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Dental Supplies > Alloys & accessories

Dental Amalgam, Dental Alloys, & Accessories

Dental alloys are essential for creating restorations and their substructures for patients. Dentists can purchase dental amalgam, alloys, and accessories from the Net32 dental marketplace to save on materials from top manufacturers.
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Alloys & Accessories
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Dental Alloy Products Are Sold on Net32?

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In our product offering, you will find a variety of dental amalgam, alloys, and accessories, including:

  • Dental alloys
  • Amalgam and mercury storage
  • Amalgam wells
  • Capsule activators
  • Squeeze cloths

We also sell other supplies required for completing restorations, including core materials.

The types of dental alloy capsules currently available include:

  • Traditional
  • Dispersed phase
  • Spherical
  • Modern spherical

For the set formula, you can choose from regular set, slow set, fast set, extended time, and extra extended time. Whichever dental alloy products you select, you can rest assured that you will save on your purchase by shopping on the Net32 dental marketplace.

Note that while many capsules are self-activating—meaning they don’t require pinching or twisting open—not all are, so be sure to check the product you select. If they are not self-activating, you will need a capsule activator which you can find on Net32.

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What Does "Spill" Mean As It Applies to Dental Alloys?

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Dental alloy capsules are listed with different "spills", which refers to how much amalgam is in each capsule. The amount of amalgam needed depends on how much is required for the specific restoration or filling. You will find single, double, and triple spills available on Net32.

Here is how the spills break down in terms of amalgam content:

  • Single spill: 400 mg
  • Double spill: 600 mg
  • Triple spill: 800 mg
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Why Are Capsules Color-Coded?

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You may notice while shopping our product offering that dental alloy capsules are sold in a variety of colors. This color-coding allows you to easily identify and keep separate the different types and spills you store at your practice.

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What Quantities Are Alloy Capsules Available in?

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Dental alloys are sold in quantities of 50, 100, and 500 capsules, as well as 5 oz. packages. The amount you should purchase depends on the product demand at your practice. However, it is worthwhile to note that buying in bulk saves you on the cost per unit, and overall in the long run. If you believe you will need to restock frequently, it may be worth it to spend more upfront for a larger quantity instead of having to repurchase sooner.

In addition to amalgam and alloy accessories, dentists can find everything they need for their practice on the Net32 dental marketplace, including dental tray materials, rubber dam products, and much more.

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