4. Obtain an ideal implant occlusion
      5. Work as part of an implant team with other professionals
      6. Incorporate implant treatment into private practice with quality results, cost effectiveness and profitability


      Seminar Day-by-Day Synopsis

      Day One - Faculty Lectures

      Introduction to Oral Implantology - History of implants, types of implants and their uses, grafting and augmentation, removable vs. fixed prostheses, screw-retained vs. cemented prostheses, HA coated vs. non-coated implants.
      Implant Site Development and Alveolar Bone Resorption Patterns - Relationship of natural teeth to the alveolar bone, resorption patterns in the event of tooth loss, site development, aesthetic requirements of implant prostheses.
      Implant Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - Medical and dental evaluation of potential implant patients, risk factors.
      Implant Overdentures, Attachments and Home Care - Fabrication of implant overdentures, implant retained and tissue supported overdentures, overdenture attachments, occlusion, and home care.
      Placement of Dental Implants - Implant armamentarium, site-specific osteotomy, flap designs, minimally invasive surgical approaches, gingival grafts, bone grafting, platelet rich plasma, hard tissue augmentation, suturing techniques, sinus lifts.
      Periodontal Considerations - Hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures, guided bone regeneration, gingival and subepithelial tissue grafts, crown lengthening, soft tissue sculpting, periodontal suturing techniques, papilla augmentation.
      Implant Prosthodontics - Single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, full arch implant replacement, implant overdentures, maxillofacial implant prostheses.
      Implant Failure - Bacterial, mechanical (occlusal), psychological, systemic, surgical, smoking, extraordinary failure.

      Day Two - Hands-on Training

      Prosthodontic diagnosis and work-ups with fixed and removable designs. Surgical diagnosis and work-ups using preservation-oriented models. Hands-on demonstrations of surgical drills, implant motors, handpieces, and surgical and prosthodontic instrumentation. Surgical and prosthodontic workshops using actual instrumentation, implants, abutments, analogs, components, and attachments

      Day Three - Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

      Participants will diagnose and treatment plan actual cases for live patients. Preparation will include taking radiographs, making diagnosis casts and surgical templates, and making diagnostic wax-ups. Each participant will diagnose and treatment plan a minimum of three cases with individual instructor assistance.

      Day Four - Live Patient Treatment

      Demonstrations of step-by-step implant placement, including ridge augmentation, grafting, sinus elevation, and suturing. Each participant will place 2 to 4 implants in patients (provided by course) that have been diagnosed the previous day. Individual instructor guidance and supervision will be available for each implant placement by participants.

      Day Five - Review

      Continuation of implant placement (if necessary). Review of implant insertions of previous day, with postoperative follow-up observations of implant patients. Review of implant surgery and prosthodontic procedures, all material previously presented, and discussion of participantsÕ future cases. Introduction to implant practice management - treatment planning, case work-up, patient presentation, marketing and patient communication skills.


      Seminar Logistics

      1. Five day seminar
      2. 35 CE hours
      3. Fee $3075
      4. Location: Jamaica


      Seminar Price

      Cost of 5 Day Implant Course in Jamaica is $3075.

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