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Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.8 688
Shipping time 4.7 688
Shipping and handling 4.8 676
Recent Feedback: 4.7 stars
5/5 "This is my favorite Dental Floss, the wax helps it slide between tight teeth without breaking, and the mint flavor is great."
Get Tootha Choppa!, 10/11/19
5/5 "Excellent vendor, fast shipping, quality products at a great price ."
Abvintage, 10/10/19
5/5 "Does the job. Product was as described"
dreamweaver0885, 10/9/19
4/5 "Fast shipping."
Dr. Tuan Doan, 10/9/19
5/5 "Fast shipping, works well. We prefer non-eugenol"
Joy, 10/9/19
5/5 "great product!"
friendly, 10/7/19
5/5 "Good prices. Good selection"
Jeff, 10/6/19
5/5 "Fast delivery and the product is excellent!"
Dental Lab, 10/6/19
4/5 "Sealer Pack , good Expired and appreciate for on time delivery.

Pleasant Dentistry, 10/4/19
5/5 "Quick and easy"
John, 10/4/19
5/5 "Love this composite~ great texture and beautiful polish. Quick shipping too!"
Vermont Dentist, 10/3/19
5/5 "Excellent service, with great prices and prompt delivery!"
M Farhat, 10/1/19
5/5 "Quick delivery!"
King, 9/30/19
5/5 "Great!"
Fair deal, 9/28/19
5/5 "Vendor was quick in his response to our order"
Carl, 9/27/19
5/5 "Arrived quickly, works great at a reduced price"
First Love on Main, 9/26/19
5/5 "Always appreciate saving money for the dental practice and that is how Net32 works so well for us. All the products seem to be "up to standards" for us. We will continue to use Net32 for our supplies and for saving money."
Smart Shopper, 9/25/19
5/5 "Exactly what we ordered."
MTS, 9/24/19
5/5 "We use these syringes to give with our Recovery food formula so that customers can feed their sick bunny/guinea pig/chinchillas. We cut the tips off and they work well.

Smooth Transaction."
SherwoodPetHealth, 9/23/19
4/5 "Delivered on time at a comparably low price."
Tracey, 9/23/19
5/5 "Quick s&h"
Suzy44, 9/22/19
4/5 "I have ordered a lot from Tradent Supply in the past, and they are always are fast and efficient. However, the last order was wrong: instead of ordered 40 mk I got 200mk, will have to return"
Tanya, 9/19/19
2/5 "2 products out of 5 were completely missing, even though they claimed it was sent. Huge inconvenience.

Net32 Response: We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to the customer. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the customers concern. Tradent Supply refunded the customer for the missing products."
Doc SP, 9/19/19
1/5 "Vendor kept rejecting orders without explanation, after calling Net32 I was told this vendor has chosen not to sell to me but there was no explanation as to why - I have spent thousands of dollars with this vendor over the years, terrible customer service in the end. Now I have to be careful not to select this vendor even when their price is better for a product, otherwise my order will be canceled."
rjwalkerdds, 9/19/19
5/5 "good vendor all things are very good"
xavier n, 9/19/19
5/5 "product was as presented"
smile, 9/19/19
5/5 "as expected"
APD, 9/19/19
4/5 "It took a little over a week for us to get the product, which was indicated on the website. The cost was lower than anyone else that week. No problem with the product."
Bargain Hunter, 9/18/19
5/5 "Great buy!!"
Earlene, 9/17/19
4/5 "Accurate description"
MGR, 9/16/19
5/5 "Product arrives on time and excellent quality"
Dr. Michael A, 9/16/19
5/5 "good service"
vasquez, 9/12/19
5/5 "We have always had an excellent experience with this vendor!"
Staff@William P Edgar DDS, 9/12/19
5/5 "Great price"
Angie, 9/10/19
5/5 "Good seller"
Pady, 9/10/19
5/5 "We have been purchasing from Tradent for years. Never an issue. Always shipped within a timely manner, packaged great and on time. Always happy."
A.D., 9/10/19
5/5 "Great price and quick shipping."
drjohn, 9/10/19
5/5 "item was as described and fast shipping"
DrLouie, 9/9/19
5/5 "Excellent. the only thing is I would hope for faster delivery, being in the same state."
Dcdan, 9/9/19
5/5 "Timley shipment, products as described."
Hubert, 9/8/19
5/5 "Came as described. Shipped quickly and free."
Neuf, 9/8/19
5/5 "very good"
ado, 9/5/19
5/5 "Delivery was quick and product exactly what I ordered."
Monica, 9/5/19
5/5 "I love the free shipping. If there is any return, exchange or refund, Tradent has been very prompt in providing the resolution."
DTN, 9/5/19
4/5 "Fedex ground delivery couldn't find my 20 year old office in a highrise complex. Had to redirect to nearest Fedex office."
dadoc, 9/4/19
5/5 "everything came in fast no issues with this vendor"
day, 9/4/19
5/5 "we took a chance on ordering with you guys because the other supplies company say that yall think are fake or cheat so it doesnt work properly but they seem to work fine to us thanks for be so reasonable with your prices just wish you guys had one day shipping sometimes next things the next day but im still happy with my order thanks again"
shah staff, 9/3/19
5/5 "The products we have purchased are great quality and very reasonable for the prices. The dental supply house I usually purchase this product from was three times the amount for this product. It also arrived in a very short period of time after I placed the order. I will be purchasing this great valued product again in the future. Very Happy customer!"
Barry H. Wexler, 8/29/19
5/5 "met expectations"
SV, 8/28/19
5/5 "delivery was fast. the package contains items exactly as described. Maxcem cement did the job as expected-to recement fall off tooth crown-so far so good. automix tips work perfectly."
Doug, 8/28/19
5/5 "This seller is the one vendor name I remember when ordering because they are usually quick and accurate"
Dr. Pryor, 8/27/19
5/5 "Great service at great price"
Dr.Suzanne George, 8/27/19
5/5 "I have a long history of ordering from this company through Tradent. I have to return an item, so I will see how that goes."
JMJ, 8/21/19
5/5 "For a barrier consumable... Can't beat them!!! Have been using these for years."
LDentistry, 8/21/19
5/5 "Good experience"
CW YANG, 8/20/19
5/5 "Smooth transaction. Right material. Fresh . Sealed packaging. What more could you want?"
wilks, 8/18/19
5/5 "Great items at a great price"
Eubanks Dental, 8/16/19
5/5 "fast delivery and great price"
Dental office, 8/16/19
5/5 "The product was reasonable price. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the fast shipping."
Bernie, 8/15/19
5/5 "great price - fast delivery"
Barry, 8/15/19
5/5 "Works well!"
Jen, 8/14/19
5/5 "Best price anywhere, very fast shipping! Why look anywhere else!"
Doc, 8/14/19
5/5 "Good quality product . Excellent seller"
Citidental, 8/9/19
5/5 "Came fast and as expected."
Richard, 8/9/19
5/5 "very reasonable price for quality product."
Fres, 8/9/19
4/5 "Our patients really liked the different flavors of topical. better than the regular plan mint. Stays in place better and does not leave a film in the mouth."
Sandy, 8/9/19
5/5 "good quality,excellent price"
Joelo, 8/8/19
5/5 "Shipped quickly and free of charge"
ToothArtist, 8/8/19
5/5 "Great Quality!"
Demers Dental, 8/8/19
5/5 "It' s always a pleasure to work with Tradent Supply. They sends items pretty quickly and they have really low minimum for free shipping. Items from them are always in good quality and excellent condition( no damages to original packing etc)."
Iza, 8/7/19
5/5 "fast shipping"
sean, 8/7/19
5/5 "Amazing product"
Irvin, 8/7/19
4/5 "good fast shipment."
andy, 8/6/19
5/5 "great"
drrandyp, 8/5/19
5/5 "Great product, excellent price point."
D, 8/3/19
5/5 "Great product for the price"
Renee, 8/1/19
5/5 "I had opportunity to compare Net32 with Patterson Dental. Even my "special customer price" with Patterson was higher than Net32. They kept me informed about shipping and products via email and everything arrived in a timely manner and in good condition."
Endo, 8/1/19
5/5 "works well"
mont, 7/31/19
5/5 "I am pleased with tradent supplly and highly recommend purchasing from them."
ppd, 7/26/19
5/5 "Worked great"
Joe, 7/26/19
5/5 "Excellent vendor, A+++++"
Dentalon, 7/24/19
5/5 "Great material for a great price"
Mia, 7/24/19
5/5 "Great product. Highly Recommend"
Royal Lane Dental, 7/24/19
5/5 "This vendor is always reliable."
Rockinrobin, 7/24/19
5/5 "A+"
GCD, 7/21/19
5/5 "Love this !"
BAKDORTHO, 7/20/19
5/5 "Great service and prices"
Valerie, 7/18/19
5/5 "Easy to use. More anatomical than traditional wooden wizard wedge."
dentx2, 7/16/19
4/5 "This product works very well for our equine dental practice. The price is good & the seller sent quickly."
Jessica Yuritch, 7/16/19
5/5 "Fast, great price, no shipping"
dr. ed, 7/15/19
1/5 "terrible company.. cancels all of my orders..

Net32: The vendor contended that they have cancelled orders because of a previous charge dispute."
openwide, 7/15/19
5/5 "The item was instantly at my door stop."
Alfengineer, 7/14/19
5/5 "Same as brand name. No worries."
Ruby77, 7/12/19
5/5 "It was a fast delivery for sure; only took 2 days, if I recall. Better than purchasing from other vendor in some different websites. One time, other competitors send me the wrong items I needed! Also, this Tradent Supply's cost were much more reasonable than the manufacturer's website."
Alvin, 7/12/19
5/5 "Very happy with the product, fast delivery."
Dr. Guerrero, 7/11/19
5/5 "There price was the cheapest around including the delivery
Delivery was fast
Product is OEM"
Jack, 7/9/19
4/5 "delivery was good and quick. the product was exactly what we wanted and it was nice they were all individually seperated instead of being in one bag!"
HSmiles18, 7/9/19
5/5 "Item as described! Love It."
Ramnarine, 7/8/19
5/5 "all was good"
E.S., 7/8/19
5/5 "Out of all the vendors, Tradent is the quickest shipping. Very pleased with the products and promptness."
Delatorre Dentistry, 7/8/19
5/5 "I am very happy with Tradent from their prices to their selection of products. I always check if they have a product first even if it’s a few dollars more."
PJ, 7/7/19
5/5 "all went well"
wdk, 7/6/19
2/5 "Below average customer service . High shipping charges"
Daisy, 7/4/19
5/5 "I actually prefer it over the traditional vita shade guide because each shade tab is a one solid color… No variations"
CPT K, 7/4/19
5/5 "My experience with this vendor was fantastic! Not only did I receive the product EXACTLY as advertised, but it worked even better than I had anticipated. I have forever been frustrated with many of the dental floss supplies available in the past. However, the BUM Eez-Thru Angled Flossers truly feel good, and actually allow me to reach the most difficult areas in my mouth (like between my upper back wisdom teeth and neighboring teeth), areas that I was never able to reach with other products. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"
Dan M, 7/3/19
5/5 "Overall excellent. I wish there were faster shipping times available."
CRCU, 7/3/19
5/5 "Items were delivered fast."
Sayda, 7/3/19
5/5 "I've ordered this product several times and have never been disappointed."
Ro, 7/3/19
5/5 "Quick shipment and product exactly as described. Thank you."
Eric O., 7/3/19
5/5 "Very well priced for the product."
JBDMD, 7/2/19
5/5 "excellent service, product, and price!!"
Michael, 7/1/19
5/5 "Love when I can order from tradent! A great price and speedy delivery always"
Smiles, 7/1/19
5/5 "exactly what I needed for fraction of a price. love the savings. nothing is knock-off."
Bahar Esmaili, 7/1/19
5/5 "I had a great experience with this seller receiving my favorite toothbrushes without any damage and with great shipping."
Lou, 6/29/19
4/5 "You guys are a great company. Product is always in pristine condition. I’m on Maui so I would have given you a 5 star but lowered to 4 because you need to ship to the Hawaiian islands. I ship USPS ground all the time to mainland for my lab cases and it is not that expensive nor does it take that much time. Please look into it. Otherwise your company is a huge part of net32 and thank you.."
Jeff, 6/26/19
5/5 "best product no any issue."
rui, 6/26/19
5/5 "Very reliable cement."
Dr. M, 6/26/19
5/5 "Great product and at a affordable price"
SmileDent, 6/24/19
5/5 "Nice experience"
Avon Dental, 6/22/19
5/5 "Great stuff, easy to use ,dual cure plenty of time,easy clean up and great price thanks to net 32"
Bokef59, 6/22/19
5/5 "Good product and very reasonably priced. Will reorder."
Pat, 6/21/19
5/5 "Came fast, well-priced, great product. Been using it for many many years."
macjack, 6/21/19
5/5 "Very reliable"
Dr26, 6/16/19
5/5 "Good product"
btrot, 6/14/19
5/5 "Good products, easy ordering. Recommend ordering a little in advance. Shipping time can be longer than expected."
Smile Arizona Dentistry, 6/14/19
5/5 "Awesome experience. Will definitely recommend this seller"
Bhat, 6/12/19
5/5 "My order came so very quickly. Very reasonably priced! Very happy with everything."
ncblanche, 6/11/19
5/5 "Fast"
Jose, 6/10/19
5/5 "fast shippment"
Vintage dental, 6/10/19
5/5 "Product was correct and delivered timely"
RAM DDS, 6/10/19
5/5 "As described, fast shipping great price!"
Nick, 6/7/19
5/5 "excellent vendor, fast shipping and great product"
kbj, 6/7/19
5/5 "Love the product,,,and great prices"
Shelly, 6/7/19
1/5 "I ordered the quantity of 30 but I only received 10. Where is the rest of my order???????? Do not trust this Vendor.

Net32 Response: Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the customer's concerns. Tradent Supply said the order was split into two shipments. Tradent Supply provided the tracking number for the second shipment. Net32 provided the tracking to the customer. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience."
Omid Akbaroff, 6/6/19
5/5 "great product"
Alaleh, 6/6/19
5/5 "No complaints, works great."
BZ, 6/6/19
2/5 "Got a wrong item delivered.

Net32 Response: We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to the customer. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the customers concern. The customer was provided a prepaid label to return the incorrect product to Tradent Supply for a full refund."
wdckt, 6/5/19
5/5 "Product delivered on time"
Michele, 6/3/19
5/5 "very good quality. price is better than any other dental supply company. Initially I was a bit skeptical about Net32, however, after ordering a few items over two month, I feel confident and comfortable getting my supplies here."
dentist, 6/3/19
5/5 "great prices...handle a lot of the supplies I use... my favorite vendor at net.32... quick delivery... 2 days usually"
drj, 6/1/19
5/5 "This is a great product at a great price. I will buy these again."
drwoods, 5/31/19
5/5 "I always thank for this vender"
Mice, 5/31/19
5/5 "Very good and reliable service."
davos, 5/30/19
4/5 "Very good product, easy to work with."
Tina17, 5/29/19
5/5 "I'm very pleased and satisfied with my order. The item was exactly as ordered. It was delivered on time with free shipping. The item has the best price for a very good product. Thank you."
Dowlatshahi Dental Corporation, 5/28/19
5/5 "this is great conditioner and desensitizer"
Dr.P, 5/24/19
5/5 "Quick delivery, great prices, and products that I really enjoy using."
Curbeast, 5/23/19
3/5 "delivery slower than others; order broken up, otherwise burs were good"
Radiance, 5/22/19
4/5 "Good light blocking properties and comfortable for patients. Great deal for the price."
Chidoc, 5/22/19
5/5 "Shipping took a while to come"
Bhatti, 5/22/19
1/5 "Ships expired products.

Net32 Response: We apologize for the inconvenience with one of the three arriving expired. Net32 prohibits the sale of expired products. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the customers concern and Tradent Supply provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the one that was expired."
Office Manager, 5/20/19
1/5 "After 2 weeks, never received. Called up and had Tradent send again. They chose to sent it by cheapest method, thus, delaying receipt of product another week."
macntory, 5/19/19
5/5 "good material. easy to mix and easy to clear it off the instrument"
Mckee, 5/17/19
5/5 "good products and freight"
Doctor Manager, 5/17/19
5/5 "Items arrived quickly."
SD, 5/17/19
5/5 "Great price and works great."
Platinumtoothgems, 5/14/19
5/5 "Good Product. Fast Shipping."
HasletPediatric, 5/14/19
5/5 "No problems whatsoever, items were shipped expeditiously and at a reasonable cost."
Lorena, 5/14/19
5/5 "Great Product. Exactly how described."
HRD, 5/9/19
5/5 "Prompt delivery"
Chad, 5/9/19
5/5 "great product and supply company was wonderful!
The price was the Great!"
Maxwell, 5/8/19
5/5 "Everything was great"
601 Dental Studio, 5/8/19
5/5 "great service"
sleepdoc, 5/7/19
5/5 "Very good responsive and accurate service"
Dr. S, 5/7/19
5/5 "would recommend"
Strang, 5/6/19
1/5 "Took 9 days to receive product. Not seemed to be FedEx not vendor nonetheless ridiculous to get to Fl from Maryland as could have ridden my bicycle and got there faster. Shameful. Steve Hochfelder DMD

Net32 Response: We sincerely apologize for the delay. The order was placed on 4/18/19. Tradent Supply marked the order shipped the order on 4/21/19. Fedex picked up the order on 4/23/19. Fedex delivered the order on 4/30/19."
Dr. Steve Hochfelder, 5/5/19
5/5 "Great product"
Kneal3379, 5/4/19
5/5 "Easy to order. great pricing."
Dental, 5/3/19
1/5 "They sent the wrong items and no refund was received.

Net32 Response: We apologize for Tradent Supply's error on this order. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the issue and Tradent Supply refunded the customer. Net32 also sent the customer a complimentary replacement. An $88.00 value."
Dr Dina, 5/2/19
5/5 "The SOFLEX discs are the exact same as you would get from a schein or benco for about 1/3 of the price."
Josh, 5/2/19
5/5 "Great company to do business with, and they have access to products from many companies so shopping on one site is such a time saver.
I will definitely do business again."
RGC, 5/1/19
5/5 "Fast Shipping"
Tatiana, 5/1/19
5/5 "Just like the CROSSTEX but for a better price!"
PedoDoc, 5/1/19
3/5 "Have ordered many times from Tradent and usually very satisfied. This order is missing and they are not responding to my requests to locate. The order says "shipped" but when I go to track it through fedex, their site says the shipment is pending on a shipping label being generated.
So far, two weeks and I have not heard anything about where my product it

Net32 Response: We are sorry for any inconvenience caused for the customer. Net32 replaced the order at no charge to the customer valued at $100. Tradent Supply is completing their investigation and plans to refund the customer an additional $100.00."
docNYC, 4/30/19
5/5 "Really great temp cement to use. It never leaves a mess on the permanent tooth. It holds well int the patient's mouth."
Dr. Chen, 4/30/19
5/5 "excellent product and easy to work with vendor"
DocNaka, 4/29/19
5/5 "Tradent has the best prices in the country on several items and shipping & service have always been excellent.. Typically delivered 3 days after ordered & saving 30-100% from full service dental suppliers."
PONTO, 4/28/19
5/5 "Great price. My vendor warned me a black market items at this price but hopefully this is just a great deal."
drblee, 4/28/19
5/5 "Item was priced low compared to the price in Patterson or schein catalogue, product is good(no difference in the film when radiograph was processed) shipped in few days. I would buy this product again from trident supply."
Pam, 4/25/19
5/5 "Great experience, no problems, product shipped quickly"
Tammy, 4/25/19
5/5 "It was very easy to order and delivery was faster than expected"
Ray, 4/24/19
5/5 "Great product, trustworthy vendor"
DrB, 4/24/19
5/5 "Good value and get pt compliments on the level of light protection from our dental lights"
Mike, 4/19/19
3/5 "Get them on time! That's a great point for our office."
littleexplorers, 4/19/19
5/5 "good prices, fairly quick. Not overnight, but if you don't need a rush, it's worth the price"
ThaiD, 4/18/19
5/5 "This product is a must have for cementing zirconium crowns and this price is great"
Bspic, 4/17/19
5/5 "Have several orders from Tradent Supply... never a problem, products as expected"
DentalOffice, 4/17/19
5/5 "This was the best price I could find for the item we needed!"
Kelly, 4/17/19
5/5 "Great"
Bella Smiles, 4/16/19
4/5 "Items arrived in great shape, only thing that bothers me is that they call to confirm the order which I can understand from a fraud perspective but it does slow the process a little bit."
GOKdds, 4/16/19
5/5 "Great price"
John, 4/12/19
4/5 "good products"
mh1908, 4/12/19
5/5 "Excellent vendor, fast delivery"
SB, 4/11/19
5/5 "I haven't received the shipment yet."
Dental, 4/10/19
5/5 "The item was accurately described. It was shipped immediately and received within 3 days, as promised."
Dr. Hill, 4/10/19
5/5 "Great price."
Nolan, 4/10/19
5/5 "Great price. Exactly what I expected."
ntschulte, 4/10/19
1/5 "I ordered the product and few days later (Which is today 4/9/19) to check the status and to see when i should be receiving my product. it basically says the products was returned even tho i never authorized the return nor anyone from the Company (Vender) notified me that it was returned. Very Poor First Experience!
Net32 Response: It appears that Tradent Supply attempted to contact the customer to verify the order. According to Tradent Supply, the order was cancelled because Tradent Supply was not able to reach the customer (not a dentist)."
Roy, 4/9/19
5/5 "The Best Seller! Fastest Shipping and best packing with best product!"
LLCElizSHop, 4/8/19
5/5 "all vendors including this one that I have dealt with for all my supplies I have purchased have been excellent and the product has been at least satisfactory. this product is perfect for my dental needs and much less expensive that traditional large supply companies."
Dr.D, 4/6/19
5/5 "Patients love the way it tastes"
Jayjay, 4/6/19
1/5 "Hi, need to pay again additional shipping cost and have to go to post office to pay and get the box. Please return me my money of $3.91 and my time. Dr. Olga Kraev

Net32 Response: Sincere apologies for the issue that the customer surfaced and any inconvenience caused. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the issue. Tradent Supply issued a refund for the postage that was charged to the customer."
Dental Aid 1, 4/3/19
5/5 "Excellent service, product arrived promptly and as advertised."
DoctorJ, 4/3/19
5/5 "Great products"
Image, 4/2/19
5/5 "My experience in delivery is that they quickly did the ship the items ie right away filled and accurate as it was with reasonable were the S&H charges"
peter, 3/24/19
5/5 "good, quick and fair"
DoctorDDS, 3/15/19
1/5 "I placed an order on Feb 26, as of March 13 it has not been shipped. They provided a tracking number as if it had been shipped on Feb 28, however per FedEx, a shipment label was created by the vendor, but no package has been provided to FedEx for shipment of the product."
KAE, 3/13/19
5/5 "Everything as stated. Very pleased."
Dr. T, 3/12/19
5/5 "the brushes are a but long, but easy to cut if needed."
kids1st, 3/6/19
5/5 "I like these masks, works great for me."
Mimosa, 3/5/19
5/5 "Good products and services"
mehtar, 3/4/19
5/5 "Great experience"
SophiG, 3/2/19
4/5 "Come in timely manner and loved the products"
Shannon Lorenzo, 2/26/19
5/5 "This item is part of a lot of dental supplies going through a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to a clinic in Maggoty, Jamaica
Excellent shipping time and price!"
Rich, 2/22/19
5/5 "."
TC, 2/20/19
4/5 "GOOD"
DENTIST, 2/19/19
5/5 "Quick service"
Rani, 2/16/19
5/5 "Free shipping, only complaint is that one of the syringe had a short expiration date"
Doc L, 2/14/19
5/5 "great vendor, quick shipping"
reil12, 2/11/19
5/5 "great seller"
smiles, 2/11/19
5/5 "I love it! The best hand cream that helps my dermatitis heal faster 😍"
Jy, 2/10/19
5/5 "great product"
Dynamic, 2/8/19
4/5 "Quick shipping and the item was as described"
Olga, 2/4/19
5/5 "Great price"
spiff, 1/29/19
5/5 "LOVE IT!!!"
Jenny, 1/23/19
2/5 "Order 2 and only one was in package. Small order, don't know how it could be messed up.

Net32 Response: Apologies for the vendor's error. Net32 notified Tradent Supply and Tradent Supply issued a refund for the missing product."
Escape, 1/22/19
5/5 "Deliver faster than other vendors."
Marina, 1/22/19
5/5 "Quick, reliable, efficient, and great prices!"
DrHillersOffice, 1/21/19
5/5 "Great"
Gardner, 1/14/19
1/5 "completely wrong order was sent

Net32 Response: Apologies for the issue with Tradent Supply. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the issue. Tradent Supply refunded the customer in full and said the customer can keep the incorrect product that was sent at no charge."
JOJO, 1/14/19
5/5 "Vendor always makes sure your package is on time"
Nexgen dentistry, 1/2/19
5/5 "Great price, same product as I always use but from other distributor"
DentistCa, 1/2/19
5/5 "Works as expected."
WPD, 12/31/18
5/5 "Like these guys a lot. Good variety of quality items at good prices. We can get multiple items and save the shipping surcharge."
Jsl, 12/23/18
5/5 "Symbol of Excellence Tradent Supply."
PDCC, 12/19/18
5/5 "good product"
See, 12/11/18
5/5 "Good delivery and good item"
SJ, 12/7/18
5/5 "very fast shipping. east coast to LA in 2-3 days usually."
Boksilee, 12/7/18
1/5 "I ordered ten boxes of gloves. I only received one, with the order number crossed out and the number (1) written in its place. There was nothing written about any back order. I see that they have the gloves in stock, but they raised their price. So, it's obvious that the low price and free shipping offer did not suit them and they cancelled my order. They sent me one box as a consolation, I assume. A refund was made to my credit card, but very unhappy with this service.

Net32 Response: We are sorry for the issue with your Tradent Supply order. Net32 sent a case from another vendor at no charge to the customer. A $90.00 Value. We do not show Tradent Supply re-listed for the product since the cancellation as of the time of this response(1/11/19). We assume they ran out of stock."
Ana, 12/6/18
5/5 "Always quick deliveries, reasonable prices and wide assortment. This is my 1st choice vendor."
Dr. O, 12/5/18
5/5 "Perfect"
Roughinit, 12/4/18
5/5 "Always have a great experience with this vendor! Super fast shipping! Always reasonable prices. If possible I try to buy from Tradent over other vendors"
Dentist, 12/4/18
5/5 "reasonable price and timely shipment"
star dental, 12/1/18
1/5 "We are in California, order shipped to Texas. we paid for the order and somebody in Texas is using it.

Net32 Response: Net32 reached out to the customer several times without response about this issue. We cannot find where this is the case. We would be happy to investigate further if the customer chooses to discuss."
Zoro, 11/28/18
5/5 "Fast and responsive."
Vojsava, 11/26/18
4/5 "Reasonable price"
Samuel, 11/24/18
5/5 "Perfect fit every time and tough"
Messenger, 11/24/18
5/5 "would recommend"
MDC, 11/23/18
5/5 "great product"
dental first, 11/22/18
5/5 "excellent seller. Very professional and trustworthy!!"
Bleekdental, 11/21/18
5/5 "Loved it! Exactly as ordered"
KDental, 11/19/18
5/5 "Received quickly and worked well. Price is great!"
Chunni Duan, 11/12/18
5/5 "Great"
pdds, 11/9/18
5/5 "good just like any other floss for great price!"
jchoiendo, 11/8/18
5/5 "Fantastic products, super fast shipping. Never had an issues with anything. Ive used them in the past and will continue to use them going forward."
Johnny, 11/7/18
5/5 "good product"
k., 11/6/18
4/5 "Need to ship their stuff faster."
BCDental, 11/2/18
5/5 "great little mixing tips - awesome"
DrA, 10/29/18
5/5 "I had no problems with this order. However, they use an abundance of packing material and a box for shipping that was triple the size it needed to be. They also sent me a package of full arch lower trays that I did not order."
LBMDDS, 10/19/18
1/5 "What major company doesn't accept American Express? I've tried ordering with this vendor several times only to have it later rejected for unidentifiable reasons. I called net32 several times, at first the reason was they didn't accept AMEX, I called last week and they assured me this wasn't any issue going forward. So I tried this vendor again, same rejection. I'm done with Tradent."
JoeSchmo, 10/14/18
5/5 "Always ship in a timely manner"
RDC-CO, 10/8/18
5/5 "every we need buy by net32 , we receive the best service and attention , they ever keep me informed about the status of my orders, and have new offers
thank you net32"
lago industrial suppy, 10/4/18
1/5 "Took 2 weeks to get my order.

Net32 Response: Sincere apologies that your expectations were not met with this order. According to Net32 records the order was placed on 9/27/18 and shows shipped on 9/28/18. The package shows delivered on 10/2/18."
go, 10/2/18
5/5 "great"
JFDC, 10/1/18
3/5 "I am not sure but we do have some sensitivity changing from OptiBond Solo plus .
the price is very cheap and that worry us to compare to henry schein.

Net32 Response: The customer ordered Adper Single Bond. Presumably the customer is comparing Adper Single Bond to Optibond Solo Plus in this review."
Anna Ted, 9/25/18
5/5 "Tradent charge nothing for shipping and handling but they deliver products very quick. its just too good to be true : )"
btctdds, 9/21/18
1/5 "my order was cancelled without any reason

Net32: The vendor contended that they cancelled the order because of a previous charge dispute."
irina, 9/18/18
1/5 "Incorrect product for the second time.Ordered original product 4 weeks ago.

Net32 response: The customer is correct about the order issues. Products have been returned to Tradent for refund. As a courtesy to this customer, Net32 has sent the desired product (Reprosil #626220) to the customer at no charge."
Koos, 9/18/18
5/5 "Excellent experience. Item arrived promptly and packaged well."
LSG, 9/18/18
5/5 "received good products on time."
Star Dental, 9/14/18
5/5 "Fast!!! NO shipping charge!"
Northgate, 9/13/18
1/5 "Sent wrong prophy angle and wrong color masks. Two weeks after Tradent received returned item (they shipped wrong item), still no refund. Don't purchase from Tradent.

Net32 Response: The order was placed 9-8-2018. Net32 notified Tradent Supply of the issue 9-13-2018. Tradent Supply provided a prepaid label to return the incorrect product for a refund on 9-13-2018. The customer was refunded by Tradent Supply on 9-28-2018."
Dr Carter, 9/13/18
5/5 "Came as described"
Lauren, 9/10/18
5/5 "all quick and correct orders..... has never let me down"
hamster, 8/30/18
5/5 "Excellent prices, great products"
Berty, 8/29/18
5/5 "Very Accurate"
Endo Geek, 8/28/18
5/5 "Order arrived in a timely manner. Will definitely reorder again!"
Sarah Jane, 8/25/18
5/5 "Great product Quality and very fair price."
AKG, 8/25/18
5/5 "Good"
Becker, 8/23/18
5/5 "it was exactly what I wanted"
Peanut61, 8/22/18
5/5 "Great product! Efficient delivery!"
Dr. B DDS, 8/21/18
5/5 "accurate order, on time!"
doc, 8/20/18
5/5 "Fast delivery good product good price"
Rgm2, 8/19/18
5/5 "Vendor ships very quickly! I love them! We save so much $$ every month!"
Tammo, 8/17/18
5/5 "Good product and fast shipping"
SDLELZA, 8/15/18
5/5 "Excellent prices, quick shipping, accurate orders. What more can you ask for?"
Picky,Picky!, 8/13/18
5/5 "good vendor"
yenifer, 8/13/18
5/5 "Great product"
Dr.O, 8/9/18
5/5 "GREAT A+++"
VD4KIDS, 8/7/18
5/5 "Quick shipping, timely delivery"
DentistrySY, 8/3/18
5/5 "Great company"
Laurie, 8/1/18
5/5 "overall good"
Chad, 7/30/18
5/5 "Ships on time."
Plutusdental, 7/28/18
5/5 "good service"
division, 7/28/18
5/5 "The seller ships items very quickly. Prices are great and great products."
Viki, 7/27/18
5/5 "Fast shipping and friendly service!"
AshleyRDH, 7/26/18
3/5 "Not sure what happened, sent wrong item...

Net32 response: Net32 paid for a full refund as a convenience to the customer."
James, 7/17/18
5/5 "Fast shipping just wished there was more description on item."
wisdomteeth86, 7/14/18
5/5 "Recommended"
DocDDS, 7/13/18
3/5 "It takes about 2 weeks to have it delivered."
htsui, 7/12/18
5/5 "good products"
jndmd, 7/12/18
5/5 "Great quality!"
Highlands Kids Dentistry, 7/11/18
5/5 "I have been recieving items from Tradent for a number of years. Each time the shipments have been timely, accurate and without incident!"
2thplumber, 7/11/18
5/5 "Great price. Quick delivery"
Traycee, 7/9/18
5/5 "Love this vendor. Speedy delivery and excellent prices."
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
4/5 "Packaging was a slightly crushed and exp date was a little sooner than i hoped for"
DRSAM, 6/29/18
5/5 "High Quality products ,fast delivery!"
RDA, 6/25/18
5/5 "Great product and quick shipping.", 6/20/18
5/5 "great product, and on time shipping"
lin, 6/14/18
5/5 "Item was delivered much faster then expected. Item was exactly what we wanted. These Burs are really good quality for the price. We will continue to use these at this price and quality. Thank you!"
Aspire, 6/13/18
5/5 "Always on time with the best products and great prices"
Drdum, 6/10/18
5/5 "GREAT!!!!!!"
arenz dental, 6/6/18
1/5 "This is the second time that we have ordered rubber dams within the same month. Both times we have had poor service for this item. The first time Tradent Supply never shipped out the item. The second time Tradent Supply sent the wrong item. We hope that this issue can be resolved and that others are not going through the same experience as our office.

Net32 Response: The wrong item is being returned for a refund per the customers request. The customer has placed an order with another vendor."
Sweet Dreams Dental, 5/30/18
5/5 "All good"
moraima, 5/30/18
5/5 "My favorite vendor free shipping most all of the time!"
Blu tab, 5/30/18
4/5 "Nice product doctors love it"
C, 5/29/18
5/5 "Extremely fast in processing my order. Great customer service."
Bay, 5/25/18
5/5 "Seller shipped out right away and the expiration date was great. Also had the best price. Can't ask for more!"
Omid, 5/23/18
5/5 "Great product"
Jorge, 5/18/18
1/5 "Tradent Supply sent me 2 bottles of SE Bond as ordered on February 2nd. Products were delivered on February 8th. There was something wrong with the product, was not expired. It had already begin to cure almost, was very thick, and unusable. Tradent Supply would not replace or refund. First time I have had a issue from ordering from Net32.

Net32 Response: Our records showed that the products were received on February 8th. Customer expressed concern to Net32 approximately March 27th, 7 weeks after receiving the product. As for a number of Net32 vendors, Tradent's policy is to accept defective products up to 14 days after receipt. In this case the purported defective products were not reported for 7 weeks. Net32 exercised its 30 day money back guarantee to ensure the customer would achieve a satisfactory resolution of the matter, and replaced the order from another vendor at no cost to the customer."
Dr. G, 5/14/18
5/5 "This vendor is great! Always quick and accurate with our orders."
Erin, 5/14/18
5/5 "very good products, fast shipping. willing to pay a little more and go with this vendor instead of other vendors!"
AFD, 5/11/18
5/5 "Good price"
Buyer, 5/10/18
5/5 "Great seller"
Dr.C, 5/9/18
5/5 "great always.! thank you for your great support"
BK Kim, 5/9/18
4/5 "No problems with this vendor."
L W J DDS, 5/1/18
5/5 "Great prices, fast shipping."
Dr. K, 4/25/18
5/5 "I'm very pleased with my experience with this vendor."
Alyssa, 4/7/18
5/5 "Excellent product, fast shipping, item as described. Thank you"
Dr. Paul, 4/3/18
5/5 "Works well and inexpensive!"
Dr. Dan, 3/26/18
5/5 "I received the items on time. They were well-priced and are exactly what I have been looking for."
kk, 3/25/18
5/5 "Great prices"
Roya, 3/22/18
5/5 "Quick delivery, excellent product for a great for a great price."
Thomas, 3/21/18
5/5 "Item delivered quickly and just as described!"
Adam, 3/19/18
5/5 "fast delivery"
3212, 3/18/18
5/5 "Price and service are the best"
Putnam, 3/18/18
5/5 "always great product and ships on time best price that can be found"
lindab, 3/16/18
5/5 "Great customer service, accidentally ordered the wrong item and they were quick to refund us."
GB, 3/7/18
5/5 "Very fast and accurate order fulfilment!"
RTDental, 3/2/18
5/5 "Good"
Nick, 2/28/18
5/5 "I am very happy with Tradent's service, as well as the product I bought from them. I will be buying again very soon!! Thank you very much."
Ushmi, 2/13/18
5/5 "Love Tradent Supply. They always get the products delivered quickly."
DrP, 2/7/18
2/5 "On two occasions, an item I ordered was returned to sender, claiming "no such address".
I've received items from this vendor before and my address remains the same so not sure what the problem is.
In the mean time, I'm low on inventory because of this!"
gacdds, 2/6/18
RJ, 1/31/18
3/5 "Great price. Authentic product."
South Texas Dentist, 1/16/18
5/5 "good product"
zm, 1/14/18
5/5 "Came right on time."
SH, 1/1/18
5/5 "Quick turn around"
Glitztoothgemz, 12/27/17
5/5 "Highly recommended, fast shipping."
Larisa, 12/17/17
5/5 "Great images."
lzdds, 12/13/17
5/5 "Fast shipping, great product and price."
Dr.C, 11/17/17
5/5 "Great value and we love the ease of the uni dose."
Dental Wellness, 11/16/17
1/5 "Tradent Supply sent the wrong quantity of L-pops, purchased 200 but they only sent 100. After telling Net32, Tradent tried sending another 100 but sent it to the wrong person and sent me PVS impression instead. Not sure what's going on over there but they don't seem very organized."
DL, 10/31/17
5/5 "Nice Vendor"
DanH, 10/27/17
5/5 "Works great, no problems."
Leroy, 10/26/17
5/5 "ease and fast"
Eli, 10/25/17
5/5 "This is a great product at a great price! The shipping was fast and the customer service was on point. I highly recommend this seller."
Kevin, 10/21/17
1/5 "Not very reliable, unfortunately. I suppose the premium you pay through other vendors for reliability is worth it. Maybe purchasing from Schein or Patterson is better, if you don't have to pay for items you have never received. Unfortunately, "typically ships in 1 day" has turned into 12, with no shipping status beyond "Shipment information sent to FedEx." Sorry, guys, but that's not really acceptable. I hope you get your issues worked out."
Dr. Ed, 10/18/17
5/5 "Products came as ordered and promptly with no problems. Great value!"
Mark, 10/18/17
5/5 "Processed order and shipped remarkably fast."
David, 10/11/17
5/5 "Performed as described!!"
BKISFX, 10/8/17
5/5 "Reliable, products arrive on time."
GLAD, 10/5/17
5/5 "Quick, no problems."
justken226, 9/19/17
5/5 "Fast and accurate"
paulmh4209, 9/14/17
5/5 "Tradent's prices and delivery have both been great!"
dentalalf, 9/14/17
5/5 "Awesome! Floss fits perfect in our floss dispenser. Air/Water Syringes fit too. Fast free shipping. Very happy :-) !!!!"
orthodontist, 9/7/17
1/5 "They say they provide products throughout the US. I am in New Jersey and every time I order through Tradent, they cancel my order!"
NJDentist, 8/25/17
5/5 "Love this vendor. Very few backorders. Ships promptly. Wish they were somewhere closer to CA so shipping wouldn't take that long."
Abdo, 8/24/17
5/5 "Easy delivery and purchase.
Wide variety of reputable supplies."
Scrampersad, 8/22/17
5/5 "As advertised, thanks"
dj4629, 8/14/17
5/5 "Great deals.. on time delivery!! Very fast shipping..!!! I would always buy from this vendor in future."
Vineet, 8/11/17
5/5 "great service and fast shipping"
Simmons Family Dentistry, 8/10/17
5/5 "Good job"
Al, 8/10/17
5/5 "Two words: Free shipping"
EE, 8/5/17
1/5 "Over the years I bought hundreds of goods from Tradent. Finally, bought a substandard item and wanted to return it. They want a 15% restock fee. 15% to open a box and put it on the shelf (plus I have to pay shipping to return it - not worth the trouble for a $35 item). A rip off to say the least! So I'll keep the item and NEVER buy from Tradent again. Their $35 sale is their last sale. Hope you're feeling good Mr. Tradent. Your loss! Net 32 has lots of other companies willing to take up the slack. Goodbye Tradent.

Net32 Response: Net32 offered to cover the cost of the restocking fee for the customer."
Not a Titan, 7/31/17
2/5 "packing by vendor is very poor"
rightnow33, 7/17/17
5/5 "Great the order in less than two days."
Intaglio, 7/7/17
5/5 "Fast shipping. Products as expected. No complaints."
PwDental, 7/1/17
5/5 "Great masks and they are just as good or better than the Schein"s, Patterson, or Benco for less than half the cost! LOWER YOUR OVERHEAD!!!"
Dr Bob, 6/25/17
1/5 "Tradent reported to net32 that Tradent shipped our CaviCide1 under the same tracking number as Maxcem Elite. However Tradent had shipped it separately and incorrectly filled out the shipping paperwork. Therefore FedEx could not deliver the Cavicide1. 3 weeks later it still has not been delivered. So I have to order via another vendor.

Net32 response: Net32 notified Tradent of the issue. Tradent Supply issued a refund. Net32 sent the customer a replacement at no charge."
BWX, 6/23/17
5/5 "Good option for a house brand"
docdarr, 6/20/17
5/5 "Great experience."
Angela, 6/19/17
5/5 "I liked the products , prices are very reasonable"
NK, 6/14/17
1/5 "This is the second time I have had issues with this Vendor. The reps at Net32 do their best to help resolve issues but they do not get responses either. They should drop this vendor. I ordered a product just over a week ago and they sent me tracking number for item. Yet it never arrived and actually never shipped it appears. It would be nice to find out the status but I will just order from another vendor. They are also terrible about returns. I'm sure they will ship the product when they want and then I will have to battle to return it.

Net32 Response: Nate was refunded by Tradent Supply after several inquiries from Net32."
Nate, 6/14/17
5/5 "Great price and can't Beat Tradent Supplies!"
Gerald G. Gelle, DDS, 6/8/17
5/5 "good price"
Ari, 6/1/17
5/5 "Great Vendor!!"
Jendent, 6/1/17
5/5 "Good deal!"
perioyy, 5/26/17
5/5 "Great products and on-time delivery... I like Tradent and try to use them when possible"
HStrempel, 5/24/17
5/5 "Good and Fast"
SBD, 5/23/17
5/5 "Good, all experiences have been good with this vendor. Recommend them highly"
Dr S, 5/21/17
5/5 "Great service and products!"
Yesi, 5/19/17
5/5 "good price, got it quick"
john, 5/15/17
2/5 "2 items used. 1 arrived without packaging and open

Net32 Response: Net32 arranged a replacement for the opened item."
m, 5/12/17
5/5 "Always great prices anf fast service."
ddsfrank, 5/11/17
5/5 "Great prices and quick shipping. Have used them many times."
AdamDDS19, 5/10/17
5/5 "Good service, fast delivery, packaged well, Dr Sharow"
Doc, 5/10/17
5/5 "Quick and Easy Delivery of my order. Very Pleased!"
OrthoGirl, 5/10/17
3/5 "Good quality and fairly quick shipping"
Tidal creek, 5/5/17
5/5 "Good Price, Free shipping and came quick"
Periodoc1, 4/28/17
5/5 "Always great prices, free shipping and orders are received quickly."
Mazsy19, 4/14/17
5/5 "fast delivery, great prices"
Whitingsmiles, 4/12/17
5/5 "Fast delivery, great service."
steinway, 4/6/17
5/5 "Shipped as promised. No problems"
Quita, 3/31/17
5/5 "Super fast shipping and products received as described"
SCSD, 3/30/17
5/5 "Great experience"
crandental, 3/29/17
5/5 "The product was shipped as promised and no surprises like out of date product, it was a smooth and forthright order."
Smilmkr, 3/17/17
5/5 "Great vendor, amazing prices and super fast shipping, thank you"
doc, 3/13/17
5/5 "Shipped fast, packaged well, sent me exactly what I ordered."
awmdds, 3/11/17
5/5 "This is the best vendor by far. Quick and courteous!!"
lynn, 3/9/17
5/5 "arrived quickly."
smiles :), 3/2/17
5/5 "Great!!"
marabas, 2/15/17
5/5 "Great service."
John, 2/14/17
5/5 "I have been very pleased with Tradent Supply. They are my go-to vendor for film and several other items. I always get my products quickly and appreciate that I rarely have to pay shipping costs due to the low minimum amount for free shipping. My only issue early on was slightly "roughened up" packaging, but it appears that has improved. Most of my packages are now arriving in sturdy boxes."
Dr. Allie, 2/8/17
5/5 "great product~"
Dr. C, 2/8/17
5/5 "straightforward and fast"
Gibby, 2/7/17
5/5 "Best Vendor on Net32!!! Fast and reliable. I will often filter my search results by Vendor to try and order through Tradent Supply whenever possible."
DrSK, 2/6/17
5/5 "Fast shipping, great price."
AM, 2/6/17
5/5 "Excellent product that we use for all of our crown and bridge impressions. Found it here at an amazing price. Ordering was simple and shipping was right on time!!"
Tricia, 2/6/17
5/5 "Great prices fast sevice"
Don, 2/6/17
5/5 "quick service and very low prices"
pand, 2/3/17
5/5 "great product, timely delivery, can't beat the price"
Gaby, 1/27/17
5/5 "on time and in budget"
Dentlaw, 1/27/17
5/5 "Love this product."
MC, 1/24/17
4/5 "Items as stated and arrived quickly"
Lori, 1/24/17
5/5 "the experience was espectacular."
renisitop, 1/23/17
5/5 "excellent vendor at a very fair price."
planodds, 1/19/17
5/5 "Prompt delivery. Exactly what I was looking for at the best possible price."
Damon, 1/13/17
lgreek, 1/12/17
5/5 "good seller"
joeyvash, 1/12/17
5/5 "Taking into account the holidays, shipping was screaming fast! Very happy with this vendor!"
Lisa, 1/10/17
5/5 "very fast shipping"
areli, 1/9/17
5/5 "good materials,for very good price."
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
5/5 "delivered quickly and accuratly"
Jessica, 1/2/17
5/5 "Product is as described. Quick and easy order and delivery."
Zan, 1/1/17
5/5 "Items have always arrived quickly and packaged appropriately. I am often surprised at how prompt the shipping has been."
Dr. P, 12/31/16
5/5 "I. Love. This. Vendor.
Fast turnaround. Good products. Great service. Great prices.
Each time I try to use someone else, I always return to them as my main vendor."
Heather, 12/29/16
5/5 "great product"
Walker L., 12/29/16
5/5 "Great product"
ldn, 12/28/16
5/5 "Easy to order. Good price. On time delivery."
Jenny, 12/27/16
miller, 12/23/16
5/5 "Great service and product."
Doc O, 12/23/16
5/5 "Cheapest price! Thanks."
Meridian, 12/20/16
5/5 "no trouble, as ordered"
ybs, 12/19/16
5/5 "Good product, good seller. Quick and easy order placement and delivery. Thank you!"
Dr SY, 12/16/16
5/5 "Quick delivery"
Atlanta Dental Group, 12/13/16
5/5 "good product"
cavitron, 12/11/16
4/5 "Works well. No need to spend twice as much for disposable items"
Jennifer, 12/9/16
5/5 "Do a great job, with great prices and I get stuff promptly despite their distance from my office - NY to AZ"
Len, 12/8/16
DR HALL, 12/8/16
4/5 "Awesome pricing!!"
Sanchlili, 12/7/16
5/5 "Great pricing, fast shipping."
kirkmdds, 12/7/16
5/5 "The buying experience was great! The description was exactly as written and the product arrived quickly!"
Toothologist, 12/5/16
5/5 "Easy to order and quick delivery. Great service!"
Dr. Seid, 12/4/16
5/5 "Great alternative to hu-friedy sutures, and at an excellent price"
FRD, 12/2/16
5/5 "Product got here quickly and was exactly what I ordered. Will be using again!"
VDOR, 12/2/16
5/5 "Super reliable vendor"
endogamy, 12/1/16
5/5 "Expedient and free shipping, can't ask for anything better."
drlisadms, 11/30/16
5/5 "Tradent Supply has been my go to vendor on Net32! Their prices are unbeatable and quick turnover time! I look forward to doing more business with them."
ToothBooth53, 11/27/16
5/5 "Quick turnaround on order at an excellent price."
Charles, 11/25/16
5/5 "Easy to order."
Redlands, 11/23/16
5/5 "Highly Recommended"
sam griffin, 11/23/16
5/5 "It is refreshing to find a company that offers the same product found from large suppliers at a significant discount and includes great service and fast shipping. Let's hope they become more successful and don't get bought out, & continues to offer great prices!"
Doctor, 11/23/16
4/5 "Everything as described."
d.bel, 11/21/16
5/5 "AAA+++"
fabdds, 11/19/16
5/5 "Great delivery service. emailed it was shipped in one day, and arrived as was described in the email."
Alvin, 11/18/16
5/5 "Great product. Arrived quickly."
Dr. A, 11/17/16
5/5 "order arrived on time and in great shape."
Dr. Baker, 11/15/16
5/5 "Easy order quick delivery for the right price"
Dentistdy, 11/13/16
5/5 "Always fast and free shipping and quality products."
Dr.M, 11/11/16
5/5 "Works well with nice consistency"
Drc, 11/11/16
5/5 "great great seller moist of the time they have free shipping"
merita, 11/7/16
Dr. Palacios, 11/4/16
5/5 "Great price and received fast."
Tanne, 11/3/16
5/5 "Amazing deal! Quick delivery."
ADMOC, 11/2/16
5/5 "Smooth transaction. Would buy from again. Thanks for the quick shipment!"
Citizen for truth, 10/31/16
5/5 "Quick delivery and excellent value on a trusted product."
Opercello, 10/29/16
5/5 "Excellent Price on composite!"
Travis, 10/28/16
5/5 "Is Good."
PayDro007, 10/27/16
5/5 "Excellent product and fast shipping"
Dr. J, 10/27/16
5/5 "Easy to deal with"
BPKDMD, 10/27/16
5/5 "fast shipping, items as described"
JAM, 10/27/16
5/5 "All went very well. Will use vendor again."
Frank, 10/25/16
5/5 "Great price and prompt shipping. I will order again!"
Hk, 10/24/16
5/5 "awesome"
dvg, 10/23/16
5/5 "Great products, great seller."
shahrdds, 10/21/16
4/5 "Takes too long to receive."
Tc, 10/21/16
5/5 "Great product!"
naukess, 10/19/16
4/5 "Good product, slow shipping."
Mike, Rocklin, CA, 10/19/16
5/5 "No problems with the vendor."
SmileSafari, 10/16/16
5/5 "As the person in charge of ordering for our office, I an always looking for a way to save money on supplies. When I found net32 I was a little skeptical I must admit. After I placed my first order, and saw a savings of over $400, I decided to place another order, and another. I have found Tradent Supply to be one of the best vendors I have purchased from for my office. Their pricing is exceptional, and my product always arrive on time, and packed very well. When I am looking for products to order and Tradent Supply pops up, it is my first choice when purchasing.
Brenda, EFDA, Colorado."
Brenda, 10/14/16
5/5 "Very quick delivery and I really like these wedges!"
Bonita smiles, 10/14/16
5/5 "fast , never had a problem. My favorite company to order from on here. Shipping is free just by ordering a low amount."
Brooke, 10/12/16
5/5 "great prices and reliable"
dr love, 10/11/16
5/5 "I am a repeat customer. Excellent service with quick delivery by Tradent Supply."
WBG, 10/6/16
5/5 "Great products"
TEETHY, 10/4/16
5/5 "The seller called me to confirm my order and processed and delivered it in a timely manner , The item (Maillefer Endo Files ) was much more expensive at the typical big house suppliers . Since, i don't reuse my endo files and they are junked after one use and I get depressed when a file breaks in a tooth , I only order Dentsply Maillefer to reduce the chances of breakage to a bare minimum ."
RonDMD, 9/30/16
5/5 "Ordered items at a very reasonable price and received all the items in a timely manner . Net 32 is a valuable shopping tool for dentists and their staff."
RonDMD, 9/30/16
5/5 "I had a great experience with this seller.
Product came on time."
Nrkd, 9/29/16
5/5 "Quick and fast"
Dental design group, 9/27/16
5/5 "Excellent transaction. Great prices on excellent supplies. Immediate shipping of all products and quick delivery. A pleasure doing business with."
Docfish, 9/27/16
5/5 "good price"
River, 9/26/16
5/5 "Great product offered at a fantastic price!!"
Suz, 9/23/16
5/5 "Great products with quick shipping."
Dr. Kat, 9/22/16
5/5 "No problems ordering with this company. Great prices!"
Velez, 9/22/16
4/5 "Good products reasonable prices"
Alma, 9/21/16
5/5 "This order was immediately filled and qickly received.
The contents were as described and in good condition. I will order from here again!"
IDS, 9/20/16
5/5 "GREAT"
NIC, 9/16/16
5/5 "Great seller"
EPG, 9/16/16
5/5 "Low cost, quick, fast, accurate, what more do you want"
daiseycutter, 9/11/16
5/5 "Great product Great Value"
Marsha Mouton, 9/9/16
5/5 "easy ordering and fast shipping! great pricing!!"
dental office, 9/8/16
5/5 "Fast Service. High quality items. Thank you!"
Dan DDS, 9/7/16
5/5 "excellent"
Dentist, 9/6/16
5/5 "Excellent supplier, always a pleasure to do business with!"
Wrany, 9/2/16
5/5 "Items came quickly and as expected."
Wendy, 8/31/16
5/5 "Great product, great seller!"
Lee, 8/26/16
4/5 "breaks too fast"
kh, 8/23/16
5/5 "Received the order on time. Looking forward to place orders depending upon the need."
Sathish, 8/22/16
5/5 "Prompt shipping, decent packaging. good expiration date for the merchandise."
Jamesji, 8/18/16
5/5 "fast economical and accurate - Like Tradent's Prices"
e, 8/18/16
5/5 "Easy all the way thru

Even return/exchange was handled efficiently"
arnie, 8/17/16
5/5 "Fast prompt delivery! Received the product in time! Thanks!"
Wiredforsuccess, 8/16/16
5/5 "Great Customer Service!! They carry top of the line quality product at lower cost than many! Along with fast shipping, makes this vendor on my list to come back to visit time and time again!!"
Bookkeeper, 8/15/16
5/5 "Quick, great price."
Larkie, 8/12/16
5/5 "My items came quickly and were exactly what I had expected."
aplacetosmile, 8/9/16
4/5 "Like all Net 32 vendors pretty good with a fair price."
eastman001, 8/3/16
5/5 "Fast shipping, original products and very good prices."
vanik, 7/31/16
5/5 "Great product! Fast shipping!"
Lin, 7/28/16
5/5 "Fast and efficient. Reasonable or better than reasonable prices."
AJ, 7/13/16
5/5 "always delivers the product quick. never had a missing item. i'm very happy with their service and the price."
ND, 7/11/16
5/5 "great products and prices, fast delivery"
molardoc, 7/6/16
5/5 "fast and quick shipping"
Smile Make Over Center, 7/6/16
4/5 "The company ships on time. It takes about 4-5 days to get the products."
Mandamoe, 7/5/16
5/5 "Very easy transaction, item delivered as stated."
gmh, 7/1/16
4/5 "Good pricing and good delivery time."
Jeff, 7/1/16
4/5 "best deal, free shipping, fastest in my experience"
mick, 6/30/16
5/5 "Excellent pricing and fast delivery."
Sonshine, 6/24/16
5/5 "arrived as promised at a significant savings from my primary vendor"
Richard, 6/24/16
4/5 "It fits the gloves pretty well. Good product"
Katie, 6/21/16
5/5 "Perfect!"
gindasa, 6/21/16
5/5 "Quick and easy."
EPG, 6/20/16
5/5 "Items are cheap and arrives in time"
Grace, 6/17/16
4/5 "timely delivery"
aridds, 6/17/16
5/5 "timely delivery"
aridds, 6/17/16
5/5 "Tradent always ship the order in a very fast and efficient manner. I never had any problems when I purchase from them. The quality of the products are as what you see online. They are very reliable and very good in shipping things out. Usually from the time I order the products I receive the products within two days. They are true to the timeframe & price, no tax and shipping fees."
cd, 6/16/16
5/5 "fast delivery and product were as promised."
robdds, 6/15/16
5/5 "My experience was perfect the web sight is simple to navigate and items are shipped and received in a timely manner"
Abby, 6/7/16
5/5 "package arrived quickly as promised"
Miss, 6/7/16
5/5 "Arrived on time as described THANKS"
Tommy, 6/3/16
5/5 "Always happy with my purchases from your company."
Andy, 6/2/16
5/5 "Products from Tradent are great"
EH, 5/27/16
3/5 "thank you"
EH, 5/27/16
5/5 "Very dependable seller.
Item is as described and works great."
Florida Dent, 5/26/16
5/5 "Very dependable seller. Timely and Rapid shipment. Will buy again"
Florida Dent, 5/26/16
5/5 "Prices are great. Received items in a reasonable time."
Chris, 5/23/16
5/5 "excellent service price"
Dr Britsch, 5/20/16
5/5 "great seller to deal with"
molardoc, 5/19/16
5/5 "Best prices, free shipping. Items received in a timely fashion. Who could ask for anything more?"
PFFDDSPC, 5/19/16
5/5 "Good products"
ning, 5/18/16
5/5 "Just as described, shipped quick."
Dr. S, 5/17/16
5/5 "Order came as expected and products were in perfect condition! I will order from here again."
IDS, 5/17/16
5/5 "Very quick shipping, decent shipping prices."
robdds, 5/17/16
5/5 "Products came in good condition, neatly packaged and within the time promissed."
Ludwig, 5/16/16
4/5 "Product missing from order."
Lin, 5/13/16
5/5 "excellent service"
afd, 5/10/16
5/5 "Great seller... Excellent service and prices...", 5/6/16
5/5 "nice price no film left after wiping surface"
Vincent, 5/6/16
5/5 "Easy ordering and quick delivery."
Glue2dent, 5/3/16
gomezdental, 4/29/16
5/5 "good product, tissue friendly, easy handle as well."
dentist, 4/27/16
5/5 "Great prices and fast delivery A+++++++++"
RDH, 4/19/16
5/5 "Have had many experiences with this seller and no issues to date"
Prldmd, 4/14/16
5/5 "Delivered in timely fashion"
Dr C, 4/13/16
5/5 "GREAT"
DR, 4/10/16
4/5 "our Drs love this product. Tradent shipped the product and it was received within the week ordered."
Cindy, 4/6/16
5/5 "thanks"
Dr Thomas, 4/4/16
5/5 "Great prices on standard items. Fast shipping!"
DrSteve, 4/3/16
5/5 "Fast shipping, nice products for much less than other suppliers."
DrSteve, 4/3/16
5/5 "great"
bill, 4/2/16
5/5 "fast shipper"
Boss, 4/1/16
5/5 "They were very helpful with everthing."
Marcelo Toledo, 4/1/16
5/5 "great price! Great quality"
Dr G, 3/29/16
5/5 "Great service and accuracy."
DR. S, 3/25/16
5/5 "fast delivery, quality products (normal expiration dated items)"
Prudent buyer, 3/24/16
5/5 "great"
DA, 3/23/16
5/5 "Tradent provides the best prices,selection and are always on time."
veronica, 3/16/16
5/5 "Very quick delivery."
toothdoc, 3/14/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
5/5 "No issues, on time"
Stpmd, 3/6/16
5/5 "Very fast shipment of order + exactly what I ordered. NO hassles."
jmmdmd, 3/3/16
5/5 "Item shipped as ordered."
DJ, 2/27/16
5/5 "Great vendor; we've purchased from them many times, and the product always arrives in a timely fashion, and items have always been as described. Some of the best prices on Net32."
EiraRose, 2/23/16
4/5 "order was as mentioned on the website & delivered in an a timely manner."
Smile Dental, 2/18/16
5/5 "As advertised."
Benchwmer, 2/18/16
5/5 "As ordered with quick free delivery"
Dr Ned, 2/18/16
4/5 "supplies came promptly."
jdash, 2/12/16
4/5 "Shipping took several days, but price and shipping fees were reasonable and items were exactly what we ordered."
DrMac, 2/9/16
5/5 "Thanks..! Very satisfied..!!!"
Natalia, 2/3/16
5/5 "thanks!!"
jd, 1/27/16
5/5 "Extremely fast delivery! Well packaged."
Ish, 1/24/16
5/5 "Always reliable, and fast! ty!"
jd, 1/21/16
5/5 "exactly what I wanted it
as pictured
thank you"
gomezdental, 1/20/16
5/5 "Quick shipping and complete professional notification of tracking information."
Docden, 1/19/16
2/5 "Vendor shipped wrong item and we waited additional time to receive correct item (Impregum Penta wrong body type). However, I was very pleased with customer service rep (Tim), he answered my questions and provided a solution very quickly."
Nicole, 1/19/16
4/5 "In all the vendors, this one seems to be the best. An item was damaged on my last order but net32 got my account credited for the item. Thanks to them it was a very good experience. Net32 best online site to order from!!!!"
Bruce lee, 1/7/16
5/5 "Excellent"
PS, 1/1/16
5/5 "The items were shipped quickly. Satisfied with the product. Thank you!"
Tolik, 1/1/16
5/5 "Quick shipping."
DrM, 12/29/15
5/5 "No problems prompt shipping
No problems, prompt shipping"
John, 12/26/15
5/5 "Solid supplier. Fast service. HIghly recommend"
smiledocMA, 12/21/15
5/5 "Great communication , fast and very courteous service!!!"
Monica, 12/18/15
5/5 "excellent service and products"
BOB, 12/14/15
5/5 "will purchase from again"
pati, 12/4/15
5/5 "Very friendly site."
Barron747, 12/1/15
5/5 "My order was received quickly!!!!!! I love this product!!!!!!!!!!!"
Stella, 11/25/15
5/5 "fast shipping. decent expiration date"
Jamesji, 11/13/15
5/5 "Excellent"
Jamie, 11/12/15
5/5 "Exactly what I expected. Great product, quick shipping and no issues! Will definitely use again."
Melanie, 11/3/15
5/5 "Good price, very fast shipment"
rebeca.chin, 10/26/15
4/5 "Items received as ordered. Delivery time to west coast took one week."
gmh, 10/26/15
4/5 "Ran out of stuff I needed to complete order but shipped fast the ones they had."
Dr Klop, 10/21/15
5/5 "Quick delivery, order was correct, great pricing!"
MDDDS80, 10/18/15
2/5 "I mistakenly placed an order with this vendor and ordered something I didn't need...called Net 32 and inquired about how to make a return. Followed the directions for returning the item and got a USPS confirmation that the return was received. Three weeks later no refund has been issued, despite numerous emails to Net 32. I have ordered from this vendor in the past not sure I will anymore."
MDDDS80, 10/12/15
5/5 "Delivery is very quick and no issues with product"
Sara, 9/24/15
5/5 "Prompt shipping"
Jamesji, 9/23/15
5/5 "Excellent product. Price was why I chose this seller. Arrived quickly"
dr giggles, 9/22/15
5/5 "Verry good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 9/14/15
5/5 "Great price!"
Sarah, 9/9/15
5/5 "Excellent service."
jessyle, 8/7/15
5/5 "Great Vendor!"
Samir, 8/7/15
5/5 "Great Company, Would order from again!"
Ortho Assist, 7/29/15
5/5 "Top notch seller and products!!"
BobbyTom, 7/27/15
5/5 "Excellent. Thank you for the great service."
Dr. V, 7/18/15
5/5 "Items had long expiry dates, fast shipping, no problems whatsoever."
John Smith, 7/10/15
5/5 "Super fast! Great seller.
Highly recommend"
gpdentist, 6/24/15
5/5 "The price was the best and shipping was fast."
kelly, 6/12/15
4/5 "The order arrived on time correctly"
Teggiano, 6/11/15
5/5 "Quick shipping and items just as described at a huge discount."
SterlingDental, 6/9/15
5/5 "fast shipping
as described
would buy from again"
dentistsss, 5/19/15
5/5 "This item was quick fast and right on time. I would order this item again. It came in a box that was secure."
Toye Stokes, 5/14/15
5/5 "Did not need to contact supplier."
Harry, 5/11/15
4/5 "Items were same as described. Received very quick."
Sampri, 5/11/15
4/5 "Shipped fast and order is correct"
smdds, 5/7/15
5/5 "Fast processing and fast shipment. I will gladly buy from this seller again!"
ML, 5/6/15
5/5 "Great prices and fast shipping! No problems at all!"
abst4, 5/1/15
4/5 "order completed as requested in reasonable time"
jdash, 4/27/15
5/5 "fast and efficient"
Miss, 4/22/15
5/5 "It was what I expected. thanks"
sid, 4/21/15
5/5 "order was handled in a timely fashion, unlike many of the vendors on Net 32. I'm very satisfied."
dentaldawg83, 4/14/15
5/5 "great products"
scollinsjr, 3/26/15
5/5 "reliability and fast sevices"
simidr54, 3/24/15
4/5 "Only complaint was I was not given a tracking number. It took just over a week to get here."
CutEmLoose, 3/23/15
5/5 "Great buy, fast shipping"
leon, 3/12/15
5/5 "Efficient salesman, punctual delivery, well-kept and well packaged products. Highly recommended."
sergio funari, 3/12/15
5/5 "#1"
Jer, 2/21/15
5/5 "Good experience"
Dr. Steve, 2/19/15
5/5 "Fast and accurate"
jdash, 2/18/15
GH, 2/13/15
5/5 "All the items I ordered had long expiration dates on them and were delivered in a timely manner. Their prices were very competitive. I will be ordering from them again."
DocD, 2/12/15
5/5 "Great price and fast shipment"
James, 2/2/15
5/5 "Wonderful service"
sweetlips, 1/30/15
5/5 "Quick, dependable service"
sweetlips, 1/22/15
5/5 "Great prices compared to the three major dental suppliers. Everything came on time and in great shape . Will always use this seller!!"
Orthoman, 1/20/15
5/5 "Great price!"
Lin, 1/13/15
5/5 "very satisfied with accuracy and the price."
Manager, 1/7/15
5/5 "Quick and order exactly what we ordered"
Dr Klop, 1/6/15
5/5 "quick to ship and everything arrived promply"
keith, 12/26/14
5/5 "These arrived quickly and as described."
drfeelgood, 12/22/14
5/5 "Quick delivery."
JI, 12/22/14
5/5 "items as prescribed,fast shipping."
Dr Emon, 12/17/14
5/5 "Fast and accurate", 12/4/14
4/5 "Can't beat the price. Shipping took a little long though."
gmh, 11/11/14
5/5 "great deal"
wrrdds, 11/4/14
5/5 "As described, quick ship!"
DrSteve, 10/29/14
5/5 "Super service, needed a better price than we were getting, size was important."
Golferluke, 10/25/14
5/5 "Very quick and accurate response , good product"
BOB, 10/21/14
5/5 "fast delivery"
Smiles, 10/15/14
5/5 "All around happy, fast shipping."
mentaldental, 10/6/14
5/5 "I have ordered goods on this site few times. Quality of goods is high,and delivery have alway been in time-to me it is very important, means I don't spend time I have scheduled for the client on the acceptance of delivery. I keep doing comparison of shops online, but this website have much better production selection and price.
We are looking forward to the continuation of our fruitful cooperation"
Elena61137, 10/3/14
5/5 "everything went smoothly."
Charlie, 10/1/14
4/5 "will order fr. them again."
Sleepy John, 9/29/14
2/5 "Not very customer friendly."
Kennedy, 9/26/14
4/5 "Quite quick"
Dr Tom, 9/19/14
4/5 "it's good that our order was received in 6 days. But they charged $10 shipping fee, although their policy says there is no shipping charge for orders over $250 (our order was $287, all small items). I may call net32 to ask them to refund the charge."
Netbuy, 9/19/14
5/5 "Fast shipping. No issues at all."
Dr. Ahumada, 9/10/14
5/5 "smooth transaction"
LB, 9/4/14
JEAN, 9/4/14
5/5 "Always fast delivery, accurate order, and great price. One of my favorite vendors."
diruopis, 8/26/14
5/5 "Always fast, dependable service from this vendor."
diruopis, 8/26/14
5/5 "Items arrived much sooner than advertized."
Dr. Matt, 8/18/14
3/5 "Came about three days later than I expected them."
Peggy, 8/14/14
5/5 "Quick delivery"
jbehrman, 8/8/14
5/5 "This company is good seller."
evercare dental, 7/23/14
4/5 "Fast processing and shipping"
bchddental, 7/11/14
4/5 "Although I have not opened the packet, the box is intact and it's in Kodak packaging. The product arrived 3-4 days after it was ordered."
Dental Office, 7/8/14
Dr. Wesley Cowan, 7/3/14
5/5 "Solid seller, quick ship, good exp. dates on product, no backorders"
LigthouseDave, 6/30/14
5/5 "I used the internet. It was easy to order and it got here in a timely manner.
I had to send it back and the representative was very nice and helpful."
Connie Newman, 6/25/14
5/5 "Great pricing."
JR, 6/20/14
3/5 "This was the first time I ordered from them. I did it because they said they'd ship in 48 hours. I received an email they shipped in 48 hours, however when I checked because I didn't receive my order, that they really shipped in 5 days later. Kind of disappointing. Other than that, I got what I ordered."
Windmilltr, 6/20/14
5/5 "Never had a problem from them"
suture, 5/30/14
5/5 "Quick and accurate order."
EasternDentisry, 5/21/14
5/5 "Excellent service! Only a little problem was my name wasn't on the package. UPS guy was about return it the sender if I didn't check (I was expecting the delivery). Other than that, we're happy with our purchase!
Thank you!"
Meng, 5/21/14
5/5 "Great job of getting fast!"
Dr Klop, 5/5/14
5/5 "great vendor"
suture, 4/28/14
5/5 "Quick delivery!"
cavitron tips, 4/23/14
4/5 "Good and speedy delivery. Product was as described. Free delivery is a plus."
dental office, 4/16/14
5/5 "I had a great experience with First National Dental. The delivered my order accurately and quickly. I have used them for my dental supply needs since 2005.

I highly recommend them to others.

Delon Gilbert, DDS"
DrDelon, 3/31/14
5/5 "Order filled accurately , quickly and at a good price"
Fishlyn, 3/26/14
5/5 "product was excellent. shipping fast"
Terry, 3/21/14
5/5 "great products great prices"
Joyous, 2/26/14
5/5 "Correct product and timely delivery"
Jeff, 2/21/14
5/5 "great products"
Rich, 2/5/14
5/5 "Great Job"
Priscilla, 1/21/14
4/5 "Quick to fill order."
jdash, 1/21/14
5/5 "All the products were correct and had a fast delivery."
Dessie, 1/20/14
5/5 "Quick Delivery"
DDS, 1/13/14
5/5 "All items ordered arrived per my request. Items were reasonably priced. Not a single item was in back order which was great. In past I had to wait for long time and some times order was not shipped at all. This was good experience. Thank you!"
jiten, 1/9/14
5/5 "Good seller"
Franki, 1/6/14
5/5 "Very prompt on process of order and shipping!"
swong3775, 12/27/13
5/5 "Excellent seller"
Mike, 12/1/13
5/5 "Items exactly as ordered and shipped promptly."
DocB, 11/11/13
5/5 "Ship on time. right products."
Collain, 11/11/13
5/5 "Perfect service. No complain !!!! I just love net32 !!"
Italia, 11/8/13
5/5 "5 star
Were the items as described? yes"
Jjg, 10/24/13
5/5 "Quick ship and good price"
Dr Klop, 10/24/13
5/5 "The Aquasil was shipped quickly and the prices were wonderful. I'm sure we'll order again."
Kim, 10/22/13
5/5 "Ordering was simple and delivery was quick."
Robin, 9/12/13
5/5 "They are great."
Megg, 9/10/13
5/5 "Great product! Great Service! Just what I needed!! Thanks!"
DR, 9/10/13
5/5 "Quick action on order."
Dentist, 9/4/13
5/5 "great"
nicolas, 8/30/13
5/5 "Got product to our office fast!"
Dr Klop, 7/23/13
5/5 "Very Fast response."
Adrian Mobilia, 7/17/13
4/5 "Items were correctly as accurate as described, they arrived in good conditions."
tran, 7/16/13
4/5 "The order was shipped on time and undamaged."
rocky, 7/12/13
5/5 "Great prices for the small business owner."
Rozan, 7/11/13
5/5 "Great savings for the smaller business man!!"
Rozan, 7/11/13
5/5 "order arrived very promptly"
Abe, 7/9/13
5/5 "One item had an unfavorable expiration date, but an otherwise good experience."
Dr. Brent, 7/3/13
5/5 "Delivery was quick and correct order delivered."
Steve, 6/26/13
5/5 "Smooth Transaction"
Nebo Medical, 6/11/13
5/5 "Fast delivery."
sorin dimitriu, 5/27/13
5/5 "Delivery was fast. and Item was as it was described"
DDS, 5/16/13
4/5 "good service"
jeff, 4/26/13
5/5 "got here fast ,, good price and it worked as advertised, would do business with this vendor again"
Dpcx, 4/18/13
5/5 "smooth transactions and on time"
mike, 4/2/13
5/5 ""
Abebaby2, 3/21/13
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Tradent Supply

Feedback Rating: 4.7
4.7 stars (749 ratings)
Tradent Supply LLC is proud to offer the lowest prices along with the highest quality products to dentists nationwide. Find out why we're the first choice for your dental supplies needs.
Standard shipping $3.00.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $10.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
Payment Methods
AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
State Tax
Net32 calculates, collects, and remits tax on sales made by our vendors and shipped to customers located in the states listed below that have enacted Marketplace Facilitator, Marketplace Fairness, or similar laws. These laws shift collection responsibility from the vendor to the marketplace facilitating the merchant's sale.
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
All returns must be issued a return authorization number. Any returns with this number not clearly written on the outside of the package will be returned to sender. All issues relating to packaging, expiration dates, damages or missing goods must be reported within 48 hours of receipt to receive credit. Defective items must be reported within 14 days of receipt to receive credit. Items returned for reasons other than damage or defect must be approved and be in original package with unbroken seal and will be returned at the shipper's expense with a 15% re-stocking fee.
Items ordered before 4:00pm EST ship out the same day. ****Free shipping does not apply to heavy shipments. All shipments over 15 lbs are subject to standard FedEx Ground rates.****
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