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Dental Polishers

Creating well-fitting restorations for your patients is critical to a successful procedure. However, you must have the right dental instruments on hand to do so. Shop our variety of dental polishers and accessories to save on these essential instruments for your practice.
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1–60 of 284 results

1–60 of 284 results

284 results

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Best Sellers
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Finishing & Polishing Wheels
Ceramiste HP KN7 Wheel, Ultra Grit (Polish), package of 12 wheels
Becht ProfiLab 22 mm HP Polishing Discs - Linen 12.Pk.
Becht ProfiLab 22 mm HP Polishing Discs - Cotton 12.Pk.
Becht Scotch Brite HP Mounted Wheels 25 mm - Fine 12/Pk.
Keystone Wheels Rubber Hard Clasp Polish, Superior Hard Same Quality
Greenie (Polish) HP KN7 Knife-Edge Wheel, 12/pk. Provides finishing
tcs Mini Rag Buff, 12/Pk.
Package of 12 buffs
Brownie (Prepolish) HP WH6 square edge Wheel, 12/pk. For precious
Dedeco Cut-off Wheels 1-1/4", Box of 100 Wheels
$26.21 $38.99
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Dental Polishing Instruments Are Available?

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There is a wide variety of dental polishers available at the Net32 dental marketplace to help you create the most precise-fitting and lifelike restorations for your patients. Our product offering includes:

  • Finishing & polishing brush wheels
  • Finishing & polishing cups
  • Finishing & polishing discs
  • Finishing & polishing kits
  • Finishing & polishing points
  • Finishing & polishing strips
  • Finishing saw
  • Mandrels
  • Polishing brushes

You should have a variety of dental polishers in different shapes and sizes at your practice so that you can achieve the best restoration results for your patient.

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What to Look for in Dental Polishing Accessories?

More info

When shopping for dental polishing accessories, you want to keep a few key characteristics in mind. Depending on how many patients you have and what procedures you offer, certain dental polishers will work better for your practice than others. Here are a few considerations you want to take into account when purchasing polishing accessories and considering polishing restorations:

  • Precision: You want the right buffer that is exact and can adapt to the curvature of the tooth and restoration.
  • Versatile: Look for a dental finishing and polishing kit that can be used for composites, ceramics and other restorations.
  • Efficient excess removal: Polishers should have high-quality abrasives in order to remove excess material safely and quickly.
  • Materials: Dental polishers are available in a variety of materials including silicone, rubber, or aluminum.
  • Quality of brand and manufacturer: When selecting dental polishers for your practice, you should opt for a reputable finishing polish brand and manufacturer.
  • Affordability: Look for high-quality polishing accessories at affordable prices that allow you to save without sacrificing quality.
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What Brands of Dental Polishers Are Sold on the Net32 Marketplace?

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It’s important to choose a brand that is reputable when selecting dental polishers, so you can achieve the best results and ensure your dental instruments are durable. Net32 carries a variety of dental polishers from top brands, including:

  • Hatho
  • Sof-Lex
  • NTI CeraGlaze
  • Ceramiste
  • Dedeco
  • Keystone
  • Mizzy Heatless

Whether you’re shopping for sterilant solutions, impression materials, or bone grafting supplies, Net32 offers a myriad of dental products at competitive prices. Net32’s inventory is made up of trusted brands and manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in top-rated dental instruments.

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