You may experience delays on PPE orders. All infection control items are non-returnable.
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Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.6 240
Shipping time 4.4 240
Shipping and handling 4.4 238
Recent Feedback: 4.4 stars
5/5 "Shipping was SUPER quick and the price was just right. I purchased these items from ODS online expecting them to arrive about a month, but it only took less than 2 weeks. The cavicide I purchased was much cheaper than that of their competitors, so were the disposable burs I purchased. Made my transaction simple and I am looking forward to purchasing from them again. This was my first purchase ever and definitely not my last! As a dental student, I am in need of good supplies at a affordable price, and this company has made it very simple. I look forward to using them once I am out as well."
AlwaysLearning, 7/21/21
5/5 "Fast & Efficient"
New Yorker DDS, 7/20/21
5/5 "Great ordering experience. Easy to understand description. Quick delivery. Highly recommend purchasing."
Dispos-A-Bites, 7/9/21
5/5 "Excellent"
Safa, 7/3/21
5/5 "Good price quick ship"
BoneDDS, 6/28/21
1/5 "Expensive shipping - Regardless of quality of product $9 shipping for pack of 10 burs is excessive

Net32 Response (6/17/21): We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. As a courtesy, Net32 refunded the customer's shipping fee of $8.95."
LN dentist, 6/14/21
5/5 "Great value and came quickly"
molar mom, 5/27/21
5/5 "Fast delivery at a great price"
Christa, 5/27/21
5/5 "Works wonderfully,"
Toothsday, 5/17/21
5/5 "Got the products in two days. Good price too"
M. N. Hbous DDS, 5/12/21
5/5 "Good service"
PBSDDS, 4/29/21
5/5 "Great product!"
AJ, 4/27/21
5/5 "Very quick delivery time"
Richard, 4/26/21
5/5 "fast shipping, nicely packaged"
roman, 4/19/21
5/5 "Received all items. I like this product/ Nice disinfectant & Easy on my dental chair upholstery."
CMarDDS, 4/17/21
5/5 "This hard to find rubber dam is always available through Net32. They ship quickly and have good prices!"
Jason, 4/9/21
5/5 "quality of masks is excellent and affordable"
Lmc, 4/2/21
5/5 "great product"
Isfahani, 3/31/21
4/5 "Delivery took a bit longer than other companies. Heaving shipping surcharge was added on top of the standard S&H, so there are two charges for shipping, which is about the cost of 2 more gallons of the product."
Sleepdoctor, 3/26/21
5/5 "quick delivery, great product"
office manager, 3/18/21
5/5 "Excellent!!!!"
Maksym, 3/17/21
5/5 "Received order on time and according to the request"
Pipo, 3/17/21
5/5 "Item as described"
Dani, 3/15/21
5/5 "Fast Shipping and item just as described!!"
PDC, 3/4/21
5/5 "Shelf is perfect. Quick shipping!"
CT doc, 3/4/21
5/5 "A+"
DOCFRANK, 2/26/21
4/5 "This is a product that I love to use for my patient’s who have bridges and lingual retainer wires. Each packet is easy to open, box becomes the dispenser. I can give a patient a sample so they can purchase their own box. This order came fast and was a great price."
Stephanie13, 2/26/21
5/5 "Very quick delivery!"
Prestige Ortho, 2/17/21
5/5 "very good!"
maguiver_17, 2/11/21
5/5 "Great product"
Dr. O, 2/11/21
5/5 "This vendor delivers exactly what is ordered and delivers on time! I will continue to do business with them. Highly recommend you do the same.

When you do a search for Valumax Disposable Gowns you get a number of vendors, all except ODS Online do not actually have Valumax brand, they have an "equivalent" which you don't know till you receive the shipment. ODS says they have Valumax and they do and that is what you get when you order from them. Exactly what you expect."
HouDDS, 2/4/21
5/5 "did all that they said they'd do!! thank youl"
neil, 2/3/21
5/5 "Items as described~ nice discount"
Vermont Dentist, 1/28/21
5/5 "During this time of COVID- my usual supplier has been unable to provide us with the basics. Net32 is my new and only "go-to." I can find what we need at reasonable prices with super fast shipping!"
ofcmanagerz, 1/5/21
1/5 "They did not process my order for 4 working days. Very bad for business. You cannot count on them."
go, 12/30/20
5/5 "Very prompt shipping"
Fairmont Ortho, 12/22/20
5/5 "Great!"
Charito, 11/4/20
1/5 "We asked for medium, we received extra large

Net32 Response (10/14/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. Net32 notified ODS Online of the customer's concerns. ODS Online provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the product to ODS Online for a full refund. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Zoro, 10/13/20
1/5 "unusable, bad packing. the package arrived in soft plastic wrap. The finger cots box was smashed and damaged, the box opening patch was torn off so I have no idea what bacteria could get into the box. Extremely disappointing experience. Will not order from this company anymore. I expected more respect towards the customer....

Net32 Response (10/7/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience did not meet expectations. Net32 notified ODS Online of the customer's concerns. ODS Online refunded the customer in full. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Vladimir, 10/5/20
5/5 "Nice job"
NeilJohnson, 9/30/20
5/5 "fast delivery, and great product."
vvdental, 9/28/20
4/5 "Quick shipping"
Kevin, 9/23/20
5/5 "Very good experience. Got what I paid for quickly."
DrBubba76, 9/5/20
5/5 "arrived on time"
CDA-Efda-Efoda, 8/31/20
5/5 "On time and economical."
Debbie, 8/26/20
5/5 "great"
Fox, 8/20/20
5/5 "Great product, very good price and fast shipping!"
Margarita, 8/6/20
5/5 "I like it because solves the social distancing instructions quickly"
Basem, 7/21/20
5/5 "This gown was perfect. Exactly what I needed."
eddsk, 7/17/20
5/5 "Super fast shipping,very good item,thought it would be hot being polyester but actually breathes well."
Dr.C, 7/1/20
4/5 "Quick order and turn around in receiving product each of the 3 times I’ve ordered then reordered this product. I had them in less than a week.. Excellent product and the fact that during Covid I still received them as quickly as I did, was certainly a bonus .
The only reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is because in normal times you can purchase these bedside /pocket packs for under 3 dollars. $.8.85 is still somewhat reasonable with the free shipping. However, the price has gone up per pack to $13.99 and I can’t justify the cost for 20 hand wipes per pack but I’m sure the price is driven by the scarcity in Covid times. . Thanks for the great service to date! Truly great service."
Consumer, 6/30/20
5/5 "Easy to navigate web site. Product was quickly delivered. Hassle free!"
Carruie, 6/26/20
5/5 "Very easy to order and super speedy delivery. Reassuring to have these wipes on hand for when we have to be out and about in different facilities."
CruiseDirector, 6/25/20
5/5 "Thanks for providing the actual pictures of what we are ordering. Helped to make the decision on exactly what to buy. There are a lot of products out there that claim to be PPE but are actually not what you get when you order them. Appreciate the order and the fast delivery."
airwater tips, 6/25/20
5/5 "Fast delivery. No issues!"
Prldmd, 6/23/20
5/5 "Well packed, and products as described."
Dr. Z, 6/5/20
5/5 "Arrived promtly. Great Product"
B H, 6/4/20
5/5 "great product, you can spray and reuse these coveralls"
MARI, 6/3/20
4/5 "Very lightweight and as advertised. So far this product is working for us."
PerioDoc3, 5/26/20
5/5 "Good company."
DiazJ, 5/13/20
5/5 "Excellent material with exceptional coverage."
Drdum, 5/4/20
2/5 "Did not send all my items and had to open a dispute with Net32 and received a refund but it took a month and a lot of inconvenience and emails."
Mtn16744, 4/16/20
5/5 "I've been using these polishing wheels since Dental school. I have tried other products but seem to return to Ceramiste wheels. They will polish all dental materials, but work best on traditional porcelain and zirconia. 5stars!"
chewey2987, 4/9/20
5/5 "too strong"
dd, 3/10/20
1/5 "Always take forever to ship, charge full amount even if items are not shipped.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. The customer's order was placed on 1/23/20. ODS Online shipped the order on 2/26/20. The order was missing an item and ODS apologized for the mistake and immediately approved a refund for the customer."
JI, 3/3/20
1/5 "most vendors here did not honor their posting for items that need to delivery out, mostly I only choose those vendors that can ship out items that i need within 2-4 days and for the past month this is a nightmare for the office this is not what I saw or read that net32 company advertising on facebook or youtube about dental office does not need to worry about time for looking to buy dental supplies. Obviously this happened quite a few in the past two years that we ordered from your company, lately it becomes so quite often. It stressed us out. We used to buy supplies from another company. We wonder should we go back to them, as you know by looking at our account from us, we ordered a lot lot for net32.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience has not met expectations. Net32 is working with ODS Online to speed up and provide more accurate processing times. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
david, 2/19/20
5/5 "Impressive performance. Product dispatched the day the order is made. Quick delivery to my address. Product well packed."
Jon, 2/13/20
5/5 "basic autoclave tape- works"
jmk, 2/12/20
5/5 "Great price"
Angie, 2/11/20
1/5 "Ordered a product 8 days shy of 2 months ago and NEVER received. No one from the company would give an update on product order after 2 weeks of asking! I will not be ordering anymore products from this supplier.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. Net32 is working with ODS Online to speed up and provide more accurate processing times. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience caused by the delay and eventual cancellation."
Shawna, 2/10/20
5/5 "I was very pleased with my order from ODS Online. Their products are competitively priced, and their website is easy to navigate for easy ordering (a huge bonus for our office)!"
Dr. J Truong, 2/3/20
5/5 "accurate description of product, on time delivery, no shipping....perfect!"
nawdds, 1/29/20
2/5 "Happened twice not only one time. Previous order that was shipped out was a different product. After 2 emails asking to exchange products or refund. No answer. This 3.5 x 5.25 pouch was ordered and cancelled with no warning to the buyer at all. Poor customer service.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS online did not meet expectations. Net32 notified ODS online of the customer's concerns. ODS provided a prepaid label for the customer to return the product. The prepaid label has been provided to the customer multiple times and does not appear to have been used to return the incorrect product. Net32 refunded the customer in full. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Lynn, 1/10/20
4/5 "OK"
Les, 1/9/20
5/5 "great product"
Dr.Brown, 1/6/20
5/5 "excellent"
DocNaka, 12/17/19
4/5 "Great product but a bit expensive"
Andy, 12/3/19
1/5 "I received different products. two out of two products where send different brands and bad quality.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. Net32 notified ODS Online of the customer's concerns. ODS Online responded saying they ran out of stock. ODS Online provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the incorrect products for a full refund. ODS Online has been instructed to only send products as ordered and the products have been removed until ODS Online has the proper stock available. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
joselo, 11/26/19
5/5 "Excellent items and fast delivery"
Taborda Dentistry, 11/26/19
5/5 "My Patient's Love it!"
Ramnarine, 11/14/19
1/5 "not responsive, did not ship order, couldn't contact them, net32 rep couldn't reach them, horrible experience.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with ODS Online did not meet expectations. Net32 is working with ODS online to provide faster updates and ship times for future orders."
Dr. Tuan Doan, 11/13/19
4/5 "No one will be fighting over the instruments now :) quality product for the price."
DrChris, 10/29/19
5/5 "I have ordered from Net32 several times and they are easy to work with. The orders ship quickly and in proper packaging. Items are just as described and the whole process is smooth and efficient.
These protective goggles were exactly what our lab assistant needed for her current project!"
ResearchLabBuyer, 10/22/19
2/5 "Shipping was fine. Selling subpar product.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer received a handpiece that did not meet expectations. Net32 notified ODS Online of the customer's concern. ODS Online provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the product for a full refund."
DrChu888, 10/18/19
5/5 "good product (Manufacturer Code: 001-619A2), polishes to a beautiful finish"
Dr. Brooks, 10/1/19
5/5 "Will order more in future"
Eric, 9/26/19
5/5 "Reasonable price and quick delivery"
Dentistry, 9/26/19
5/5 "On time and Excellent Quality"
Dr. Michael A, 9/16/19
5/5 "Fast!"
MGR, 9/7/19
5/5 "We use these towelettes all the time. They are great between patients and the price is excellent. I would recommend them"
Vincent, 8/25/19
5/5 "Quality is great"
Dr Roe, 8/20/19
Impeccable Smiles, 8/12/19
5/5 "good but we didnt need it order by mistake"
Dr. Feldman, 8/7/19
5/5 "Quick ship and delivery"
Chris, 7/24/19
5/5 "great gloves"
Irvin, 7/11/19
5/5 "Great item (CaviWipes) is very combine to have in each room and easy to reach not very big so it really doesn't need a lot of space, its just perfect."
martinezbraces, 7/11/19
5/5 "We use this product for surgical procedures works great two per pack; fast delivery and an overall great quality product at a good price would recommend"
Surgical Center, 7/11/19
5/5 "We love this build-up material. Great product and flow that is easy to handle and works very well at a great price!!"
Dr Collins, 7/5/19
5/5 "excellent"
Dr Morales, 6/28/19
5/5 "Everything was delivered fast and in good condition"
Sayda, 6/27/19
4/5 "5 day shipping, better than average"
L W J DDS, 6/20/19
5/5 "Items were exactly as described, arrived relatively quickly and shipping was free. Can't beat that!"
Mia, 5/8/19
5/5 "Thanks"
carol, 5/8/19
5/5 "needles were great and priced right !"
Andreana 17, 5/7/19
5/5 "Great seller"
Dr. T, 4/8/19
5/5 "Fast service, great prices!"
Liz, 4/8/19
1/5 "this is the 2nd time they do this to us. they claim the item is in stock and will be shipped in a few days but once you place the order you need to wait more than a month to receive it . if you contact them they say it's out of stock!!!!

Net32 Response: The customer is correct. The order was placed on 2/5/19. The customer cancelled the order on 3/1/19. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience caused for the customer."
just an average DDS, 4/3/19
5/5 "Product is very good and compares to the name brand."
Sandy, 4/1/19
5/5 "Great product, price & cost."
Angela, 3/26/19
5/5 "Been using this for awhile. No problems yet."
J, 3/19/19
5/5 "great pricing fast shipping"
Dores dental, 3/19/19
5/5 "Great price, hassle free transaction, and received my order in a week! Product was exactly as described. Couldn't be happier and will definitely use Net32 for future orders!"
LD.RDH, 3/2/19
5/5 "good product"
lzdds, 3/1/19
5/5 "Came fast and Prophy paste is exactly that-- Non- Splatter!!!"
Shannon Lorenzo, 2/26/19
5/5 "great seller"
smiles, 2/11/19
4/5 "GOOD Service"
Jenny, 1/23/19
5/5 "This item shipped so quickly! I bought last minute for when I needed it and it came right on time!"
Taylor S., 1/19/19
5/5 "Great"
Gardner, 1/14/19
5/5 "Delivered as expected."
WPD, 12/31/18
5/5 "exellent price"
MJ, 12/26/18
1/5 "slow shipping.

Net32 Response: We apologize for the delays with this vendor. Net32 is currently working with ODS Online to speed up shipping times."
Boksilee, 12/4/18
5/5 "Just as described. Quick Delivery"
Vojsava, 11/26/18
1/5 "I didn't received this package yet and it appears as delivered.

Net32 Response: Thank you for reaching out. We looked into this for the customer and the package was in transit as of 11/20 with and was delivered on 11/21/18."
Uli, 11/20/18
5/5 "quick ship as described great prices, thanks!"
Alex, 11/12/18
3/5 "Need to speed up their processing times."
BCDental, 11/7/18
5/5 "as described"
pdds, 11/6/18
gomezdental, 10/3/18
4/5 "Delivery was fast. One of the CaviWipes was leaking due to damage during shipping, but it was held in place by the plastic bag so it didn't affect the other items."
Jonathan, 10/3/18
5/5 "Came as pictured. Arrived quickly.."
PDC, 10/1/18
4/5 ".."
Dr Carter, 9/19/18
5/5 "Good"
Buyer, 9/10/18
5/5 "Great product Quality and very fair price"
AKG, 8/25/18
1/5 "Initial wait time 3 days, after three weeks of it still "processing" I messaged customer service and was informed that the items were on backorder for another week (totaling just under a month of waiting). If ODS had just communicated this to me in the beginning I could have made arrangements."
FamilyDentistry, 8/23/18
5/5 "Excellent"
Becker, 8/23/18
1/5 "Bought 40 pack/ box hemostatic gauze but received 20 pack/ box. The receipt from the vendor and box clearly states 20 pack/box.
Very disappointed with my experience and FALSE ADVERTISING BY THE VENDOR ODS!

Net32 Response: ODS says this issue was a manufacturer mis-labeling issue. Net32 and ODS Online shared the cost of refunding the customer in full. The customer kept the product at no charge. Interestingly, when ODS contacted the manufacturer ODS was told that the manufacturer mislabeled the product and was sending them correct labelling for the remaining stock. This is the first instance that I can recall of any such mislabeling. Thanks to the customer for pointing this out to Net32. Dr. Pat Cassidy, DMD, MPH, CEO Net32, Inc"
doc, 8/20/18
5/5 "very good vendor"
yenifer, 8/13/18
5/5 "excellent quality and fast shipping"
SDLELZA, 8/7/18
5/5 "Great vendor"
Laurie, 8/1/18
1/5 "I ordered 2 months ago from this vendor and the product still in pending. I have not received my burs yet. I have to order from different vendor.

Net32 Response: With Young's Acquisition of Mydent International, there have been some issues with Mydent/Defend product availability for all vendors."
The TOOTH, 7/30/18
1/5 "never again if you want to get you order on time stay away"
Dr Dina, 7/17/18
1/5 "The product is good but the image does not accurately reflect the merchandise. I ordered in a hurry and used the image as the reference. I ended up receive the different size.

Net32 Response: We apologize for the image issue. Net32 has corrected the product image to better reflect an 8oz bottle and paid $16 for refund for the product."
Joe, 7/16/18
5/5 "As described."
DocDDS, 7/13/18
5/5 "why spend 400% more?"
Fred, 7/12/18
5/5 "Safe'n'Sure barriers come in one pack vs. the sensor cover and the bag separate.
Fits our Dentrix sensors perfectly!
Saves time on having to flip over the sensors."
Highlands Kids Dentistry, 7/11/18
5/5 "Excellent delivery"
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
1/5 "They billed me more than the fee showing in the order confirmation. And no explaination.

Net32 Response: Net32 notified ODS online of the issue. The charge was for a residential delivery surcharge. Net32 covered the cost of the surcharge for the customer."
J, 6/30/18
4/5 "shipping arrived quickly"
Dr. Mary, 6/29/18
5/5 "Exactly what we were looking for"
Fina, 6/26/18
5/5 "Got next day!!"
dentalgirl, 6/12/18
5/5 "Great product! Great Value!"
Michael, 6/8/18
5/5 "good products"
AFD, 5/23/18
5/5 "Very fast shipping, thank you!"
Roya, 5/22/18
1/5 "Very frustrated with this company (ODS). We ordered May 1st and received a package quickly, but it was not our order and not our invoice in the box we got. I called and talked to someone (at ODS) who did absolutely nothing. Called (ODS) again 2 days later and finally got someone to send us a shipping label so we could send the package on to the office it belonged to. Was told my package was sent. I asked if it was the whole order and was told it was everything I ordered. Just got that package and it is not the whole order. Only part of if. I understand mistakes, but this is just getting a little ridiculous.

Net32 response: Net32 notified ODS Online of the issue and ODS Online sent a corrected shipment to the customer. We are very sorry that the vendor response to your issue was not satisfactory."
Erin, 5/14/18
2/5 "It took 2 days to process order and even though the vendor doesnt have control over shipping conditions, it took 1 day longer than projected to receive. Normally things are processed the next day and usually received within 2 days after that. This was my first time using this vendor."
keith, 4/24/18
5/5 "Fast delivery!!"
drlena, 4/10/18
5/5 "good product wonderful pricing would order again"
lindab, 3/16/18
5/5 "great value!"
GB, 3/8/18
5/5 "The saliva ejectors were exactly as described and have been working out wonderfully for me. Delivery time good."
DrP, 2/7/18
5/5 "good product"
zm, 1/14/18
4/5 "quick shipping"
Dr T, 12/29/17
5/5 "Great products, great prices. Fast shipping, product arrived as described. Pretty much all I'm looking for. Thanks everyone!"
Jake, 6/25/17
5/5 "Very happy with the entire process."
Dmd, 6/21/17
5/5 "Fast shipping"
Matamoros, 6/21/17
5/5 "Good product and fair prices!"
Gerald G. Gelle, DDS, 6/15/17
5/5 "Excellent"
NK, 6/14/17
5/5 "Great Vendor!"
HasletPediatric, 5/10/17
3/5 "Ordered Defend tray covers. Shipped Dynarex brand without any notification.
Net32 response: ODS Shipped correct brand of product and issued a return label for the customer to return the incorrect brand."
Dr, 4/18/17
5/5 "Fast delievery as expected"
steinway, 3/26/17
5/5 "fast and efficient"
Fred, 3/20/17
5/5 "very nice job of delivering as promised and expected"
Smilmkr, 3/20/17
5/5 "Great vendor, amazing prices and super fast shipping, thank you"
doc, 3/13/17
5/5 "excellent vendor easy to order and very good prizes"
merita, 3/2/17
5/5 "Great!!"
marabas, 2/15/17
5/5 "The seller shipped the items quickly, and they arrived exactly as described."
Dr. Allie, 2/8/17
5/5 "I have been ordering from Net 32 for at least 3 years for different doctors. I love the pricing and the customer service is awesome. All the vendors are very reliable"
Wendy, 2/6/17
5/5 "Good product for a great price"
Daniel, 2/1/17
5/5 "Excellent product. Fast shipping."
Tony, 1/26/17
5/5 "1st order with great experiencing the meaning of success"
Maryz, 1/24/17
3/5 "Ordered on 01/10/17, Shipped by USPS on 1/12/17."
Dr Jason, 1/20/17
5/5 "good products for low prices"
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
5/5 "fast and accurate shipping. We have purchased from them several times and it's been perfect everytime."
robdds, 12/22/16
endogamy, 12/1/16
5/5 "Good experience"
Dr.M, 11/11/16
5/5 "Great product at a good price."
Tanne, 11/3/16
5/5 "Very good customer service, prices excellent and shipping on time."
defend, 9/23/16
3/5 "Not a quick turn around from order to delivery."
MCD, 9/9/16
5/5 "we really enjoy the service and pricing we get from Net 32. Thank you!"
endo ice, 9/1/16
5/5 "products were arrived on time."
htsui, 8/31/16
5/5 "Our experience with this company and their products has been excellent. Saving money is always desirable and getting good quality products even better. Thank you."
Jann Carr, 8/25/16
5/5 "great"
Lakewood dentist, 8/25/16
5/5 "Great prices on competitive products with fast shipping gives this vendor an A+!!"
Bookkeeper, 8/16/16
5/5 "good seller, fast shipping, great product, good prices, very good customer service, I would use them again..."
joe, 8/3/16
5/5 "good product. good turnaround to office."
molardoc, 7/11/16
5/5 "Good deal on the item, all came in at expected date"
Grace, 6/17/16
5/5 "Very quick shipping and no hassles."
Bobby, 6/7/16
4/5 "The product came in a more timely manner than others. The product itself is great in our office. eh"
EH, 5/27/16
5/5 "Love these and got them quickly for a great price.:)"
Gwen Fussell, 5/19/16
5/5 "fast delivery. Great product"
ning, 5/18/16
5/5 "Very good service on time and accurate with product"
BOB, 4/4/16
5/5 "fast shipper"
Boss, 4/1/16
5/5 "Quick shipping, very good quality."
Dr K, 3/29/16
4/5 "took almost 1 week to get here"
Prudent buyer, 3/24/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
5/5 "quick shipping"
sunnyvaledentist, 3/9/16
5/5 "Good service and good follow thru. I was well pleased with the order. Will use them next time. I have been user of another service, but they have changed prices so that they are not cost effective any longer. Net32 is my store"
Ross, 1/28/16
5/5 "Good service. Good prices."
smiledocMA, 12/22/15
5/5 "Great products, good prices, fast shipping. Great Experience!"
KAT, 12/1/15
5/5 "Package arrived at correct address in quick time in perfect condition, thanks"
Gus, 11/10/15
4/5 "still waiting for the product. nice!"
jane doe, 11/9/15
5/5 "great"
nicolas, 9/24/15
5/5 "Verry good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 9/14/15
5/5 "Great product."
Dr D, 8/19/15
5/5 "Great service!"
ToothDR, 8/3/15
5/5 "Excellent. Thank you for the great service."
Dr. V, 7/18/15
5/5 "Highly recommend."
PS, 7/13/15
5/5 "ODS offers products I can't find elsewhere, and at great prices. Everything is packed and shipped to perfection!"
abst4, 5/30/15
2/5 "Very unhappy with this seller... I received an email stating that my order had shipped and was complete. They charged my credit card for the full amount of the purchase and when I received the shipment, 8 of the 13 boxes of toothbrushes I ordered were on backorder, with no further communication about when they would be shipped until I called Net 32 to inquire."
MDDDS80, 5/20/15
1/5 "Very bad service!!

Net32 Response: The customer was unhappy about a restocking fee and return shipping. Net32 paid the restocking fee and return shipping as part of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee."
Lin, 5/8/15
5/5 "Good quality products for a very reasonable price"
Alex, 5/4/15
5/5 "great products"
scollinsjr, 3/26/15
5/5 "Great Service"
DrM, 3/17/15
1/5 "Order came wrong twice.. Totally incompetent supplier"
Bruce, 3/3/15
2/5 "The shipping time is quite long. If you are low on supply, then I would not hold my breath waiting for the items to come in. Good price deal if you are willing to wait for the supplies to come in."
LT, 2/27/15
5/5 "exact product and fast shipping"
ids, 2/24/15
5/5 "Good experience"
Dr. Steve, 2/19/15
3/5 "Slower than listed at site"
jdash, 2/12/15
5/5 "Great product!!"
Lin, 2/12/15
5/5 "quality material with good price"
CW YANG, 2/3/15
4/5 "Fine"
Dcdan, 2/2/15
5/5 "Great product! Great price! wish it came a little sooner."
Sarah, 1/30/15
5/5 "Great Item, Fast Vendor"
Anass, 1/28/15
5/5 "very prompt and accurate fulfillment of my order"
kd, 1/23/15
5/5 "Great product, good price, if the shipping could be faster next time, we'll keep you as supplier."
Lin, 1/13/15
5/5 "I've had an enjoyable experience with this vendor. They mail quickly."
drfeelgood, 12/22/14
5/5 "Items arrived on time, good quality, no problems thus far, expiration dates good, etc."
Dr S, 11/14/14
5/5 "We like the good customer service of We will order the products again from your company."
TLab, 11/12/14
3/5 "We received the item as a blank box, without any name at all, let alone Defend.
The product photo is incorrectly shown."
wdckt, 10/8/14
5/5 "Good Product"
Smiles of Naperville, 10/6/14
2/5 "In the past ODS has been wonderful. Recently "Ships in 1 day" items have after the fact been pushed back to shipping in over a month. This is starting to become so frequent among various vendors our net32 future is in question.

Net32 Response: Thank you to the doctor for the feedback on how when items are on backorder and then canceled the net effect of the delay is missed on the product level. We are going to research how to better reflect this in the future and will work to improve so all customers have a better experience going forward."
BWX, 9/23/14
4/5 "Received some damaged products. Called vendor and problem was resolved relatively easily."
Rich, 9/19/14
5/5 "Items as described, good quality."
Jaime, 9/17/14
5/5 "very nice"
me, 9/16/14
5/5 "Great vendor. Fast shipping."
Dr. Ahumada, 9/10/14
4/5 "Delayed ship as they wanted almost $50 for ship fee. Products good with good exp dates."
LigthouseDave, 9/8/14
5/5 "fast delivery, got all items in one delivery"
Smiles, 9/4/14
2/5 "slow delivery"
bud, 8/28/14
5/5 "Great product and excellent service."
j, 8/1/14
4/5 "Orders are always correct and received within the suggested time. S&H charges are a bit high but that is because we purchase a lot at once. To avoid high S&H charges you might want to purchase less more frequently."
Anna, 7/17/14
2/5 "The shipping cost will prohibit future orders."
Haze, 7/17/14
4/5 "Every order is shipped quickly and accurately! A great company to work with ."
bchddental, 7/14/14
5/5 "good vendor"
suture, 6/18/14
5/5 "..."
Mcat, 5/30/14
5/5 "Items shipped promptly ..great vendor"
Joyous, 5/21/14
5/5 "Overall experience was very good."
meg, 5/13/14
5/5 "We don't order a lot from this vendor but anytime we have, the experience has been great"
suture, 4/28/14
5/5 "Fast, accurate orders. I would recommend this vendor to others."
Betsy, 4/23/14
4/5 "good service."
docshah, 4/17/14
5/5 "great"
Dr Klop, 4/17/14
5/5 "ODS online processed and shipped my order precisely and on time. I am very pleased with the service I received from them. I received my items the next day.

I use ODS online as often as possible because of this great service and recommend them to other offices that want the same result!


Delon Gilbert, DDS"
DrDelon, 3/25/14
5/5 "Order was delivered very speedy and cost was very good."
Linda, 3/18/14
4/5 "Good pricing. Fast shipping."
DrM, 3/6/14
5/5 "Fast and accurate response and excellent product"
BOB, 2/14/14
4/5 "arrived quickly"
Rich, 2/5/14
5/5 "fast shipping"
Cascade dental, 1/5/14
3/5 "Received the order after 2weeks of the ordering. Not very fast shipping."
Cascade dental, 1/5/14
4/5 "This seller ships quickly. Some others seem to wait days to process your order, but not Optimus Dental Supply. The only problem I've had with them is a poor expiration date on some Articaine I bought. Other than that, no problems."
Dr. Brent, 10/7/13
5/5 "arrived efficiently and as described"
Rich, 7/16/13
4/5 "Good product. Arrived almost in 5 days or so, though."
DDS, 6/25/13
5/5 "Easy to find product when searching; delivered faster than expected; wish there was a coupon code!"
Mathnasium, 5/8/13
5/5 "It was a pleasure doing business with Optimus.Everything was delivered as ordered,was shipped promptly,and received within two days of ordering.I look forward to doing business with Optimus again."
jeff6217, 5/1/13
5/5 "A+"
mackie32x4, 2/5/13
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Standard shipping $8.95.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $100.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
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All returns must be issued a return authorization number. Any returns with this number not clearly written on the outside of the package will be returned to sender. Items returned for reasons other than damage or defect will be returned at the shipper's expense and will incur a 20% re-stocking fee. Returns must be made within 30 days of invoice date. Returns must be in original package with unbroken seal. Defective items need authorization before returning and will be evaluated before credit is issued. Damaged goods need to be reported within 48 hours of receipt to receive credit.
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