DentoGen Fast Set Bone Grafting Material, 2 Patient Kits, each

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DentoGen Fast Set Bone Grafting Material, 2 Patient Kits, each contains: 1 Gm. Powder, 5 mL Regular set Solution, 10 mL Fast set Solution. Bioresorbable & osteoconductive, acts as a soft tissue barrier & improves implant osseointegration. Can be used in a wide range of clinical indications including post-extraction, intra-osseous defects, apicoectomies, root perforations & open apices, dehiscences & fenestrations and sinus lifts.
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2 patient kit (2 - 1 gram powder and regular & fast set solutions)
2 gram
Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate
DentoGen Fast Set Bone Grafting Material, 2 Pati
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  • DentoGen® by Orthogen

    Orthogen LLC is developing and marketing a new line of completely resorbable synthetic bone regeneration products for dental applications. A first generation bone graft material, DentoGen®, is already available for sale.




    • Biocompatible
    • Osteoconductive
    • Completely Biodegradable
    • Can be used by itself or in combination with other bone grafts
    • Effective as a GTR barrier
    • Completely Synthetic
    • Can be used with implants to improve their osseointegration


    DentoGen® is indicated for use:

    • By itself in bone regenerative techniques
    • Mixed with other suitable bone filling agents to prevent particle migration in an osseous defect
    • To provide a resorbable barrier over other bone graft materials

    Examples of Use

    Oral Surgery

    Post-extraction: to help maintain height and width of alveolar bone, apply an initial layer of DentoGen® and compress it with gauze. Hemostasis will thus be obtained. Continue filling in layers, each time compressing the material with sterile gauze. The alveolus should be filled with slight excess and the soft tissue margins should be approximated with sutures over the hardened DentoGen®.


    Infra-osseous defects: after periodontal treatment, fill the defect(s) with DentoGen®, pressing on the root surface. In furcations, DentoGen® can be used alone or under membranes.


    Apicoectomy: following root resection, apply a layer of DentoGen® into the crypt and compress with gauze, thus obtaining hemostasis. Prepare the root end cavity and place the retrograde filling. Fill the crypt with DentoGen®, placing in layers and in slight excess. Wet the final layer with FAST SET liquid to allow for rapid hardening, and then suture.

    Root perforations: for intra-coronal treatment, use DentoGen® as a matrix. Mix DentoGen® to a creamy consistency and introduce to the pulp chamber. Push it through the perforation into the bone lesion, until the latter is completely filled. Clean the cavity with a small sponge soaked in REGULAR SET liquid; wait until the DentoGen® has hardened. Remove DentoGen® from the dentinal walls of the perforation with a rose miller, then close the perforation with fast setting super-EBA or a resin bonding technique.

    Open apices: plug the apical third of the canal with DentoGen®, then remove the material until 1 mm from the radiographic apex. Fill the canal with your chosen technique.


    Dehiscence and fenestrations: reconstruct the bone continuity with DentoGen®. Allow it to harden using the FAST SET liquid and suture.

    Mini sinus lifting: before inserting the implant, fill the bone area with DentoGen®, pressing with an appropriate instrument and pushing the material so that the membrane is raised. Insert the implant.

    Great sinus lifting: DentoGen® can be used as a single implant material or as a matrix mixed with autologous or heterologous bone.

    Fresh Socket Filling around dental implants: DentoGen® can be used post-extraction as described above with immediate placement of an endosseous implant.


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    • 9/6/16
      By dr_joe
      from Houston, TX
      profession General Dentist
      Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
      with Orthogen
      Good bone replacement material
      Good product for replacing bone.
    • 1/14/13
      By steinway
      from Astoria, NY
      profession General Dentist
      Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
      with Orthogen
      too early to tell
      will check osteo-integration in a few months
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