You may experience delays on PPE orders. All infection control items are non-returnable.
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Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.7 80
Shipping time 4.4 78
Shipping and handling 4.8 78
Recent Feedback: 4.5 stars
5/5 "Great product!"
DDS, 4/20/21
5/5 "Greatest price out there"
IraBidermanDDS, 3/31/21
5/5 "good price"
Ronak Patel, 3/24/21
BoneDDS, 3/16/21
5/5 "Great price!"
Trisha, 3/7/21
5/5 "The PVS impression material was delivered on time by the seller"
Alan Dinkin, 3/4/21
5/5 "We had no problem with this order at all"
V, 2/26/21
5/5 "Good Buy as always"
Nilda, 2/22/21
5/5 "Great shipping and great product at a great price."
B Dental, 2/11/21
5/5 "Great price with rapid free delivery. I could not be more pleased."
2thperry, 1/29/21
5/5 "everything came quickly and as advertised"
Mulka Dental, 1/26/21
5/5 "great"
Fox, 1/7/21
5/5 "Cavi wipes are very difficult to come by at the moment. Net32 found the quantity I needed and shipped them in two batches within a week. They were friendly to deal with and eager to help. I will definitely continue to use their services."
Carl, 1/5/21
5/5 "LOVE IT!!!!!"
Maya, 12/21/20
5/5 "it was easy to order this item. it was easy to pay for this item. It came to my office in a reasonable time in good condition"
Doc, 12/18/20
4/5 "Well packaged and arrived quickly"
sitzkow, 11/18/20
1/5 "I ordered a case and only 2 canisters came. What the heck?

Net32 Response (11/17/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience did not meet expectations. Net32 notified Medical Dental Max of the customer's concerns. Medical Dental Max contends that the order was fulfilled correctly. Net32 refunded the customer for the missing product as part of Net32's
30 Day Money Back Guarantee."
Dr W, 11/10/20
5/5 "Ordered on Wednesday received on Monday because we were closed on Friday. Items were as described and packaged nicely. I will use Medical Dental Max in the future"
UNC DENTIST, 11/9/20
5/5 "It was my first order with this vendor and they exceeded my expectation , Fast shipping and the product came with very long expiration date."
vanik, 10/14/20
5/5 "Great"
Basem, 10/11/20
1/5 "Never got all of the order. These people see just middlemen and the goods come from elsewhere.

Net32 Response (9/22/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience did not meet expectations. Part of the customer's order was cancelled due to the vendor running out of stock. The customer was not charged for the canceled product. Net32 is a marketplace and does not warehouse any product. For almost 20 years, Net32 has worked collaboratively with numerous manufacturers and distributors to provide the best possible quality, price, service, and selection. Real time vendor competition drives revolutionary pricing. All day every day suppliers submit their lowest pricing."
David, 9/19/20
1/5 "TOO EXPENSIVE - I found the same product from Tradent for a lot less and tried to have the price matched but they said NO just return the item and order some place else! terrrible customer service

Net32 Response (9/2/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience did not meet expectations. Net32 provided a prepaid label to return the product to Medical Dental Max for a full refund. Net32 covered Medical Dental Max's restocking fee for the customer. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
MP, 9/2/20
5/5 "Great promised."
DUMMY, 8/19/20
5/5 "arrived in reasonable time"
NeilJohnson, 8/8/20
2/5 "The base came with a crack at the base and had spilled out into the box.

Net32 Response (8/7/20): We are sorry that the customer's experience did not meet expectations. Net32 notified Medical Dental Max of the customer's concerns. Medical Dental Max refunded the customer in full. Sincere apologies to the customer for any inconvenience."
Missi, 7/31/20
5/5 "great price for this product"
great price, 7/31/20
5/5 "Great Product!"
Charlotte, 7/29/20
5/5 "Great product. I like being able to purchased larger boxes of gloves. Fast shipping thank you as always."
Vicki, 7/21/20
5/5 "Item is just as great"
JessieCDA, 7/16/20
5/5 "good material, cost less"
CW YANG, 7/7/20
5/5 "Excellent value. Fast shipping. Thanks"
ThankYouDental, 6/18/20
5/5 "Fast service, item arrived as expected."
Tanya, 6/17/20
5/5 "Great price."
Debbie, 6/8/20
5/5 "fast quick transaction with free delivery."
Diem, 6/5/20
5/5 "Quick delivery, great price!"
Bill, 5/21/20
5/5 "The product is great, cheaper than what I usually paid for. The delivery takes a long time, maybe because of Coronavirus?"
bear, 4/2/20
4/5 "On time delivery/ Reasonable price"
mike, 3/25/20
5/5 "every month we get our bond from this vendor. very good product and ships fast!"
Danielle Martinez, 3/16/20
5/5 "timely dandling"
Mary, 3/15/20
5/5 "👍👍"
DrM, 3/13/20
5/5 "First time using them and the order was delivered quickly. Packaging, etc. was great."
Dentist, 3/12/20
5/5 "Received it in a timely manner"
DrChris, 3/11/20
5/5 "Excellent cement. Tried and True"
ScottP, 3/3/20
5/5 "fast delivery, accurate description and price amazing"
joselo, 2/21/20
5/5 "Excellent prices and prompt shipping!"
Tricia, 1/29/20
5/5 "Been using this product for yrs. excellent product"
Dentist, 11/15/19
5/5 "Same product, great price and fast shipping. There is really not much more one can ask"
ML, 11/15/19
5/5 "Great!"
Fair deal, 9/28/19
5/5 "Decent price, fast shipping"
MGR, 9/16/19
5/5 "On time and Excellent Quality"
Dr. Michael A, 9/16/19
5/5 "The item ordered was exactly the same as what we usually purchase from our dental supplier."
C1stDental, 9/10/19
4/5 "Good products, delivery on time."
Ana, 8/23/19
5/5 "great product, great service"
Impeccable Smiles, 8/20/19
5/5 "Timely delivery and exactly as expected! Loving this website for savings and service. Thank you!"
Shanda, 8/7/19
5/5 "Fast shipping great price and product"
Figortho, 8/2/19
5/5 "works well"
mont, 7/31/19
5/5 "Great price!"
Mia, 7/17/19
1/5 "order a product. first email read backordered. second email read out of stock. ordered then cancelled. following that, new price appears with stock ready to ship. thank you for wasting my time.

Net32 Response: It appears the vendor mistakenly submitted a price that was well beneath the cost of the product. The vendor cancelled the item due to the pricing error and has since submitted their updated/correct price. Net32 sent a pack of the EZ-View X-Ray Film Mounts at no charge to the customer for the inconvenience. A $63.00 value. We apologize for the vendor's pricing error."
PacDental, 7/8/19
5/5 "Great unfilled sealant. It changes color from pink to white so it goes over big with the children in the practice -- it is like magic"
Vincent, 7/4/19
5/5 "Came quick and as described"
BZ, 7/1/19
5/5 "Product came in a timely manner. All was ok"
Carl, 6/27/19
5/5 "great product use it."
NDAC, 6/13/19
2/5 "shipping took forever

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 5/19/19. Medical Dental Max shipped the order via UPS on 5/21/19. UPS delivered the the order on 5/28/19. We apologize that the customer's delivery expectations were not met."
maspeth dental, 6/5/19
5/5 "Shopping for the best price. Shipping takes longer than my usual vendor, but the price was right."
drblee, 5/13/19
5/5 "Love these. When one uses the correct "touch" they are long lasting."
W8SS, 5/2/19
5/5 "The product was delivered quickly at a very reasonable price."
Arnie, 4/22/19
4/5 "Fast delivery. Good product"
Luz Dunlap, 4/18/19
5/5 "Product delivered as ordered with minimal lag time."
Dr. Marks, 4/12/19
4/5 "Items were deivered within the time frame."
Dental zone, 4/5/19
5/5 "We are saving money!!!"
CFD, 3/19/19
5/5 "Great pricing"
Dores dental, 3/19/19
5/5 "Love the product but it is very pricey"
Shannon Lorenzo, 2/26/19
1/5 "Please help me! I placed an order and you created labels but tracking shows that order has not been picked up for last 5 days. Whats go on here?

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 1/25/19. Medical Dental Max marked the order shipped on 1/30/19 but the order was not picked up until 2/4/19. The order is out for delivery as of 2/8/19. We apologize for the delay. Net32 is working with Medical Dental Max to provide better updates and faster ship times."
DidNotRecieveOrder, 2/3/19
1/5 "I ordered some uni dose composite from this vendor. When the package arrived via UPS, I opened the package myself during lunch break.To my surprise, instead of the composite I ordered, it was a bottle of hand soap. I emailed the vendor right away, and sent them the picture of the wrong item. They never got back to me directly. There was a rep from Net 32 who passed on their messages to me. Medical Dental Max's replies were (1) they don't sell this kind of hand soap, (2) The hand soap weighs little more than composite. I am totally SPEECHLESS! Share this with all of us here. I just don't want you to be the next bottle hand soap recipient !!

Net32 Response: Apologies for this strange issue. Perhaps the package was damaged in transit with UPS and incorrectly repackaged? Maybe another UPS customer out there is having to wash hands with composite. Net32 sent the customer a complimentary replacement from another vendor. A $100.00 value. The customer can keep the hand soap at no charge :)"
Forrest Duan, 1/30/19
5/5 "Great service!"
DocNaka, 1/29/19
5/5 "good"
Gentilly, 1/10/19
5/5 "Works well."
WPD, 12/31/18
4/5 "Happy and efficient"
Samuel, 11/26/18
5/5 "Prompt service! Reasonable pricing!"
AFDG, 11/25/18
1/5 "My last order was short of items . I purchased six 3M express putty ,which 3 came,5 vitrebond kits of which 2 came and 10 P60 . My full order was expected to be over 25 lbs and the shipper's label had 12lbs .I contacted Net32 about it and they said the vendor had shipped all items .This vendor did NOT Admit they sent my order short BUT NET32 stepped in and Net 32 credited the missing items .So vendor is dodgy and Net32 FANTASTIC. NET32 protects the buyers ."
Bruce lee, 10/30/18
5/5 "came quickly"
hamster, 8/30/18
5/5 "good vendor"
yenifer, 8/13/18
4/5 "good products"
AFD, 5/23/18
5/5 "Quick and easy. No complaints whatsoever."
dwg24, 4/11/18
5/5 "same product as the big supply houses at a much better price"
lindab, 3/16/18
5/5 "Same product, better price!"
Drp, 11/8/17
5/5 "No problems"
Roger, 10/4/17
2/5 "Not once but twice I have ordered Kromopan from this company and it was not setting up correctly.

Net32 Response: Net32 made this right with the customer. A replacement order has been sent to the customer paid for by Net32."
Ortho office, 5/15/17
5/5 "It arrived very quickly."
smiles :), 3/2/17
3/5 "The vendor informed me two days ago that they are out of stock, this was 6 days after the order was placed. They should know that sooner. They had emailed saying they would get more in two weeks and asked if I would be willing to wait. I said I would wait. Today, they cancelled the order as out of stock. Not appreciated. Now I have to order from elsewhere. Don't list the product for sale if you don't have it or wont be getting it. Seems simple."
LigthouseDave, 2/22/17
5/5 "quick service"
Cop, 2/6/17
5/5 "sent on time and excellent"
Smilmkr, 1/30/17
5/5 "Good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 1/5/17
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Medical Dental Max

Feedback Rating: 4.5
4.5 stars (93 ratings)
Medical Dental Max is a national distributor of medical and dental products with years of expertise in the healthcare sector. We care about our clients and it shows through our best-in-class customer service and quality products.
Standard shipping $4.00.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $200.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
Payment Methods
AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
State Tax
Net32 calculates, collects, and remits tax on sales made by our vendors and shipped to customers located in the states listed below that have enacted Marketplace Facilitator, Marketplace Fairness, or similar laws. These laws shift collection responsibility from the vendor to the marketplace facilitating the merchant's sale.
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
*Returns may be made on most new, unopened merchandise within 30 days of delivery.
*A copy of the invoice must accompany all returns, or your request for credit will not be honored.
*If you have received the wrong item, a damaged item, a defective item, or your order is missing an item please notify customer service within 24 hours for a return authorization. No credit will be issued for unauthorized returns.
*All returned items must be unopened in original packaging and properly packaged. No credit will be issued for improperly packaged, opened or used items unless defective.
*Advertised specials with short expiration dates, all disposables, all liquids are FINAL SALE and are NOT RETURNABLE for refund.
*Items returned for reasons other than damage, defect or vendor error will incur a 20% re-stocking fee in addition to the cost of return shipping.
Free shipping does not apply to heavy shipments. All shipments over 15 lbs are subject to standard UPS Ground rates.
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