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Dental Supplies > Disposables > Patient bibs & napkin holders

Dental Bibs & Napkin Holders

Dental bib holders keep napkins in place to keep your patients clean, dry, and comfortable during procedures. With the Net32 dental marketplace, you can easily find dental bib clips and any other dental patient supplies you need from reputable manufacturers and distributors at low prices.
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1–60 of 99 results

1–60 of 99 results

99 results

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Patient Bibs & Napkin Holders
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Dental Bib Clips Are Available?

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Surprisingly, there are many types of dental bib clips available to suit you and your patients’ needs or preferences. For example, some dentists prefer to use silicone bib holders because they are warm on the patient’s neck and less likely to snag their hair. On the other hand, some dentists prefer disposable cloth bib holders because they can be thrown away, eliminating the need to disinfect them between appointments.

These are some of the types of dental bib holders available at Net32:

  • Silicone tubes with metal clips
  • Plastic chain with metal clips
  • Metal chain with metal clips and plastic sleeve
  • Plastic chain with plastic clips
  • Metal ball chain with chrome-plated clips
  • Nickel-plated with metal clips
  • Disposable cloth
  • Metal chain with plastic sleeves

We carry bib holders in a variety of lengths as well, ranging from 0.75 inches to 15 inches, so you have lengths that suit patients of all sizes. Dental napkin holders are also available in a variety of colors, so you can maintain the aesthetic of your practice or make treatments more fun for pediatric patients.

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Can I Buy Disposable Dental Bib Holders?

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A bib holder can either be disposable or reusable depending on what you find most convenient for your practice. Net32 carries a few disposable dental bib holder options, which feature stretchable bands.

Some dentists prefer using a disposable dental bib holder because it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients. With a disposable dental napkin holder, you don’t have to go through the process of disinfecting it after each use and instead can just throw it away. Reusable dental bib clips work just as well as long as they are properly disinfected after each use. And, if you strive to prioritize sustainability at your practice, they can help reduce your waste.

In addition to bib holders, our product offering includes an array of other disposable dental materials and supplies.

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What Features Should I Look for When Purchasing Dental Napkin Holders?

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There are certain features that you may want to consider when purchasing dental napkin holders that make some more desirable than others. Here are some features you may want to prioritize:

  • Easy to remove
  • Close securely
  • Comfortable lengths
    • You should purchase multiple lengths to suit different patients
  • Colors
    • Different colors are fun for pediatric patients
  • Single-use, disposable, or reusable

Before buying dental bibs for your practice, make sure that they provide enough length to secure the bib comfortably on a patient and are easy to open and close. Otherwise you may find yourself struggling with them during procedures. Whether you opt for disposable dental bib clips or reusable ones, you can easily find both at affordable prices on the Net32 dental marketplace.

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