Integrity II Prophygiene Hygiene Handpiece, Blue/Silver. Ergonomic

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    Integrity II Prophygiene Hygiene Handpiece, Blue/Silver. Ergonomic, balanced and only 2.3 oz. Optimal torque, even at low psi levels. Standard MW 4-hole attachment. Smooth, vibration-free operation. Full 360 degree swivel. Non-detachable 1:1 friction-grip chuck nose cone reduces weight and length. Variable speed 5000 RPM air motor. Autoclavable to 275 degree F. Blue/Silver matte color. Made in USA.
    Manufacturer Code:
    Integrity II Prophygiene
    Single handpiece with 360 swivel
    5,000 rpm
    Integrity II Prophygiene Hygiene Handpiece, Blue
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