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Dental Supplies > Cosmetic dentistry products > Polishing pastes and accessories

Polishing pastes and accessories

Net32.com offers Polishing paste, Diamond polishing paste and Polishing paste applicators, along with many other products in the Polishing pastes and accessories category. We offer you great deals off retail pricing on top brands Prisma-Gloss, Sentry and TDV made by top manufacturers Dentsply Sirona, Premier and TDV. Navigate below to find discounts on all your Polishing pastes and accessories needs. Order today and see the Dental supply savings firsthand!
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1–31 of 31 results

1–31 of 31 results

31 results

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Polishing Pastes And Accessories
Prisma-Gloss Extra Fine Grit Composite Polishing Paste, 4 Gm. Syringe. #631450
$57.40 $83.99
Prisma-Gloss Fine Grit Composite Polishing Paste, 4 Gm. Syringe. #631400
$57.12 $59.99
TDV Diamond Gloss - 2 Gm. Syringe Polishing Paste. Extra-fine grained
Sentry Composite Polishing Paste, 3 - 4 gm syringes. No drying or changes
Sparkle Diamond Polishing Paste, Package of 4 - 1.2 mL Syringes
$34.00 $37.95
Temrex diamond polishing paste, 3 gram syringe of paste
$35.75 $41.70
Southern Dental Glossy Composite Polishing Paste Peppermint Flavor, 4 Gm
Diamond Twist SCL Polishing Paste (Unflavored), 6 Gm. Refill
$60.65 $79.15
Diamond Twist SCO Polishing Paste (Mint flavored), 3 Gm. Refill
Sparkle Diamond Polishing Paste, 1 - 3 mL Syringe
$19.95 $44.55
Temrex 4 gram syringe of polishing paste, package of 5 syringes
$45.95 $55.00
Luminescence Applicators, 50 per Package. #2014206
$32.43 $45.10
Luminescence Plus 3 Gm. Syringe Gel - Improved Formula. #2014202
CompoSite Polishing Paste, 5 gram Syringe. #0551
$37.00 $39.99
OptraFine HP Polishing Paste, 1 mL
House Brand Regular Grit Composite Polishing Paste, 2 Gm. Syringe - Compare
$10.99 $15.99
Master-Dent Polishing Paste, Non-Diamond, 5 gram Syringe
Poligloss Polishing Paste, 3 Gm. Syringe. Should be used in combination
House Brand Composite Polishing Paste, 5 Gm. Syringe
$24.99 $39.99
Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste, 3 gram Syringe
Diamond ACI & ACII Polishing Paste Set: 4 gm Syringe Diamond ACI & 4 gm Syringe
Luminescence RA Mandrels, 2 per Package. #2014204
$9.94 $15.52
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