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Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.8 91
Shipping time 4.5 93
Shipping and handling 4.8 89
Recent Feedback: 4.5 stars
5/5 "The order came within 3 days which supposed to come within 8 days. The product was also fine. Really appreciate the seller."
Nirzhor, 6/6/22
5/5 "Easy order, Great prices, reasonable delivery time, product as described."
SmileLV, 5/22/22
4/5 "Short dated item, quick shipping"
Beth, 4/28/22
5/5 "timely arrival, great price!"
howsterfeld, 1/28/22
5/5 "Great packaging and fast shipping"
Felipe, 11/2/21
5/5 "Fast and exactly what I needed!"
Queen Nat, 4/22/21
5/5 "I have ordered multiple times from tradealz. Products are fresh and current. Shipping can be anywhere between 2 days to 5. Very reliable,"
dcthor, 2/25/21
5/5 "Item as described"
cdub, 1/21/21
1/5 "i bought this item in december 23, 2020 and they sent to me expiry march 2020 .

Net32 Response (1/12/21): Sincere apologies to the customer. The sale of expired product is strictly prohibited. Net32 notified TradealZ of the customer's concerns. TradealZ refunded the customer in full. Net32 sent a complimentary replacement at no charge to the customer. TradealZ was removed from selling the product until TradealZ provides Net32 with assurance that future orders of the product will be fulfilled with a valid expiration date. Deepest apologies to the customer for the inconvenience."
Mike, 1/11/21
5/5 "Service was prompt, product quality was as expected, price was right."
Dr Don, 12/29/20
5/5 "Very fast, excellent product"
Fonro, 12/25/20
4/5 "Good overall"
Sam, 10/7/20
3/5 "The ship to name is to Dr. Corrine Woo,
There is no Dr. Woo in this office.
Even in the invoice it is the wrong doctors’ s name.

Net32 Response (9/28/20): Net32 relayed the customer's concerns to TradealZ and asked TradealZ to make the proper updates to the customer's account."
Crg209, 9/25/20
5/5 "fast shipping, item as described and new"
CMRDC, 9/14/20
1/5 "I order this product in June and still have not received it. The tracking number states that it is in Miami, Florida and there is no further information on it."
sradmd, 8/24/20
5/5 "only ones that we use"
Tiffany, 6/10/20
5/5 "As advertised-perfect"
JH, 5/12/20
5/5 "great service and great aurelia amazing nitrile gloves."
Amherst, 5/11/20
4/5 "satisfied customer"
Agnes, 4/30/20
5/5 "Orders are complete and received as expected."
Toothsurgn18, 4/17/20
5/5 "very good vendor. No issues"
Epic Smiles, 3/20/20
5/5 "good handling"
Mary, 3/15/20
1/5 "Terrible service

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer’s experience with TradealZ did not meet expectations. The customer’s order was placed on 2/21/20. TradealZ shipped the order on 2/24/20. The order was delivered on 2/27/20. Net32 is working with TradealZ to speed up and provide more accurate processing times. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Pedro P Gonzalez, 2/28/20
5/5 "great"
Fox, 1/30/20
3/5 "did not come in original packaging. Came in ziploc bags

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer received product that did not meet expectations. TradealZ has been notified to only send product in the product's original manufacturer packaging. TradealZ has been removed from selling the product."
DocNaka, 12/17/19
5/5 "great prices for frequently used burs"
CDA-Efda-Efoda, 12/10/19
5/5 "Fast and easy."
MGR, 11/12/19
1/5 "Ordered SonicFil2, but sent me SonicFil 1st generation with a self sticker "SonicFil2" on it. Had to return it.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer encountered an issue with their order from TradealZ. TradealZ has been removed from selling the product until TradealZ provides Net32 with assurance that TradealZ will not substitute or make any alterations or modifications to the packaging of the product."
DentalDream, 9/25/19
5/5 "Great company!"
Earlene, 9/21/19
5/5 "Order arrived promptly and as described."
Noah, 8/22/19
5/5 "Product was delivered within two days."
Doc Lar, 8/15/19
5/5 "good fit"
mont, 7/31/19
5/5 "Item was as expected and came to Los Angeles from Texas with lightning speed."
Richard, 7/27/19
5/5 "All expected and satisfied."
Christy, 4/30/19
4/5 "Same item as the larger supply houses."
L W J DDS, 4/18/19
5/5 "As described. Packaged well"
Dr. T, 3/12/19
5/5 "This item is part of a lot of dental supplies going through a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to a clinic in Maggoty, Jamaica
Excellent shipping time and price!"
Rich, 2/22/19
5/5 "Great Seller"
smiles, 2/11/19
5/5 "Works well."
WPD, 12/31/18
5/5 "Items received was as described"
Dr. N, 12/13/18
5/5 "Great as described"
pdds, 11/20/18
5/5 "quick ship as described great prices, thanks!"
Alex, 11/12/18
5/5 "Excellent"
Becker, 8/23/18
5/5 "Great vendor"
Laurie, 8/1/18
5/5 "Worked out well."
kirkmdds, 7/20/18
5/5 "great service"
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
3/5 "Always check expiration date product expires in 3 months.

Net32 Response: Net32 offered a label to return. The customer declined the return. Please contact customer service if you ever receive something shorter than one year that was not advertised as such. We have agents available from 6:00am to 8:00pm EST M-F. 800-517-1997"
Dr. Mary, 6/29/18
5/5 "Good!"
RedDental, 6/7/18
1/5 "Extremely unprofessional dental-supplier. Cancelled order without notifying me, claiming that they required "professional dental license", yet they did not notify under the product like every other vendor on Net32 does. Said they cancelled my order, but almost a full week later my money is still being held somehow by my bank.

Ironically, just after cancelling my order they decided to make their product $240.00 but with a minimum quantity of purchasing 4.

Extremely inconvenient and to make matters worse there is no contact or any information about this company anywhere on the Internet. Sometimes I wonder where Net32 gets their dealers from."
Plutusdental, 6/1/18
5/5 "BEST PRODUCT= BEST VENDOR. I placed this order for FG #35 burs, they have been great took me a long time to find some that don't break right after we use it. They came in a Larger bag which I loved for storage. I highly recommend these burs for sectioning off crowns. YOUR DOCTOR WILL LOVE THEM!!! BEST OFF ALL SHIPPING WAS FAST WITH THIS VENDOR!!! BUYING AGAIN!!!"
tradedealz, 5/29/18
5/5 "Product delivered as expected"
SiestaVillageDentistry, 1/30/18
5/5 "Great price. Authentic product. Fast Shipping."
South Texas Dentist, 1/16/18
5/5 "good product"
zm, 1/14/18
1/5 "Vendor didn't fulfill order for two months and finally said credit card was declined when my CC is working just right."
PwDental, 11/20/17
5/5 "Can't beat the price."
Dr.C, 11/17/17
5/5 "Nice price and good product"
Vineet, 9/24/17
5/5 "Great products, great prices. Fast shipping, product arrived as described. Pretty much all I'm looking for. Thanks everyone!"
Jake, 6/25/17
5/5 "Super fast shipping"
NK, 6/14/17
4/5 "Very happy with their prices and how quickly I received the items."
Simmons Family Dentistry, 5/11/17
5/5 "TradealZ isjust the best! Thank you for your service!"
Elijah, 5/10/17
5/5 "quick and efficient. good value even though burs aren't like they used to be"
Fred, 3/20/17
1/5 "Our first order was backordered for a month which came and went, no email stating anything. Called and the service rep called the vendor while I waited and then told me vendor said probably another week. Okay, we'll stick it out a bit. 10 days later I emailed net32 who advised me that it would be at least another week backorder at which time we cancelled our order with this vendor. If they are going to run a special, make sure they have enough material to cover the sale!

Net32 Response: Unfortunately, in this case TradealZ sold out of the special for this product and was unable to procure additional product. As a courtesy to the customer Net32 has purchased the product from another vendor and sent to the customer at no cost to the customer."
Dave, 3/13/17
4/5 "I was happy with the quickness and quality of the shipping. The product was exactly as described."
Dr. Allie, 2/8/17
5/5 "All good, thanks!"
agiannop, 2/4/17
5/5 "Quick shipment. Very professional. East to work with."
DrK, 1/5/17
5/5 "good products."
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
5/5 "Fast and accurate."
Dr.M, 1/3/17
5/5 "I have been working with these folks for years. They offer great value and service"
DrDelon, 12/30/16
5/5 "great product, great price."
Doc, 12/20/16
merita, 11/7/16
5/5 "Received all items quickly and exactly as described"
WBG, 10/6/16
5/5 "easy and fast shipment."
value dentist, 9/15/16
5/5 "Quick shipping, nice product for temporary crown impressions"
Patrick Sweeney, 9/13/16
5/5 "We price checked products with Net32 and our big company suppliers, purchased products and found that we are saving a lot. The products are exactly the same as the big suppliers, for half the cost!!"
HStrempel, 8/11/16
5/5 "Product was as described and arrived in a timely manner."
Deb, 7/12/16
5/5 "Fast service!!!"
smiledocMA, 7/10/16
5/5 "AWESOME deal!!!!! CAN NOT beat this price ANYWHERE!!!!"
gindasa, 6/21/16
4/5 "I was very satisfied with how quickly we received our product. Other companies have always had this item on backorder."
Chris, 5/19/16
5/5 "TradealZ shipped this product the same day I ordered from Net32, and delivery was quick and inexpensive. This is a very responsive supplier, and I am happy to continue doing business with them."
Dr. Ed, 4/20/16
5/5 "great"
bill, 4/2/16
5/5 "quick shipper"
Boss, 4/1/16
2/5 "Sold a product that has 6 months expiry date."
Nonka, 4/1/16
5/5 "."
DA, 3/23/16
5/5 "Quick service, thank you."
jd, 1/20/16
4/5 "easy process to order and done with it."
hs, 1/14/16
5/5 "First time ordering. So far so good ....."
Bruce lee, 1/7/16
5/5 "Verry good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 9/14/15
5/5 "Everything went great!"
wrrdds, 8/31/15
5/5 "Great doing business with this seller. Fast shipment."
n3xxw, 8/6/15
5/5 "Great Vendor fast shipping"
Joyous, 6/22/15
5/5 "Great job-THANKS !!;"
AkronDental, 5/1/15
5/5 "good service"
jessyle, 2/21/15
5/5 "Very reasonable price and fast shipping"
Dr. Steve, 2/19/15
5/5 "Second order with item from TradealZ. Satisfied both times. Thank you. Items had 1 year or more until expiration and appeared to be american products that were allowable to be sold in US."
Dr S, 1/22/15
5/5 "Shipped quickly. Great vendor"
drfeelgood, 1/7/15
5/5 "great experience"
A, 12/23/14
5/5 "No problem with vendor and items ordered"
Smiles, 12/17/14
4/5 "Received quickly"
DanB, 12/17/14
5/5 "Excellent seller. Product was perfect and shipping was fast. Definitely will use this seller again. Thanks!"
PS, 11/5/14
4/5 "My shipment was delayed due to an error at my local post office. Vendor re-sent my order at no additional charge."
diruopis, 8/26/14
5/5 "Fast shipment!"
Dr Klop, 6/25/14
5/5 "Thanks for rapid delivery"
Marie Salgado, 3/27/14
5/5 "This is my first time using this vendor and I was very pleased with how quickly I received my order. I will use this vendor for future orders."
RTDental, 2/3/14
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Feedback Rating: 4.5
4.5 stars (103 ratings)
In our continuous efforts to represent the best in medical supplies, We are dedicated to providing you with the best Dental Supplies the market has to offer with a focus in product quality, value and customer service.
Standard shipping $0.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
FedEx / USPS
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AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
State Tax
Net32 calculates, collects, and remits tax on sales made by our vendors and shipped to customers located in the states listed below that have enacted Marketplace Facilitator, Marketplace Fairness, or similar laws. These laws shift collection responsibility from the vendor to the marketplace facilitating the merchant's sale.
Additionally, TradealZ is registered in the states below and is therefore required to collect sales tax on items sold to customers in these states, to the extent the items are taxable. Whether or not an item is taxable depends upon the laws in effect in the state.
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
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