Dental Sterilization Pouches & Self-Sealing Bags

An easy and sterile way to organize your dental equipment is with sterilization pouches. Net32 carries sterilization pouches in diverse sizes for low prices to accommodate all your needs; shop now to save.
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  1. House Brand 3.5" x 9" Sterilization Pouch 500/Box
    House Brand
    House Brand 3.5" x 9" Sterilization Pouch 500/Box

    Box of 500

    & Up3
  2. Britedent 2.75" x 9" Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Paper/Blue 2000/Case. Packaged as 10 boxes
    Britedent 2.75" x 9" Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch, Paper/Blue 2000/Case. Packaged as 10 boxes

    Case of 10 boxes of 200 pouches each

    & Up1

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Sterilization Pouch?

Sterilization pouches are dental infection control products that are designed to store sterile instruments. They work in conjunction with a sterilizing device, like an autoclave, to sterilize dental instruments before storing them away for later use. Dental sterilization pouches ensure that equipment is kept clean and free of contamination between procedures.

A sterilization pouch is made up of two parts. The first part is medical grade paper and the second part is a type of plastic film that is held together with adhesive. Most dental sterilization pouches come with a built-in adhesive that closes and seals the pouch before putting it in the sterilization device.

There are a couple of different types of sterilization methods that can be used to ensure proper sterilization. Steam autoclave is the most popular type. Most dental self-sealing bags are breathable so steam can penetrate through. Unsaturated chemical vapor is another popular method in which the vapor precipitates on the contents. Dry heat is the last method that is not often used because certain sterilization pouches can not withstand high temperature. If you’re using the dry heat method, be sure your dental sterilization pouches are able to withstand high sterilizing temperatures.

What Are the Advantages of Using Sterilization Pouches?

There are many advantages of using dental sterilization pouches in your practice, such as:

  • Easy sterilization of instruments
  • Convenient, clean storage of dental instruments
  • Allow you to ensure you’re following sanitation requirements
  • Lower the risk of cross-contamination and infection for patients

Some of the features that can make some sterilization pouches more useful than others include:

  • Self-sealing mechanisms make it simple to clean your instruments
  • An imprinted sterilization indicator to alert you when sterilization has been compromised
  • Compatibility with various sterilization methods

What Are the Different Types of Seal Designs Available?

The Net32 dental marketplace carries a range of different types of seal designs, such as:

  • Self-sealing
  • Triple seal
  • Peel-off sealing strips
  • Double wide seal

Whether you’re looking for dental self-sealing bags or sterilization pouch dispensers to store them in, the Net32 dental marketplace can supply your dental practice with everything you need at low costs.

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