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Dental Supplies > Handpieces > Low speed handpieces

Slow Speed Handpieces

Slow speed handpieces are useful dental instruments that can improve your ability to complete a variety of procedures efficiently. When shopping for new low speed handpieces, consider Net32, which offers savings on slow speed handpieces and attachments from leading manufacturers.
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1–60 of 459 results

1–60 of 459 results

459 results

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Best Sellers
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Low Speed Handpieces
Premium Plus Prophy Angle Air Motor Handpiece 4:1 reduction 3000 rpm, 4 Hole
$214.95 $390.00
Integrity Prophygiene II Swivel Hygiene Handpiece. Ergonomic, balanced and only
A1 Handpiece Specialists Premium Prophy Queen Hygiene Handpiece
$249.00 $277.50
Prophy Pro Elite Hygiene Handpiece, Lube Free, 4 Hole, 5,000 rpm, Friction Grip
$300.00 $499.99
Classic E-Type Motor Slow Speed Set, includes E-motor, nose cone, contra angle
Handpiece with straight nose cone & contra angle latch head
$377.70 $509.95
House Brand 20,000 RPM autoclavable U Contra Angle Low Speed Handpiece
ND Low speed contra angle handpiece with Latch Head, Star titan type. Warranty
House Brand Low speed handpiece 20,000 RPM, 4-Hole. 2-Speed Nose Cone Motor Kit
$63.65 $299.95
NSK Compatible Brasseler NSK EC Type Contra Angle with Latch Head, 1:1 Direct
House Brand Midwest-type Straight Nosecone, 1/Pk
$123.75 $198.00
ProphyPal Hygiene Handpiece - CLASSIC SILVER Color, 3/Pk. Extended Sure-fit
AppleDental Green-L Handpiece & Air Motor Set with External Water Spray
Motor with latch type CA and straight nosecone
$89.99 $250.00
GooDent Low Speed Handpiece with Internal Water Irrigation. 3 pieces set
$269.00 $399.99
Star Titan Type Air Motor, slow speed 4-hole, 20,000 RPM
NSK E-Type Ball Bearing Straight Handpiece, 40,000rpm. 1 year warranty
$68.45 $110.00
A1 Handpiece Specialists Low speed contra angle handpiece with Latch Head
Meditorque Elite Kit: 1:1 40K Straight Nose Cone, 1:1 30K Contra Angle, 25k
Handpiece with straight nose cone & contra angle latch head
$350.00 $699.99
House Brand 20k Airmotor Set with Ball Bearing Latch Head, 1:1 E-type Straight
Handpiece with straight nose cone & contra angle latch head
$94.95 $225.00
GooDent Contra-Angle Push Button 1:1 Direct Drive ISO E-Type External Water
NSK EX Series NSK NAC EC 1:1 Direct Drive EX Series Low Speed Handpiece
Titan 3 slow speed 5,000 RPM handpiece motor #62261, single motor less swivel
$1,020.90 $1,189.99
House Brand Midwest-Type Contra Angle Push Button Latch
ND Midwest-type contra angle handpiece with ball bearing head, Push button
Meditorque Elite Straight 25K RPM Lowspeed Handpiece 1/Pk. 4-hole connection
$299.00 $499.99
NSK Brassler EX-6/ Prophy Straight Handpiece, EX-6: For HP burs(dia. 2.35)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Low Speed Handpieces?

More info

A low speed handpiece serves many purposes. It is used to prepare and remove cavities, clean teeth, and remove resin. It can do everything from defining and shaping to smoothing and trimming. A low speed handpiece can either be air or electric powered and it will not damage the tooth. Most low speed dental handpieces work at around 20,000 RPMs. Due to their low speed, these handpieces are able to generate high levels of torque, which is useful for implant procedures, prophylaxis, and more.

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What Types of Low Speed Handpieces Are There?

More info

You can find a range of different types of low speed handpieces on the Net32 dental marketplace. Our product offering includes low speed handpieces with various nose angles—such as straight and contra— motors, and speeds. That way, you can find low speed handpieces that meet your needs.

Low speed handpieces have many features that are useful for different dental procedures, such as:

  • Internal water irrigation vs. external water spray
  • Speeds from 500 to 40,000 RPMs
  • Air driven vs. electric motors
  • Different types of heads including latch head, ball-bearing latch head, mini latch head, and more

Note that when selecting your slow speed handpiece, both the handpiece and attachments should be autoclavable.

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How Long Do Low Speed Handpieces Last?

More info

A dental slow speed handpiece will last for a long time due to the fact that it operates at such a low speed. It is also designed to last longer compared to a high speed handpiece. However, it is still important to have professional maintenance done every 6-12 months to ensure it is functioning properly.

The Net32 dental marketplace carries low speed dental handpieces from industry leading brands and manufacturers, such as Premium Plus and A1 Handpiece Specialists, so you can rest assured your low speed handpiece will be high quality.

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How Do You Clean Low Speed Handpieces?

More info

It is crucial to clean your dental slow speed handpiece after each use. A low speed dental handpiece should be heat sterilized after each patient to reduce the risk of cross contamination. To clean a low speed handpiece, you have to either submerge it in liquid chemical sterilants or barrier protect it. It also is very important to use a heat-tolerant low speed dental handpiece so it can be cleaned properly.

From handpiece lubricant to attachments, the Net32 dental marketplace carries everything you need when it comes to dental handpieces.

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