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Help you take control.
According to recent ADA surveys, the average dental practice spends $50,000* a year on dental supplies. Many dentists focus solely on increasing their top line by producing more instead of reducing their overhead, missing out on huge profits. Large retail suppliers take advantage of this by charging more for supplies and paying supply representatives big money that comes from your pocket. Net32 can help a business-conscious dentist like you take control of your bottom line, save money, and make greater profits.
Best pricing on quality products.
Our marketplace saves you money by presenting you with multiple sellers for each product and finding the most competitive price. This concept drives down the cost of dental supplies by an average of about $17,411* a year. Yes, that’s $17,411 extra in your pocket. Seeing is believing: Shop best sellers on some common dental supplies and check out our customer recommendations.
Save you time and money.
On average you will save 30 to 40 percent off retail by shopping online at Net32. We have made comparison shopping convenient so you won't waste time browsing catalogs in search of the same product.
Give you a competitive advantage.
What will you do with the money you save? By reducing your overhead and increasing your bottom line you will be able to run a more efficient practice than your competitors.