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Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.8 114
Shipping time 4.6 115
Shipping and handling 4.6 113
Recent Feedback: 4.8 stars
5/5 "great product, delivered timely"
Chris, 4/9/19
5/5 "Excellent burs to finish margins!!! Highly recommend it."
Dentist, 4/4/19
5/5 "As Described, packaged well"
Dr. T, 3/12/19
5/5 "reasonable prices"
Dental Aid 1, 2/28/19
5/5 "GOOD"
DENTIST, 2/19/19
5/5 "Works well."
WPD, 12/31/18
5/5 "Good delivery and good item"
SJ, 12/7/18
5/5 "quick ship as described great prices, thanks!"
Alex, 11/12/18
5/5 "does the job."
k., 11/6/18
5/5 "Excellent service!"
Meich, 11/5/18
5/5 "works well"
john, 10/12/18
5/5 "good price for the most consuming dental product!! Keep buying, especially Lidocaine. I love it."
Northgate, 9/13/18
2/5 "Took over a month for delivery. had to contact net 32 for cancellation and refund but instead, they shipped to correspondence from the company. never again.

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 6/25/18. The order was marked shipped on 6/26/18. The customer contacted Net32 on 8/2/18 asking about the order. Net32 notified e-Dentist Supply of the issue. e-Dentist Supply said FedEx lost the package and reshipped the order. The replacement order was delivered on 8/8/18."
hamster, 8/30/18
5/5 "Great product Quality and very fair price"
AKG, 8/25/18
5/5 "excellent"
yenifer, 8/13/18
5/5 "Very nice product and price"
Mimosa, 8/9/18
5/5 "excellent quality and fast shipping"
SDLELZA, 8/7/18
5/5 "GREAT A++++"
VD4KIDS, 8/7/18
DTECHED, LLC, 8/6/18
5/5 "Great product and shipped quickly"
Viki, 7/27/18
1/5 "Vendor sent short/missing number of item but blame us instead, until we took a picture of the box sent. Vendor claims it was manufacturer's fault but packaging box had vendor's printed invoice inside so its a lie. After more than 3 weeks, missing item still not sent. This time vendor claims USPS lost the package but never had the tracking number. After waiting for almost a month, vendor cancels order. Untrustworthy and crooked to say the least. We don't need vendors like these and the hassle as well.

Net32 response: e-Dentist Supply asked the customer for a picture of the box thinking it may have come apart/damaged in transit. The customer provided a picture and the box was not damaged. e-Dentist Supply admitted they must have mistakenly sent one instead of two. e-Dentist Supply went to send another one but was out of stock and backordered from the manufacturer. e-Dentist Supply refunded the customer for the missing item and refunded the initial shipping fee."
Net32, 7/25/18

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 7/9/18 and cancelled by the customer on 7/18/18. We did notice that the vendor still had the order in a "pending" state which we agree is not good customer service. Apologies for not meeting the customer's expectations."
Dr Dina, 7/20/18
4/5 "so far doing good..."
James, 7/17/18
5/5 "Excellent price point and great service"
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
5/5 "good products"
AFD, 5/23/18
5/5 "Great seller"
Dr.C, 5/9/18
4/5 "the product was not a good fit and came off easy"
nurse, 4/24/18
5/5 "Fit my Buildit FR syringes and works perfectly."
Ebrown, 3/27/18
5/5 "We're a research institute and use the liquid solvent to glue glass window to our subjects during our operation process. The Products order comes with a larger volume than our previous vendor we used in the past, this is so better."
Kweku, 2/27/18
5/5 "Great deal. Quick delivery."
lzdds, 2/9/18
Dr Bob, 1/25/18
5/5 "Great price. Authentic product. Fast Shipping."
South Texas Dentist, 1/16/18
5/5 "good product"
zm, 1/14/18
5/5 "Good products from this vendor. Expect faster shipping"
Vineet, 9/24/17
4/5 ":)"
Simmons Family Dentistry, 8/10/17
1/5 "They sent a shorter shelf life than the usual one year.
They gave me a cock and bull story.
I should get a 5/12 refund!

Net32 Response: Net32 notified e-Dentist Supply of the issue. e-Dentist Supply issued a partial refund. Net32 sent the customer a replacement from another vendor at no charge."
Hiya Doc, 7/24/17
5/5 "Box was ok but the product is perfect. Can't blame the seller. Shipper maybe."
Gerald G. Gelle, DDS, 6/8/17
5/5 "good deal"
perioyy, 5/10/17
5/5 "Great Vendor!"
HasletPediatric, 5/10/17
4/5 "Items arrived as expected. Competitive prices."
Mazsy19, 4/14/17
5/5 "Fast shipping, great price. Has a heavy item charge for the items ordered. Needs to indicate in listing that when buying multiple bottles, there are 12 in a case. I ordered 20 bottles, thinking it may be ten, so they shipped 20, in two case boxes, with two bottles removed from each."
kirkmdds, 1/31/17
5/5 "Very fast shipment and great price!"
Kateryna, 1/27/17
5/5 "Fast delivery, excellent price."
Dr Root tip, 1/23/17
5/5 "Ordered on 01/10/17, Shipped by Fedex on 1/11/17."
Dr Jason, 1/20/17
5/5 "everything came like it should."
cheesybread, 1/18/17
5/5 "Great taste, Great price"
opnwyd, 1/12/17
5/5 "the best, for good price."
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
4/5 "Back ordered, but we were not in a hurry. Price is the key."
Dr.M, 1/3/17
5/5 "Good product, never had an issue."
Zan, 1/3/17
5/5 "These folks have been great! Prompt and accurate service a a value!"
DrDelon, 12/30/16
5/5 "Net 32 is prompt and quick with orders"
ABS, 12/29/16
5/5 "Patients are satisfied with outcome when used as an adjunct."
ABS, 12/29/16
5/5 "Great product with fast shipping"
Dr. David De La Garza, 12/28/16
5/5 "good"
al, 12/27/16
5/5 "Easy ordering process. Great pricing. Quick delivery."
Mike, 12/24/16
5/5 "Very satisfied with quality and shipment time"
Dockside, 12/23/16
5/5 "Good delivery time. Shipping rate reasonable for these items."
Dr. Seid, 12/6/16
5/5 "Our office uses this product everyday and loves them!"
Sanchlili, 12/2/16
5/5 "We received this order in a few days, which is super speedy compared to some of the orders I've placed in the past. Packaging was good. I will definitely order from this company again."
Bargin Hunter, 11/26/16
5/5 "Better than the other points."
Dr Bob, 11/14/16
5/5 "GREAT"
merita, 11/7/16
5/5 "Great value, fast delivery and excellent service."
DrM, 11/1/16
4/5 "Best Price ever on chlorhexidine rinse!"
Travis, 10/28/16
5/5 "Good product and received quickly!"
Sam Lavi, 10/21/16
5/5 "The seller was great from the price and the shipping point of view. Also the product is great to use, it's one of the best impression systems i had"
Moe Deen, 10/21/16
5/5 "The order came fast and the product is of quality"
Leandro Britto, 9/29/16
5/5 "They were fast"
KHR, 9/15/16
5/5 "Product arrived in timely manner. The product was less expensive then brand name product but as good as brand name product. I am very happy with the product."
dotori, 9/11/16
5/5 "Great product. Came quickly and we are happy with the overall look and use of product."
Happy Teeth, 9/9/16
iqbal, 9/1/16
5/5 "Great service."
iqbal, 8/26/16
5/5 "Great!"
Len, 8/25/16
5/5 "The product was as expected and shipment was fast."
Kfamm, 8/5/16
5/5 "Ordering was easy, convenient, and the supplies came quickly."
Kimberly H., 8/3/16
5/5 "Our providers continue to ask for these products only for the ease in use and effectiveness."
mamalu, 7/28/16
5/5 "Net32 is our go to vendor for the harder to find supplies. We have had only good experiences with Net32 and will continue to use them in the future. Shipping is always easy and timely as well."
Disano Dental, 7/25/16
5/5 "Everything was good.
Thank you"
De Lazari, 7/13/16
5/5 "Seamless, quick response to my order."
Bruno1, 7/1/16
gomezdental, 4/29/16
5/5 "Prices was good, processing and shipping was fast and accurate"
Andy, 4/8/16
5/5 "Great service."
TadFurtado, 4/7/16
5/5 "as expected. concerned with "Use By" date but better date than recent order from Major supplier."
David K, 3/31/16
5/5 "."
DA, 3/23/16
5/5 "Very good!!!"
Tien Hoang, 3/22/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
5/5 "good price fast ship enough said."
facdmd, 3/3/16
5/5 "Works great."
Dr. D. CAS, 11/9/15
5/5 "excellent"
Dan, 10/29/15
5/5 "I always use Net32"
Doc, 9/18/15
5/5 "great quality products , excellent customer service and pricing"
larisa stein dmd, 5/6/15
5/5 "great products"
scollinsjr, 3/26/15
5/5 "Products as described and arrived quickly."
BWX, 1/30/15
5/5 "Got correct ordered items with good price."
wdckt, 1/14/15
5/5 "Really liked the price and how fast we got the items"
Precision, 11/14/14
4/5 "This product was good because it help the department in the demonstration and it was also came on time. I would highly use this product again."
Toye Stokes, 10/30/14
4/5 "good company, took two deliveries for all my orders due to back order."
Smiles, 9/4/14
5/5 "Fast service. Good price."
Doctopuss, 8/28/14
5/5 "davis dental is always right"
suture, 8/27/14
5/5 "Competitive prices"
Stone, 8/15/14
5/5 "Quick enough for us; as long as we dont order last minute when we are low on anesthetic"
BIBS, 6/24/14
5/5 "quick shipping and was the correct item"
lisa, 6/19/14
5/5 "great service"
Dr Klop, 6/4/14
5/5 "Order arrived quickly and correct, Excellent people to deal with!"
BOB, 5/13/14
5/5 "Everything was shipped and delivered as promised. A+++ -DR P"
Remy, 3/20/14
5/5 "great price quick delivery"
periodds, 3/13/14
5/5 "My shipment came quickly and it was exactly the product that I ordered. The price was also great."
aplacetosmile, 3/11/14
5/5 "speedy delivery"
Rich, 2/18/14
5/5 "My order was processed and shipped promptly.The anesthetic was packaged well to insure no breakage.I would definitely do business with Davis Dental Supply again."
jeff6217, 2/18/14
5/5 "They shipped the next day and didn't charge extra fee for the chlorhexidine. Strongly recommend Davis dental."
Cascade dental, 2/18/14
4/5 "Items took a few days to ship. My order was small so I don't believe it should have taken as long. However, items were as described. Very glad you don't require a dentist license to purchase basic items(impression trays), as I am a dental hygiene student and my school was selling supplies for twice as much. Recommended to my classmates!"
DHStudent, 2/14/14
5/5 "I needed this meds urgently, they got here within two days"
Abebaby2, 1/14/14
5/5 "Received product in timely manner. Thanks"
adamupuf, 9/23/13
5/5 "Everything came on time as promised in good condition."
DRJ, 9/5/13
5/5 "Quick shipping adequately packed. Recommend seller."
Grant, 6/28/13
2/5 "Net32 was great about following up on the status of my order. But Davis Dental took way too long to ship my order out."
RetiredinNC, 6/24/13
5/5 "supply co is good item has nothing to do with seller there are better products out there"
drb, 5/28/13
5/5 "Fantastic prices and great selection of products!"
Heather, 4/25/13
5/5 "we got the product on time and exactly what we want"
Mckee, 4/3/13
5/5 "As promised; no problems"
tbk9800, 3/20/13
5/5 "Great price & fast shipping"
Sandy, 3/15/13
5/5 "very good seller"
nicolas, 3/6/13
4/5 "received updates on my order.
products arrived as anticipated and relatively early"
Rich, 2/27/13
5/5 "Great savings on products!"
Heather, 1/7/13
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e-Dentist Supply

Feedback Rating: 4.8
4.8 stars (123 ratings)
Since 1954, e-Dentist Supply has been serving the dental industry by offering a broad selection of quality dental supplies, products, and equipment at competitive prices. Our goal is to continue providing excellent customer service that will enable you to better plan your purchases and operations.
Standard shipping $4.75.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $100.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
FedEx / UPS / USPS
Payment Methods
AMEX, MasterCard, Visa
State Tax
CA only
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
All returns must be issued a return authorization number. Any returns with this number not clearly written on the outside of the package will be returned to sender. Items returned for reasons other than damage or defect will be returned at the shipper's expense and will incur a 20% re-stocking fee. Returns must be made within 15 days of invoice date. Returns must be in original package with unbroken seal. Defective items need authorization before returning and will be evaluated before credit is issued. Damaged goods need to be reported within 48 hours of receipt to receive credit.
Please note: Pharmaceutical drugs, needles, and anesthetics cannot be returned.
Items are shipped the same day if the order is placed before 2:00pm Pacific Time
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