Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.9 178
Shipping time 4.6 177
Shipping and handling 4.7 177
Recent Feedback: 4.8 stars
4/5 "very good composite.."
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
5/5 "Dental Wholesale Direct delivers consistent value and affordability. Have worked with them for over a decade and enjoy the savings they offer over Patterson and Schein!"
DrDelon, 12/30/16
4/5 "Fast shipping. Thank you."
Dr.Bebars, 12/27/16
5/5 "Item as described."
Ish, 12/15/16
5/5 "fast delivery and correct order"
dr love, 12/12/16
5/5 "Easy to work with"
Belldent, 12/8/16
5/5 "delivered as advertised"
endogamy, 12/1/16
5/5 "Very pleased with Dental Wholesale Direct. The order arrived on time and at unbeatable prices, and without a shipping charge. What more could you ask for?"
Katherine, 12/1/16
5/5 "Fast and prompt service"
Lana, 11/30/16
5/5 "Quality product, fast shipping"
Dr.M, 11/30/16
4/5 "The order arrived promptly and as described. I would purchase again from this vendor."
LMT, 11/18/16
3/5 "The product arrived in a box with the product's box all broken up. The bottle itself was undamaged, however."
Chris, 11/15/16
5/5 "Delivered on time, quality product"
NY Smile, 11/11/16
5/5 "We use this product in our development department of micro-needles for the pharmaceutical industry and it works great. Easy to work with and a great product!!!!"
Barb, 11/9/16
5/5 "great vendor as well fast shipping a lot of savings"
merita, 11/7/16
5/5 "Good price."
Tanne, 11/3/16
5/5 "Excellent product, fast shipping and great selection!"
LuannJD, 11/2/16
4/5 "Excellent Price on composite!"
Travis, 10/28/16
5/5 "Order came in quick,...same quality at less than half the price."
PayDro007, 10/27/16
5/5 "Great dealer. Products arrived on time and as described."
shahrdds, 10/21/16
4/5 "good"
Issa, 10/19/16
5/5 "Dental Wholesale Direct is a very good vendor. They represented the Rely X Ultimate Cement well on their site. Their pricing was very good, and the product arrived in a timely manner. We will continue to use this vendor in all our future ordering."
Brenda, 10/14/16
5/5 "Great product"
TEETHY, 10/4/16
5/5 "net32 is the best place to get supplies for a fair price and no problems."
TadFurtado, 9/29/16
5/5 "Always great products and prices"
HStrempel, 9/21/16
5/5 "fast delivery... lowest price"
Boksilee, 9/20/16
5/5 "Good product"
Dr Klop, 9/15/16
4/5 "very nice"
john, 9/13/16
5/5 "Excellent service."
DrM, 9/12/16
5/5 "Awesome experience. The product were delivered very quickly and as described. Will order with them again!!"
Taylor, 9/7/16
4/5 "Yes I still use amalgam ... Great product !"
Dr. Craig Karriker, 8/22/16
5/5 "I am very pleased with product as well as the price. Thank you for offering this great product at such a great price."
Donna, 8/2/16
5/5 "fast and efficient"
Fred, 7/19/16
4/5 "took about 1 week to arrive on west coast. Items are US stock."
dadoc, 7/15/16
5/5 "good product. quick delivery!"
molardoc, 7/7/16
5/5 "Great products."
FS, 6/28/16
4/5 "I am very happy with Dental Wholesale Direct

My order comes in a prompt fashion and I always get the best deal"
Nob Hill, 6/27/16
3/5 "I wish the vendor could had shipped out the order earlier."
cd, 6/16/16
4/5 "Delivery not as quick as others but not exceedingly long either"
Doc, 6/9/16
5/5 "Fast service!"
Dr Klop, 6/8/16
4/5 "great product for our office"
EH, 5/27/16
5/5 "Product came quick and as ordered!!"
Doc, 5/24/16
rocks, 5/18/16
5/5 "great seller"
nicolas, 5/18/16
5/5 "Sent the product within reasonable amount of time. Product was packaged well, and no damage to outside box or product inside."
Anne, 5/17/16
5/5 "Item came in less than a week."
jbehrman, 5/16/16
5/5 "Excellent shipping time and price"
tryod, 5/5/16
5/5 "Works fantastic! I would totally recommend this product."
Jill, 5/2/16
5/5 "excellent product, we use it every day"
dentist, 4/27/16
5/5 "I have dealt with Dental Wholesale Direct for a couple of years now, and have found them to be quick, responsive and accurate, and relatively inexpensive. Great service, great price. I will definitely continue to do business with them."
Dr. Ed, 4/20/16
5/5 "The product came quickly and the order was correct."
Steve, 4/12/16
5/5 "Quick turnaround on order and no problems with product."
eastman001, 4/7/16
5/5 "Excellent."
Sleepy John, 4/7/16
5/5 "Product came to the office in a timely manner and of good quality ; great customer service"
JC DDS Mendoza, 4/4/16
5/5 "as expected"
rp, 4/4/16
5/5 "Fast shipping, exactly as ordered, much cheaper than my supplier for the exact same thing (even with buy 4 get one free)!"
DrSteve, 4/3/16
5/5 "great"
bill, 4/2/16
5/5 "Great pricing and always delivered quickly!"
Doc T, 3/16/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
5/5 "Great pricing and prompt shipping."
WBG, 3/9/16
5/5 "No issues, timely"
Stpmd, 3/6/16
5/5 "Shipped fast and well protected."
Mena, 2/24/16
5/5 "Good price quick delivery, excellent product. AWESOME!"
DrAwesome, 2/10/16
5/5 "Received product quickly."
rocks, 2/5/16
5/5 "great"
geoff, 1/23/16
5/5 "Quick service, thank you."
jd, 1/20/16
5/5 "Will definitely buy again!"
PS, 12/31/15
5/5 "Very fast delivery"
Cop, 12/30/15
5/5 "Good Pricing and Quick Delivery."
DDS, 12/29/15
5/5 "no identifiable problems"
Fred, 12/29/15
5/5 "Product delivered in perfect conditions. Fast delivery, keeping us informed along the process"
mpenedo, 12/18/15
4/5 "All very nice, the requested product, good delivery time, good price,recommended"
marcomoroa, 12/7/15
4/5 "The price for the product was way below other sellers and was shipped quickly. I would order from them again."
Hsilverdds, 12/4/15
5/5 "Very quick delivery"
Gary, 11/3/15
5/5 "Free shipping and great product."
toothdoc, 10/29/15
5/5 "Great price and exceptionally fast service. One of Net32's best!"
smiledocMA, 10/26/15
5/5 "Very good seller. Fast shipping and accurate product."
Lara, 10/26/15
5/5 "Very easy transaction and the price was terrific!!"
gmh, 10/19/15
5/5 "fast shipment."
JT, 10/15/15
5/5 "prompt shipping"
Jamesji, 9/23/15
5/5 "I always use net32"
Doc, 9/18/15
5/5 "Verry good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 9/14/15
4/5 "great deal"
just an average DDS, 7/20/15
5/5 "Excellent. Thank you for the great service."
Dr. V, 7/18/15
5/5 "Fast shipping, as described."
John Smith, 7/10/15
5/5 "fast and accurate!"
Destany, 7/9/15
5/5 "Order shipped quickly."
PedoDoc, 7/4/15
5/5 "Prompt delivery. Free shipping with my order. Unbeatable pricing. Smart to include a brief catalog. I will likely use them for other goods."
Damon, 7/3/15
4/5 "Delivered as promised"
Dr Wong, 6/27/15
5/5 "Fast delivery. Thanks!"
Richard, 6/9/15
5/5 "Great offering of products!"
abst4, 5/30/15
5/5 "Quick response- no complaints- would recommend them to my friends and look forward to using them again in the future"
Fred, 5/26/15
5/5 "delivered as promised"
Smiles, 5/20/15
5/5 "Great item"
Toye Stokes, 5/15/15
5/5 "Shipped immediately and arrived well packaged. Plenty of shelf life left at a great price. THANKS!"
BH, 5/11/15
5/5 "fast and efficient"
Miss, 4/21/15
5/5 "Super in every way. Fast and reliable. My #1 vendor on Net 32."
smiledocMA, 3/31/15
5/5 "great products"
scollinsjr, 3/26/15
5/5 "Did a good job in all aspects of the sale."
drfeelgood, 2/25/15
4/5 "faster than most"
jdash, 2/17/15
3/5 "When I got product noticed expiration date was 10-2015 and I got product middle of Jan 2015 so product will expire nine and half months after I got it. Was told by net32 rep that all products have at least one year warranty"
Ragusa dental, 1/30/15
5/5 "Received this order quickly and accurately."
Pat, 1/26/15
4/5 "Arrived quickly, 100% correct!"
Dr Tom, 12/31/14
5/5 "fast and accurate as always", 12/19/14
1/5 "I ordered 3M Penta Mixing Tips - "New" Red, Package of 50 Tips. #7151 & they sent me GENERIC tips, they try to pass it as 3M. It happened twice. Not an honest vendor"
Victor, 12/15/14
5/5 "order arrived quickly and accurately"
LD, 11/20/14
5/5 "Great product, excellent handling, 5 stars."
Charlie, 10/1/14
5/5 "Great service!"
Docgonzo51, 9/24/14
5/5 "Timely arrival. Good product and packaging quality"
dentist, 9/18/14
5/5 "Very easy to place order. Order was received quickly and with no problems."
G, 9/16/14
2/5 "Seller backordered Impregum for over 2 weeks and provided me no notice given about the B/O.. Seller actually marked it as shipped on Net32 (incorrect) so order appeared complete (which it was not). I left VM to seller, no reply. I then contacted Net32 support and they found out it would be yet another 2 weeks till ship so I canceled and ordered elsewhere as I am nearly out at my office."
LigthouseDave, 9/8/14
5/5 "fast delivery, got all items in one delivery"
Smiles, 9/4/14
5/5 "we always have accurate quick orders with dental wholesale. never a complaint!"
Patti, 8/27/14
5/5 "Fast shipment. No problems."
diruopis, 8/25/14
5/5 "Items arrived much sooner than advertized."
Dr. Matt, 8/18/14
5/5 "Items arrived much sooner than advertised. Thank you."
Dr. Matt, 8/18/14
5/5 "Quickly filled order with what I ordered. Better price than what I normally pay."
Benchwmer, 8/15/14
5/5 "Great price and fast shipping!"
Dr Klop, 8/12/14
5/5 "this company is very good."
evercare dental, 7/23/14
4/5 "Processing and shipping was very quick"
bchddental, 7/11/14
5/5 "Great prices! Quick delivery!"
Dan, 7/3/14
4/5 "Reliable vendor, good prices"
DDS*****, 6/17/14
5/5 "The delivery was much sooner than expected and price was right."
Dr. ED, 5/28/14
4/5 "great vendor,fast shipping"
Joyous, 5/21/14
5/5 "My products arrived when they were supposed to and they were exactly what I had ordered. They also have great prices!"
aplacetosmile, 5/19/14
5/5 "Shipping could be a little faster but prices are good."
toothdoc, 5/4/14
5/5 "great job"
Dr Klop, 4/16/14
5/5 "Accurate and fast. Good expiration dates."
Dr. T, 4/15/14
5/5 "totally happy"
dr.t, 4/2/14
5/5 "Excellent seller"
jat, 3/27/14
5/5 "Product were as advertised"
rabaileydds, 3/24/14
2/5 "Delivery was good. But an item I purchased said, "not for sale in US." Maybe it was in the fine print when ordering, but I feel this is a huge problem with a product that expires."
First, 3/6/14
5/5 "Good, efficient seller. Will do business with again and recommend to others."
Betsy, 3/6/14
5/5 "our supplies came in a timely manner."
value dentist, 2/17/14
5/5 "good value"
Rich, 2/5/14
5/5 "Products arrived when they were promised."
GH, 12/18/13
5/5 "fast shipping and as ordered"
abdul, 12/18/13
5/5 "Excellent seller"
Mike, 12/1/13
5/5 "Product came as described"
Dr Klop, 11/13/13
5/5 "Fast accurate"
Lynn, 11/8/13
5/5 "Great service !!!"
Italia, 11/8/13
5/5 "Always a good experience with this seller."
toothdoc, 10/23/13
5/5 "never have a problem with DWD, good prices and fast delivery !!!"
BOB, 10/23/13
5/5 "Comments about your experience with this seller (required)

Why did you choose this rating? Excellent product.
How was the delivery experience? Excellent

Were the items as described?
John, 10/8/13
5/5 "These burrs are great and the price is much better than any other
place on the web that we have found. They ship fast. Our office loves
Kim, 10/3/13
5/5 "items were sent very quickly and order filled completely"
stst, 9/7/13
4/5 "first time using net 32, liked the dollar saving"
jeanne, 9/6/13
5/5 "Great Service"
avid100, 8/25/13
4/5 "fast delivery and exact items ordered"
Dr Klop, 8/21/13
5/5 "great job thank you"
Lynn, 8/5/13
5/5 "Fast process and ship. No problems."
Dr. Brent, 7/3/13
5/5 "items were as described and received in only two days"
knoctor, 6/26/13
5/5 "Item as described, perfect transaction"
Robbo, 5/24/13
4/5 "good prices and quick delivery"
jdash, 5/1/13
5/5 "great"
lin, 4/29/13
5/5 "affordable and fast."
white, 4/28/13
5/5 "Quick delivery, good product, easy to work with."
DrMaya, 4/10/13
5/5 "easy and fast return with no shipping charges, will do business again!!!"
hkm, 4/5/13
5/5 "The product was delivered in rapid service and packaged will in a container."
Darlene Musacchio, 4/2/13
5/5 "Great item at a great price! I ordered and received it very quickly. Thanks!"
Raymond K., 3/29/13
5/5 "All items were exactly right and delivered on time. Love the cost savings and fast accurate service"
BOB, 3/22/13
5/5 "great price...great service"
Doc63, 3/15/13
4/5 "I received a brand name product at a good price and it was convenient to order"
idzo, 3/6/13
5/5 "Great Company. Will order from them again. No backorders."
jjhams, 3/1/13
5/5 "I have been very pleased with all my purchases on Net32. I compare prices when possible and they are a great resource. I am happy with my purchase with dental wholesale direct and would happily purchase from them again"
jpeifer, 2/27/13
5/5 "Quick reference of products at a great discounted price. It was delivered promptly in brand new unwrap packages. Item worked well as described and I will choose Dental Wholesale Direct in the future"
tom, 2/23/13
5/5 "Excellent service at an excellent price."
Vrsbnc5, 2/18/13
5/5 "All items arrived on time and in good condition."
Cyrus, 2/11/13
5/5 "Received this product but the contents were dried up. It smelled aweful and instead of the yellowish liquid it looked like gray colored pus. I am not sure whether it is expired or just a bad batch.

Dental Wholesale Direct response:
"We will ship replacement. Thank you"

Follow up Review:
"Dental Wholesale Direct contacted my office and shipped a replacement Kerr Bonding agent promptly. Superb customer service!"
Spiderman, 2/8/13
5/5 "Great price, fast ship, and excellent service. Thank you!"
Linda, 2/6/13
5/5 "Very pleased with the product. The pricing was excellent. Will definitely purchase this item again when needed."
Al, 1/29/13
5/5 "Great product. Awesome deal"
jpeifer, 1/24/13
5/5 "Fast delivery"
Bruce lee, 1/24/13
4/5 "quick delivery, no problems"
julie, 1/17/13
5/5 "fast delivery great product"
BOB, 1/16/13
5/5 "Quick delivery and excellent prices."
vadentist, 1/13/13
5/5 "Everything done well"
toothdoc, 1/12/13
5/5 "Received order in 3 days."
Dr G, 1/8/13
5/5 "Excellant service, quick delivery and right product"
BOB, 1/2/13
5/5 "Very good never had any problems"
Nato24, 1/1/13
5/5 "Going through Net32 is the only way to go to purchase dental supplies!! Never have been disappointed! Highly recommend. U"
slaynearnett, 1/1/13
5/5 "Great deal."
Goldsteindds, 1/1/13
4/5 "Good vendor. Items ship quickly."
RTDental, 12/17/12
5/5 "Complete order received very promptly. Great service."
annd, 12/14/12
4/5 "Good experience. Item as described and shipped EXTREMELY fast."
efunk69, 12/12/12
5/5 "product was delivered well packaged and in good shape. Expiration dates were also two years in the future."
Cyrus, 12/5/12
4/5 ""
Jimc, 12/5/12
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Dental Wholesale Direct

Feedback Rating: 4.8
4.8 stars (187 ratings)
In our continuous efforts to represent the best in dental supplies, we are determined to offer products that exemplify quality at an affordable price.
Standard shipping $6.95.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $30.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
Payment Methods
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX
State Tax
FL only
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
Any unopened item can be returned within 30 days from the date of invoice. Some conditions apply. In order for your return to be processed in a timely manner please follow these guidelines:
* Returns may be made on most unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase. Some exclusions apply.
* Please contact your customer service representative for a return authorization. No credit will be issued for unauthorized returns.
* A copy of the invoice must accompany all returns, or your request for credit will not be honored.
* If you have received the wrong item, a damaged item, or your order is missing an item please notify customer service within 48 hours of receipt.
* All returned items must be unopened in original packaging and properly packaged. Credit will not be issued for improperly packaged, opened or used items unless defective or reasonably unsatisfactory.
* Special order, not stocking, anesthetic, pharmaceutical, advertised specials with short expiration dates, all disposables, all liquids are FINAL SALE and are NOT RETURNABLE for credit or refund.
* Items returned for reasons other than damage, defect or vendor error will incur a 15% re-stocking fee.
Items are shipped in 1-2 business days.
****Free shipping does not apply to heavy shipments. All shipments over 15 lbs are subject to standard UPS Ground rates.****
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