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Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.8 158
Shipping time 4.5 161
Shipping and handling 4.7 157
Recent Feedback: 4.5 stars
5/5 "I am so grateful that they sent me my product in shipping BAG that fit in my mailbox, rather than in a box which I sometimes have to demolish in the mailbox to get it out. I know, get a bigger mailbox, but the one I have has otherwise worked for eight years.

A small thing, but very much appreciated!"
Dr. John, 1/27/20
3/5 "good product, but took far too long to receive, close to a month"
maderasmiledoc, 1/22/20
4/5 "Shipping address was written wrong.
Raj K Singla DDS 20601 20699 Hillside Ave , Queens VIllage NY 11427

Correct Address should have been
Raj K Singla DDS 206-17 Hillside Ave, Queens Village NY 11427

However I got the package as UPS delivery person new my correct address."
Dr Singla, 1/20/20
5/5 "Great paste for the price. Patients love the flavors."
Ca Hygienist, 1/16/20
1/5 "The order was very unprofessionally packaged. The product box was obliterated inside the shipping box... the product looks like it was dropped on the floor and then just shoved into a packing box....very unprofessional especially as this is meant to be a barrier to keep clients safe. I will NOT be buying from this company again. I emailed them immediately upon opening the packaging and have not heard any reply. Very disappointing.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. Net32 sent a replacement from another vendor at no charge to the customer. A $40.00 value. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Darius, 1/15/20
4/5 "Product seems legit. Problems with shipping. It supposedly was delivered in less than a week, but we weren't open, and so it was sent back without a second try--not sure why as we have a secure mailbox. At the end we did get it but 3 weeks later and after 2 customer service reps from helped."
Dr.Tooth, 1/10/20
2/5 "The Product ITSELF Is Fine, But The Delivery Time Is EXCESSIVE.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. The customer's order was placed on 12/23/19. River Dental Supplies shipped the order by UPS on 12/27/19. UPS delivered the order to the customer on 12/30/19. Net32 is working with River Dental Supplies to provide faster updates and ship times for future orders. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Barry, 1/9/20
5/5 "great"
Dr.Brown, 1/6/20
5/5 "great vendor"
tony, 1/6/20
5/5 "good"
Doctor Manager, 1/6/20
5/5 "this is a re buy, I love this product, easy to use, just as good as vitapex at a lot less cost"
Vincent, 12/27/19
5/5 "Great Product"
Andy, 12/26/19
5/5 "Very timely and customer service is friendly and helpful!"
Dr. J, 12/25/19
4/5 "Product is extra back up until I run out. Product arrived in a timely manner: undamaged"
Paul, 12/16/19
5/5 "Good"
Luis, 12/16/19
1/5 "I placed an order on 11/22/2019. I received it 10 days later and it was expired on 9/14/2019! months before I even placed my order. Response? return it for a refund. I guess the expiration label would be changed and resent to another customer!

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. River Dental Supplies apologized to the customer for the oversight and provided a label to return for a full refund. In these situations the vendor that sent the product to the customer will return the expired product to their distributor for a refund."
SR, 12/6/19
3/5 "Still deciding on how much we like them."
HDS, 12/2/19
5/5 "Excellent product, fast setting acrylic for temporary crowns. Between all acrylics I've tried, this is the best with very fast setting, makes it easy to make repairs, fill in voids, fill in gaps on finish line, etc"
Yuna, 12/2/19

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. It appears that River Dental Supplies ran out and backordered the product. The customer's order was placed on 11/12/19 and cancelled by the customer on 12/12/19. Net32 is working with River Dental Supplies to provide faster updates and ship times for future orders. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
iga, 11/28/19
2/5 "good"
rum, 11/21/19
5/5 "Always great and on time"
Discovery, 11/18/19
5/5 "They are easy to deal with"
Strang, 11/18/19
1/5 "They sent the wrong product and then, it's been 9 days? Still no response or return communication from River Dental Supplies. I had to go to my credit card company to dispute the charges as River Dental has STILL not refunded me the cost even though they received the returned goods.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. Net32 refunded the customer in full."
Ish, 11/14/19
5/5 "Good job"
JohnnyBob, 11/9/19
5/5 "Great price."
dental, 11/8/19
1/5 "I placed an order with this vendor a week ago and I'm just finding out now after a week that they are back ordered on those items but River Dental Supplies never marked the order that the items are back-ordered. Our office needs these items tomorrow. I won't be ordering from this vendor again.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's experience with River Dental Supplies did not meet expectations. The order was placed on 10/30/19. The customer cancelled their order on 11/5/19. Net32 is working with River Dental Supplies to provide more accurate updates and faster ship times for future orders."
Dental, 11/5/19
5/5 "Great Items!!"
Ramnarine, 10/31/19
3/5 "half of the time they are great, the other half, terrible......Work on it guys!!"
LTJOHN, 10/30/19
5/5 "Great item...great price...I will never shop at another dental supplier ever again."
Thriftydentalshopper, 10/28/19
5/5 "Great product"
Dr.Suzanne George, 10/28/19
1/5 "Please, I need to return the item. The box is old and damaged . Please let me know about any procedure requieredin order to return it. Thanks for your help.

Net32 Response: Net32 reached out to the customer several times for details on the return request. To make a return, simply log into your Net32 account and click on orders. Once there, you should be able to click the 'Request A Return' button directly next to the product you're wanting to return."
Yoni, 10/25/19
5/5 "Prompt Delivery and a great price!"
Len Gerken, 10/25/19
5/5 "Good product. Will buy again"
MainDentist, 10/21/19
1/5 "Fedex left delivery outside locked door. Never received item in office. Still working thru for refund.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer's order/delivery did not meet expectations. Net32 refunded the customer as part of Net32's
30 Day Money Back Guarantee."
dadoc, 10/10/19
5/5 "Quick shipping, products work as expected."
Cal, 10/10/19
4/5 "Delivery could be quicker, but product fine."
PL, 10/8/19
4/5 "All good with this item"
Ali M., 10/7/19
5/5 "It works great"
friendly, 10/7/19
5/5 "The price was very reasonable. We love using net32. Trying to get rid of the all the sale reps that harrass me every day. Thanks very the great deals."
shah staff, 10/7/19
5/5 "Great price, speedy delivery, amazing product! Will definitely buy from River Dental again!"
HBD, 10/2/19
5/5 "very good price and good quality!"
LT, 9/30/19
5/5 "Great products for a great value!"
First Love on Main, 9/26/19
5/5 "great product. lane ochi a prosthodontist says this is better than the clicker version."
ILoveNet32, 9/26/19
5/5 "reliable seller"
htsui, 9/20/19
2/5 "wrong items sent on order last month

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer experienced an issue with their River Dental Supplies order. Net32 notified River Dental Supplies of the customer's concern. River Dental Supplies shipped the correct item out and provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the incorrect product."
Bols, 9/20/19
5/5 "all products arrived earlier than expected and were priced very well"
Doc, 9/20/19
5/5 "seller is very good and quickly to ship"
xavier n, 9/19/19
5/5 "Great product!!!!"
Dr E, 9/19/19
5/5 "On time and excellent quality"
Dr. Michael A, 9/16/19
5/5 "This is the best cement and easily to set up and to clean."
rui, 9/16/19
5/5 "great price, fast delivery. works just like any other pouches."
dentalfloss, 9/12/19
5/5 "Great Product
Satisfied shipping time"
Maryz, 9/9/19
5/5 "Quick delivery dependable"
FG 6, 9/7/19
5/5 "Good tracking . Timely delivery"
wilks, 9/6/19
4/5 "Fast ship, good product"
Rl, 9/5/19
5/5 "great product"
Alaleh, 9/4/19
5/5 "Fast delivery"
BenassiFamilyDentistry, 9/3/19
5/5 "Good products at good prices."
Matthew Arnold, 9/1/19
2/5 "Had to contact Net32 after a week of no shipping. River Dental finally shipped and I didn't receive my package until almost 3 weeks after ordering.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customers delivery expectations were not met by River Dental Supplies. Net32 is working with River Dental Supplies to provide faster updates and ship times for future orders.""
MadMiata, 8/31/19
5/5 "Great service. Fast shipping. Will order more next time."
Dr. Tuan Doan, 8/29/19
5/5 "great fit and simple to use"
NDAC, 8/29/19
5/5 "Quality product with great price"
DrJilani, 8/26/19
5/5 "as expected"
JMJ, 8/21/19
5/5 "Quick and accurate"
Sarah, 8/15/19
5/5 "Great item, great company, fast shipping. Will use for most of my dental supplies and equipment."
Jim, 8/11/19
5/5 "Very fast and easy . Product is as described"
Citidental, 8/9/19
5/5 "Easy to find product and order. Quick reliable shipping, product arrived as described.
Second time ordering, highly recommend.
Will be back to order other items."
Delawhere?, 8/7/19
5/5 "Low price"
Irvin, 8/7/19
5/5 "The site was easy to maneuver and the product description was accurate. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the product arrived and we were able to install and use it right away. I would definitely order from this vendor again."
Sandy, 8/6/19
5/5 "Smooth and timely delivery with good adequate packaging. As expected."
Yar, 8/4/19
5/5 "Great products and super fast shipping, will continue to do business here!"
LDC, 8/2/19
5/5 "Only took four days to process, ship and deliver. Correct order and we packaged."
Sacramento Kids Dentistry, 8/1/19
5/5 "works well"
mont, 7/31/19
5/5 "all was as we wanted, great quality product"
karla, 7/31/19
3/5 "Easy"
Fee, 7/30/19
5/5 "Good product at a good price and excellent service. Arrived expeditiously."
Dr. Tooth, 7/30/19
5/5 "great price"
Hammer time, 7/28/19
5/5 "Quick and accurate. Good vendor, I would purchase from them again."
ppd, 7/26/19
5/5 "Good Service"
Rich, 7/25/19
4/5 "They (Palmero CandEEZ Ergonomic Spatulas) were very comfortable but a bit large for a woman's hand."
Gold grillz, 7/19/19
5/5 "Great service and prices"
Valerie, 7/18/19
5/5 "Must have for GI restoration."
dentx2, 7/16/19
4/5 "Product was accurate and arrived quickly."
Woodman, 7/12/19
5/5 "Product arrived quickly and as advertised."
Dr Audrey, 7/11/19
5/5 "Fast delivery. Fresh supply."
PFFDDSPC, 7/11/19
5/5 "It is an excellent product"
CesarDDS, 7/10/19
5/5 "Exactly what we ordered and delivered in a timely manner!"
The Smile Lodge, 7/10/19
5/5 "excellent product"
Miro, 7/2/19
5/5 "Fast delivery"
Chad, 6/28/19
5/5 "Great product, great price"
Dr. B, 6/26/19
4/5 "Good product"
L W J DDS, 6/20/19
5/5 "I've been purchasing their product for years now. Usually through Amazon but this time through Net32 because they were out of stock on Amazon."
Mike Chang, DDS, 6/19/19
5/5 "Arrived timely and as ordered, just how you like things to go."
Tina, 6/17/19
5/5 "Our office had been using Defend for the past 2 years and received no complains from the labs. High performance and cost effective. Dr. N"
tuscano dental, 6/14/19
2/5 "Their packaging is a little lacking to be desired... My package looked like Ace Ventura delivered it. Luckily there was enough cushioning to offset the hastily wrapped items.

Net32 Response: We apologize for any inconvenience caused for the customer. Net32 relayed the customer's complaint about the packaging to River Dental Supplies."
Dentist, 6/13/19
5/5 "quick and good prices"
jose, 6/13/19
5/5 "Our office has been using the Pink Cavit for years! To find it at such a discount, was a WIN! Thank you for the great product and fast shipping."
Camelot, 6/12/19
5/5 "Nice product"
Vintage dental, 6/10/19
5/5 "Items in condition as noted via sellers description. Shipped and received very quickly. Items packaged professionally."
Mal, 6/8/19
5/5 "Bright in color, clear n precise"
Dmd, 6/7/19
5/5 "Great to buy from"
Dan, 6/5/19
1/5 "Developer - this company sent me fixer and not developer its been 3 weeks and I still don't have any developer.

Net32 Response: We are sorry that the customer encountered this issue with River Dental Supplies. Net32 notified River Dental Supplies of the issue. River Dental Supplies said the product must have been damaged in transit. River Dental Supplies refunded the customer for the product. We apologize for the delay with the resolution. Net32 refunded the shipping fee and the customer was also able to keep the Fixer received at no charge."
todd curley, 6/4/19
5/5 "fast delivery and great product."
Dr. Reeves, 6/3/19
5/5 "2nd order in 1 year. Delivered on time, works for the purpose"
Mary, 5/16/19
3/5 "too long"
Dr Morales, 5/1/19
5/5 "Good product and fast shipping.", 4/8/19
5/5 "delivery on time, and product as described."
DrL, 4/8/19
5/5 "Product received in timely fashion. Material accurately described."
Dr. Hill, 4/5/19
5/5 "Good wax for a fair price."
Victoria, 4/1/19
4/5 "I was not notified that there was a manufacturer back order but they still shipped out as soon as they could."
Omid, 3/20/19
5/5 "Great pricing fast shipping"
Dores dental, 3/19/19
4/5 "OK product"
MGR, 3/18/19
5/5 "Quick, easy transaction!"
Dr. T, 3/12/19
5/5 "Good product and service"
mehtar, 3/7/19
5/5 "as described and great price"
kids1st, 3/6/19
3/5 "The bottom of the canisters holding the putty were both cracked. Material was still fine and usable but we had to transfer to other containers.

Net32 Response: Net32 notified River Dental Supplies of the customer's complaint and River Dental Supplies sent the customer a replacement at no charge."
FM88, 3/5/19
4/5 "Product is very useful and strong so our patients are even more comfortable."
Shannon Lorenzo, 2/26/19
3/5 "We order multiple items of the same to save on shipping. Vendor shipped single item of different items ordered. To me this has no affect on ordering multiple items to save on shipping in fact, wasting time on ordering more items from different vendor."
Michael K., 2/14/19
1/5 "charged my account and did not ship my product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Net32 Response: Apologies for the issue. There was an issue with the carrier. Net32 notified River Dental Supplies and River Dental Supplies refunded the customer."
hk, 1/27/19
5/5 "Very please with their service"
Marina, 1/22/19
5/5 "Excellent delivery."
Dr Roman, 12/3/18
5/5 "great as described"
pdds, 11/13/18
2/5 "Needed the item asap, again it took far too long to arrive!

Net32 response: We are very sorry for the delay in shipping. The order was placed on 11/1/18. River Dental Supplies shipped on 11/7/18. The package shows delivered on 11/9/18."
UDUNNO, 11/13/18
5/5 "quick ship as described great prices, thanks!"
Alex, 11/12/18
5/5 "Product received as depicted"
Dentist, 11/8/18
5/5 "Great products"
BCDental, 11/7/18
5/5 "Great price"
Boss, 10/23/18
4/5 ".."
Dr Carter, 9/13/18
5/5 "came as described"
Lauren, 9/12/18
5/5 "fast delivery and great product."
DM, 8/30/18
5/5 "Great product Quality and very fair price"
AKG, 8/25/18
4/5 "reasonable"
Becker, 8/23/18
5/5 "Great vendor"
Laurie, 8/1/18
5/5 "Seller ships quickly."
Viki, 7/27/18
5/5 "As described."
DocDDS, 7/13/18
5/5 "Quick delivery and great prices"
Traycee, 7/9/18
5/5 "excellent"
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
5/5 "was send by mistake
but easy returned!"
RDA, 6/25/18
5/5 "Great product! Great Value!"
Michael, 6/8/18
5/5 "good products"
AFD, 5/23/18
5/5 "Quick shipping. Well Packaged. Great prices."
Mo, 3/8/18
5/5 "Great product!"
Leesburg Family dental, 3/6/18
5/5 "great product!! Shorter shank saves us material, in addition to them being a FRACTION of the price through Schein."
EMFD, 3/1/18
5/5 "Fast Shipment"
DocNaka, 1/30/18
Dr Bob, 1/25/18
5/5 "Great price. Authentic product. Fast Shipping. Price cant be beat anywhere on the web"
South Texas Dentist, 1/16/18
5/5 "Great price"
IraBidermanDDS, 1/15/18
5/5 "good product"
zm, 1/14/18
5/5 "Fine prices"
Vineet, 9/24/17
5/5 "Fast service, great experience."
paulmh4209, 9/14/17
5/5 "Great products."
Rob, 7/6/17
5/5 "Items as described and arrived in a timely fashion."
Angela, 6/19/17
5/5 "Good experience"
NK, 6/14/17
5/5 "items arrived on time. thanks"
m, 5/12/17
5/5 "Products are as advertised. Delivery was fast. Whole process was very fast and easy. Will definitely order from here again!"
Park Dental, 3/31/17
5/5 "These tips work great! We used to get a much more expensive brand but have switch because these are just as good. No problems!!"
dental girl, 3/27/17
1/5 "I do not like the packing and the way product was delivered."
Arpan, 3/27/17
5/5 "Great!!"
marabas, 2/15/17
5/5 "simple and straightforward"
Gibby, 2/7/17
5/5 "River Dental has always offered my affordable quality dental products at a savings! I would highly recommend them to any of my peers!"
DrDelon, 12/30/16
5/5 "Excellant
Prompt delivery
Using since 1992 for different procedures.Very successful on direct pulp capping & deep fillings"
Nob Hill, 12/29/16
5/5 "easy transaction, great values"
tooth doc, 12/29/16
5/5 "Good experience"
Dr.M, 11/11/16
5/5 "GREAT"
merita, 11/7/16
5/5 "Quick shipment"
Break, 9/24/16
5/5 "we save thousands!!!"
JackieDDS, 9/1/16
5/5 "Inexpensive and work just as well as the high price ones"
Dr. Joe, 8/11/16
5/5 "Quick delivery, great price for a great product!"
Opercello, 7/10/16
5/5 "Good"
Dr Klop, 7/10/16
3/5 "communication with this vendor is really hard. Invoices aren't included along the shipment. i always have to ask for. takes forever to get a hold of."
Smile Make Over Center, 7/6/16
5/5 "Arrived as described"
Doc, 6/20/16
3/5 "very slow shipping, no communication"
RDH, 5/12/16
5/5 "good"
bill, 4/2/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
5/5 "Items exactly as described, very fast shipping! Excellent experience overall."
Alden, 2/24/16
5/5 "The service has always been good. We have received all our orders on time with no discrepancies."
Juliette, 2/9/16
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River Dental Supplies

Feedback Rating: 4.5
4.5 stars (176 ratings)
In our continuous efforts to represent the best in dental supplies, River Dental Supplies is determined to offer excellent service and quality products at an affordable price.
Standard shipping $3.00.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $10.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
Payment Methods
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX
State Tax
Net32 calculates, collects, and remits tax on sales made by our vendors and shipped to customers located in the states listed below that have enacted Marketplace Facilitator, Marketplace Fairness, or similar laws. These laws shift collection responsibility from the vendor to the marketplace facilitating the merchant's sale.
Additionally, River Dental Supplies is registered in the states below and is therefore required to collect sales tax on items sold to customers in these states, to the extent the items are taxable. Whether or not an item is taxable depends upon the laws in effect in the state.
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
Any unopened item can be returned within 15 days from the date of invoice. Please contact our customer service representative for a return authorization. All returned items must be unopened in original packaging and properly packaged. We cannot credit for improperly packaged, opened or used items unless it was defective. Special order, not stocking, anesthetic, pharmaceutical, and short dated items are not returnable for credit of refund.
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