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Dental Supplies > Burs & diamonds > Bur blocks and caddies

Bur Blocks

A dental practice houses numerous instruments, from personal infection control products to surgical supplies. It's crucial to provide patients with optimal service at your practice. Bur blocks, as simple in concept and use that they are, can significantly help you achieve better patient service. Net32 offers affordable prices on bur blocks for your dental practice.
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1–60 of 308 results

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Bur Blocks And Caddies
IMS Full size Short Lid Bur Cushion, Holds 12 Burs
Zirc 14 Hole Neon Pink, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 14 Hole Neon Purple, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 14 Hole Neon Blue, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 8 Hole Neon Yellow, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 8 Hole Neon Pink, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 14 Hole Neon Green, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
Zirc 8 Hole Neon Purple, Magnetic Bur Block with Microban
IMS 1/2 size Tall Lid Bur Cushion, Holds 6 Burs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your practice need bur blocks?

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With an abundance of standardized sizes and a vast number of types of small dental instruments, particularly dental burs used daily at dental practices, it’s important that dentists systematically organize, store and sterilize dental burs to ensure efficient and effective work flow to provide optimal dental care. A dental bur block is used to organize and sort burs and other small dental instruments such as endodontic files, endodontic reamers, and endodontic broaches. A dental bur organizer allows you to arrange specific instruments so you know exactly where everything is, every time you pick a particular bur block for a specific clinical procedure.

Dental burs are essential and require specific cleaning and storage to ensure they function like they’re supposed to. A bur box is designed to make your day easier for more efficient organization, cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, and storing of burs. Make sure you use proper cleaning methods including use of a bur brush to remove gross debris, sterilant solutions, and appropriate autoclave system, so your burs or other small instruments are cleaned thoroughly prior to sorting them in the bur blocks.

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What types of bur blocks does Net32 carry?

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There are various types of bur blocks that are ideal for any dental practice. If you’re looking to improve the organization of your practice with dental bur blocks, the Net32 marketplace is the place to find what you need. Net32 carries a variety of options from reliable manufacturers and distributors, so you know you’re getting high-quality instruments at affordable prices.

Net32 offers bur blocks that can carry burs in a range of types and sizes—holding anywhere from two to 100 burs. Bur blocks are also available in different materials, such as:

  • Autoclavable aluminum
  • Autoclavable plastic
  • Autoclavable silicone
  • Cold sterilizable plastic
  • Magnetic
  • Plexiglass

Because burs need to be properly cleaned and sterilized after each use, it’s important to choose a bur block material that can withstand repeated use under high heat and pressure.

Color may also be a factor to consider. You can use color-coded bur blocks to assign a specific color to a type of procedure, which will make organizing and selecting instruments much easier. Our diverse selection of dental bur blocks also have different features to improve usability, such as a swivel handle, hinged cover, rotating platform, and compact bur stand. With all these options, dentists are able to find the ideal bur block for their needs.

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Which instruments can you store in a bur box?

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You can store a myriad of instruments in a bur box, including:

  • Diamond burs
  • Carbide burs
  • Ceramic burs
  • Steel burs
  • An endless selection of bur types, bur sizes, and bur purposes
  • Endodontic files
  • Endodontic reamers
  • Endodontic broaches
  • Friction grip high speed burs
  • Right angle low speed burs
  • Laboratory burs
  • Oral surgery burs
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How much do bur blocks cost?

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The price of bur blocks varies depending on what you’re looking for. On the Net32 dental marketplace, you will find a range of bur blocks that are available at a variety of price points so they can fit into any dental practice’s budget. Prices for bur blocks range from:

  • Under $10
  • $10 to $20
  • $20 to $40
  • $40 to $60
  • $60 to $80

There’s no reason why your dental practice should not be disorganized. Invest in autoclavable bur blocks today and you can eliminate the time and hassle of searching for dental instruments when you need them most.

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