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Detailed Vendor Ratings
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Products as described 4.7 242
Shipping time 4.4 249
Shipping and handling 4.5 243
Recent Feedback: 4.5 stars
5/5 "Good delivery and good item"
SJ, 12/7/18
4/5 "okay"
Boksilee, 12/7/18
5/5 "great as described"
pdds, 11/29/18
5/5 "Just as expected, ordering, delivery, all on time"
Vojsava, 11/26/18
5/5 "great delivery time"
dental first, 11/22/18
5/5 "excellent seller. Very professional and trustworthy!!"
Bleekdental, 11/21/18
5/5 "Net 32 sent out email notifications when the item was confirmed,shipped and delivered. My item shipped very quickly and efficiently. Their notification system is a great tool. I brought my partner in on the process notification as well. It's great to know when the item was delivered as well. I received an email stating the item was delivered a real time saver. Thanks......"
Master sculptor, 11/21/18
5/5 "Loved it! Shipped fast"
KDental, 11/19/18
5/5 "No hassle, my assistant orders and they ship right away. Very reasonable."
Rgm2, 11/16/18
5/5 "quick ship as described great prices, thanks!"
Alex, 11/12/18
5/5 "vey handy little gizmos"
themostinterestingman, 11/11/18
4/5 "Need to speed up their processing times."
BCDental, 11/7/18
5/5 "excellent"
k., 11/6/18
5/5 "Fast delivery and good materials"
H Khan, 11/6/18
5/5 "works well"
john, 10/12/18
gomezdental, 10/3/18
5/5 "great"
JFDC, 10/1/18
1/5 "Slow to ship. Extremely slow.

Net32 Response: We apologize for the delays with this vendor. Net32 is currently working with LV Dental to speed up and provide more accurate processing times."
Dr Carter, 9/30/18
5/5 "Nice product, just as described with great savings"
Dr A, 9/25/18
5/5 "perfect for the price
love it"
angles, 9/25/18
5/5 "Came as described"
Lauren, 9/13/18
5/5 "good gloves, reasonable priced...."
hamster, 8/30/18
5/5 "Very Accurate"
Endo Geek, 8/28/18
5/5 "Branded product at bargain price."
AKG, 8/25/18
5/5 "great"
Becker, 8/23/18
5/5 "Good product and fast shipping"
SDLELZA, 8/15/18
2/5 "Shipment was not updated for 10 days ( 3 days on initial shipping estimate). Then told that parts of the order would be shipped the next day and the rest would be shipped in about another week. Products themselves were fine and cheap, if you can wait several weeks for them."
FamilyDentistry, 8/13/18
5/5 "good vendor"
yenifer, 8/13/18
2/5 "Haven’t had any issues before, this is the first time that there was a delay due to a color not being available for an item. Unfortunately I was not contacted so I reached out several times to net32 to get this resolved. In the process I’ve had to reschedule some patients due to the delay. I even reached out to a local vendor which I have avoided doing previously. There was just a lack of communication.

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 7/27/18. The customer reached out to Net32 on 8/7/18 to check on the order. On 8/8/18, LV Dental informed Net32 of the backordered color and alternative colors in stock. The customer chose another color and the order shipped on 8/8/18. The package is scheduled for delivery on 8/15/18. Net32 strongly urges LV Dental to use the backorder feature that is provided to them in the Net32 system. This would allow for immediate notice to the customer."
J, 8/9/18
5/5 "GREAT A+++"
VD4KIDS, 8/7/18
5/5 "A+++++"
MDS, 8/3/18
5/5 "Great Prices"
MARK, 8/1/18
5/5 "Super fast Delivery!!"
bella, 7/30/18
5/5 "Everything Shipped so quickly!!"
vanessa, 7/30/18
5/5 "Best prices!!! Super fast shipping!! MY GO-TO vendor!!"
Dr. Erik, 7/30/18
1/5 "I placed the order on 7/19. The shipping label was created on 7/26. Not shipped out yet. Very slow delivery vendor.

Net32 Response: The order was placed on 7/19/18. It shipped 7/26/18. The package shows delivered on 8/2/18."
Viki, 7/27/18
1/5 "LV DENTAL SUPPLY sold me composite twice which clearly say on the box not to be sold in US / Canada. This flowable composite is made in Italy and its very runny, hard to work with.

Net32 Response: LV Dental has been removed from selling the product in question. Net32 provided the customer with a prepaid label to return the incorrect product. Net32 also paid for a replacement order to be sent to the customer."
Jas, 7/24/18
5/5 "Great seller, super fast delivery, THANKS!"
sorin dimitriu, 7/23/18
1/5 "Loose opened product wrapped in paper. Product expiring soon. No box.

Net32 Response: When notified, Net32 offered a label to return. The customer declined the return. Please contact customer service if you ever receive something shorter than one year that was not advertised as such. We have agents available from 6:00am to 8:00pm EST M-F. 800-517-1997"
PANJ, 7/23/18
5/5 "Great quality!
Shipping was fast too!"
Highlands Kids Dentistry, 7/11/18
5/5 "good quality and inexpensive"
Paesani, 7/6/18
5/5 "speedy delivery"
Valley Gal, 7/3/18
1/5 "Received the gauze with wrong brand.

Net32 Response: Net32 notified LV Dental of the issue. The vendor and the customer agreed to a partial refund for the mixup."
J, 7/1/18
5/5 "Very efficient"
afd, 6/20/18
5/5 "good products"
AFD, 5/23/18
5/5 "Seller shipped out right away and the expiration date was great. Also had the best price. Can't ask for more!"
Omid, 5/23/18
5/5 "Great product"
Jorge, 5/18/18
3/5 "I really like the pricing that is offered on here."
HDS, 5/16/18
5/5 "Great seller"
Dr.C, 5/9/18
5/5 "items available and shipped right away."
nurse, 4/24/18
5/5 "Item arrived quickly and just as described."
Alyssa, 4/7/18
3/5 "received wrong item"
Wendy, 4/3/18
5/5 "Fast shipping"
MPD, 4/3/18
4/5 "Arrived as promised."
Dental Ward, 3/29/18
4/5 "good product at a good price"
lindab, 3/16/18
5/5 "good"
Azam, 2/15/18
1/5 "Over two weeks after placing the order it still showed it was pending."
Roya, 2/13/18
1/5 "This vendor refused to send items to my chosen address, as this address was for a courier forwarding company called MyUS, who was due to courier the ordered products to me. I anyway would prefer to deal with suppliers who are more willing to assist without issues such as this. Another supplier was perfectly willing to sell products, and I have already received those products with no problems. So it begs the question as to why this supplier refused to deal with MyUS."
Ushmi, 2/13/18
5/5 "Great price. Authentic product. Fast Shipping. House Brand just as good as top brands."
South Texas Dentist, 1/16/18
5/5 "good products"
zm, 1/14/18
5/5 "I have never had a problem with this vendor. The shipped order is always correct which helps and saves time from reordering. Great prices which save you money!!!"
Dr.C, 11/17/17
5/5 "My orders always arrive promptly and packed to ensure the bottles are not damaged in transit. It also doesn't hurt that they have the best price I've been able to find anywhere online."
KneadMassageStudio, 10/31/17
1/5 "Never got the product after 16 days. No tracking, Net32 tried to call them and no response. LV seems to use USPS and went cheap on shipping. No accountability.

Net32 Response: Net32 notified LV Dental of the issue and worked with the vendor to have the customer refunded per the customer's request."
DanH, 10/23/17
5/5 "Great!"
Peterpan, 10/19/17
5/5 "Great quality."
Dr Donoho's Office, 10/17/17
5/5 "Good products"
Vineet, 9/24/17
1/5 "They never sent me a refund check or returned the money on my CC after we returned a merchandise bought from them. We have contacted Net32 customer service a few times in regards to this matter, but no refund as of it yet. The merchandise was returned almost 2 mo ago.

Net32 response: LV dental processed the refund on 9-11-2017."
madalina, 9/8/17
3/5 "Inaccurate billing by the vendor LV Dental Supply. Constantly need to request correct invoices. Otherwise I would give LV all 5 stars.

Net32 response: As a gesture of goodwill Net32 sent a gift basket to the customer, expressing our concerns about how the customer was taken care of."
Abdo, 8/24/17
4/5 "The order and quantity and size were on point. It just takes too long to receive the product"
4dental, 7/20/17
5/5 "always the best pre-rinse before doing any C&B work!"
Dr Bob, 6/25/17
5/5 "Great Product and service excellent"
Ron, 6/22/17
5/5 "Great experience and prices."
Angela, 6/19/17
5/5 "Best price"
NK, 6/14/17
5/5 "Great quality for the price"
HStrempel, 5/24/17
5/5 "Good sale, got items as quickly as can be expected, they were backordered."
Dr S, 5/21/17
5/5 "Great Vendor!"
HasletPediatric, 5/10/17
5/5 "Fast shipping and great products at low prices."
AdamDDS19, 5/10/17
5/5 "Very impressed with the speed of delivery after ordering!"
OrthoGirl, 5/10/17
5/5 "Good product availability. Delivers constantly great service."
Mazsy19, 4/14/17
5/5 "Very fast service and was also able to add an item after I had placed an order. Great customer service. Thank you"
SCSD, 3/30/17
1/5 "Flow x ray film was missing the Flow Dough. Box had been opened before I received it from the obvious fold in the tab.

Net32 Response: We do apologize to the doctor regarding the missing Flow Dough. As a courtesy Net32 ordered the doctor a complimentary gift card ($20) you can receive upon turning in Flow Dough with Amazon."
crandental, 3/29/17
5/5 "Great"
steinway, 3/26/17
5/5 "quick and efficient. good value"
Fred, 3/20/17
5/5 "smooth and straight forward, I have no hesitation recommending this vendor and no problems"
Doc, 3/17/17
5/5 "fast shipping!"
Caroline Gentry, 3/2/17
5/5 "I was very happy with the quickness of shipping and the quality of the packaging (considering that it was sent through the USPS."
Dr. Allie, 2/8/17
5/5 "Reliable vendor"
Dr. C, 2/8/17
1/5 "Bought Generic 245 clinic pack (100). Burs snapping off at the head. Called to return and given a hard time. Better to return burs before someone gets hurt and then than have a lawsuit on hands.
After 1.5 month and not getting a refund, called and they claim did not receive item back. Have record of postage but unfortunately no tracking. Our office has spent thousands in supplies and to be treated like this is awful. I will never order from you again. Unfortunately for you the $78.94 you will not return will cost you thousands in revenue. Have a nice year.

Net32 Response: LV Dental declined to replace the product or refund the dentist. To help the dentist Net32 sent a refund check for $78.94 to cover the cost of the burs from LV Dental and also sent the dentist free of charge a clinic pack of SS White FG 245 burs."
LSDC, 2/6/17
5/5 "Fast ship, good quality."
kirkmdds, 1/31/17
5/5 "Fast delivery and products performed as described. Fabulous value, I have been telling many of my dental colleagues of the value and the money they can save by shopping Net32. Please keep it up!!"
DJWDDSMSD, 1/21/17
2/5 "Ordered 10 different items on 01/10/17, Shipped by UPS on 1/13/17.

Ordered 39 items on 03/27/2017. Order is still pending on 04/04/2017."
Dr Jason, 1/20/17
5/5 "Fast shipping, thank you"
Mickey, 1/17/17
5/5 "Total experience was excellent. Very happy with this vendor! Shipping was even better than anticipated."
Lisa, 1/10/17
5/5 "very good cement."
gilgamesh, 1/3/17
5/5 "very good for the price"
quality dental care, 12/21/16
5/5 "Great product for a reasonable cost. Thank you."
Tolik, 12/19/16
5/5 "These items are very light so the heavy handling cost is kind of ridiculous but the amount of money im saving makes it worth it!"
Sanchlili, 12/7/16
5/5 "Reliable, works as described."
svd, 12/6/16
5/5 "easy transaction; product arrived as scheduled"
endogamy, 12/1/16
5/5 "Good experience, product as described."
Dr.M, 11/30/16
5/5 "Great product at a great price! Love Net 32!"
stardental, 11/22/16
5/5 "Very quick processing and delivery. The product was exactly as described. It is very useful because it accomodates different bur sizes."
Omar, 11/17/16
merita, 11/7/16
5/5 "Timely delivery, good products"
Nick, 11/3/16
5/5 "I liked the products , new items I never used before, all liked by the staff, a little concerned with the time of delivery , too long of a wait for certain products , Thank you Mari"
MARI, 10/25/16
4/5 "It came within a reasonable amount of time. It was the product I ordered."
Dr. SJM, 10/24/16
5/5 "Great seller. Products arrive as described."
shahrdds, 10/21/16
5/5 "Very happy , great service"
Brooke, 10/12/16
5/5 "very prompt response and excellent customer service."
jaynaamin, 9/26/16
5/5 "Great price on a product I use everyday! Highly recommend this company!"
Suz, 9/23/16
5/5 "GREAT"
NIC, 9/16/16
5/5 "Great products at great prices"
Dr S, 9/14/16
5/5 "Everything came on time. Happy with products."
Annie, 9/8/16
5/5 "All products were what expected to be and shipped and received on time."
Annie, 9/8/16
4/5 "Everything shipped and arrived as expected."
Lori, 9/8/16
5/5 "Awesome! Everything was perfect."
Joe, 8/26/16
5/5 "The seller sent the supplies as expected with free shipping. The price was also competitive."
Kaur, 8/26/16
5/5 "Usually I have no problems with them."
Sam, 8/4/16
5/5 "Quick shipment - product was exactly what we needed. A++++++"
Rob, 8/2/16
5/5 "it was everything I expected at a reasonable price and delivered on time."
Joe, 7/29/16
3/5 "I placed my order on Tuesday. They shipped my on the following Saturday. The picture of the lower plastic tray was not what was shown in the picture. That is important to me because the type of tray that was shown is the type of tray that I needed to order."
CC, 7/7/16
5/5 "fast and quick service"
Smile Make Over Center, 7/6/16
5/5 "Great products, will order again."
Jennifer, 6/28/16
4/5 "Recvd overnight across country. Box was not sturdy enough for product, although this product was not damaged the individual boxes were. Product is EXCELLENT."
gindasa, 6/21/16
1/5 "Ordered 8 boxes of gloves from this vendor on 6-8-16; but received only 5. Called Net32 support on 6-15-16, and they contacted the vendor LV Dental Supply and notified them of the issue and asked LV Dental Supply to ship the remaining 3 boxes. LV Dental Supply told Net32 that they would look into it and get back to Net32. Several days passed, still no response. Contacted Net32 again, still no word from the vendor. Caveat emptor.

Note from Net32, this matter was resolved on 6-21-16 with LV Dental agreeing to credit the doctor for the missing gloves and shipping."
Doc, 6/20/16
3/5 "I wish the vendor send out the order sooner."
cd, 6/16/16
5/5 "fast delivery.
will buy from again"
robdds, 6/15/16
5/5 "The product, Rely X Luting 2 cement, was listed at an incredible price. It arrived in just 2 days! You can't ask for better than that!!"
a2thdrlr, 5/26/16
5/5 "Very Reasonable Pricing and quick delivery"
DDS, 5/23/16
5/5 "good prices, quick turnaround"
molardoc, 5/19/16
5/5 "LV Dental Supply came through for us in a pinch. We were running on empty and I received my order in about two days. Great product and inexpensive."
Jason, 5/19/16
5/5 "Great product, got it very fast"
Dr. S, 5/17/16
5/5 "very competitive pricing and fast ahipping"
dental office, 5/3/16
5/5 "Good price and product was delivered quickly"
Sara, 5/2/16
5/5 "as expected"
dentist, 4/27/16
5/5 "Always quick, accurate and responsive, LV Dental Supply keeps the headaches down. Will continue to do business with them."
Dr. Ed, 4/20/16
5/5 "Great prices, fast delivery, A+++++++++"
RDH, 4/19/16
5/5 "Love this company. Always get product in timely fashion."
GH, 4/13/16
DR, 4/10/16
5/5 "received product right away"
Deb Mitchell, 4/8/16
4/5 "Quick delivery. No problems with the service. Had to call for another matter and their Customer service is very good."
eastman001, 4/7/16
5/5 "good quality for the price"
rp, 4/4/16
Ed Edwards, 4/4/16
5/5 "thanks"
Dr Thomas, 4/4/16
5/5 "I have used LV supply many times and they still are the best for accuracy and fast delivery"
BOB, 4/4/16
5/5 "great"
bill, 4/2/16
5/5 "good prices for bulk order. Took a little longer than I initially expected but good."
David K, 3/31/16
5/5 "Fast and efficient! Much less costs than Schein."
JeffreyT, 3/18/16
5/5 "Great price and reasonable shipping time. Great seller!"
Jeff, 3/14/16
3/5 "The product is fine but the package is always crushed when I order from any Net32 vendor"
Peggy, 3/8/16
3/5 "The return system should be easier. Seller should send a return label in case is the wrong material and return is needed."
Dr G, 3/8/16
5/5 "I have not had any problems with these products. Love the discounted prices"
Mandamoe, 2/25/16
5/5 "Fast delivery!"
Ish, 2/23/16
5/5 "We are very pleased with our purchase from net32 and will be shopping with them again in the future."
ID23336, 2/22/16
5/5 "Product shipped quickly, however USPS mis-routed it so it took long to receive."
rocks, 2/5/16
5/5 "Thanks..! Very satisfied..!!!"
Natalia, 2/3/16
5/5 "GREAT JOB !!!!"
Anna, 1/29/16
3/5 "I ordered soft gray, screw type prophy cups and received long, latch-type white (firm) prophy cups. Then I had to send them back and wait a good bit for the correct order to arrive; when it did, the cups were so poor that they would not even spin in any of my prophy heads; could not use them at all. Net32 made it right for me in the end, but not a good experience overall."
DentalOne, 1/21/16
5/5 "Will definitely buy again!"
PS, 12/31/15
5/5 "Great seller"
James, 12/7/15
5/5 "Working well for me"
Len, 12/3/15
2/5 "One month to receive items. No communication about delay."
J, 12/3/15
doc DP, 12/3/15
4/5 "great product"
karnita, 11/30/15
1/5 "have not gotten the order after a month !!"
FZ, 10/28/15
5/5 "fast shipping"
Jamesji, 9/23/15
5/5 "great."
Dr. D. CAS, 9/18/15
5/5 "Verry good !!!"
Tien Hoang, 9/14/15
5/5 "Excelent Seller, very fast response A+++++++++"
Dental Care, 7/22/15
5/5 "The product arrived in good time, and was exactly what I ordered."
mamalu, 6/16/15
5/5 "always happy with this vendor"
dr.t, 6/10/15
3/5 "Product arrived in a timely manner but the package was crushed. Good thing Miracle Mix comes in capsules so they weren't damaged."
Peggy, 6/10/15
5/5 "Product is as ordered."
Dr. S, 5/26/15
4/5 "Shipped well and prices right"
smdds, 5/7/15
5/5 "I would rate this vendor as one of the best !"
larisa stein dmd, 5/6/15
5/5 "i have used them for years and am very pleased"
abst4, 5/1/15
5/5 "items delivered within days, prices are good, very reliable."
6regala, 4/15/15
1/5 "Item was shipped fast and was the item ordered. However, the bottle did not have an expiration date on it. In fact, it looked like the expiration date had been cut off. Other bottles that we have purchased from another company all have the expiration date in the same spot that was missing from the bottle sent from LV Dental Supply. If you order from them, check the date.
Net32 response: We are sorry that the bottle of Durelon liquid received from LV Dental Supply did not appear to have an expiration date on it. The product has been removed indefinitely from the Net32 marketplace for that vendor. The dental office has been refunded by LV Dental, and Net32 has replaced the product with another Vendor Partner at no charge to the customer."
Amanda, 4/13/15
5/5 "Fast shipping and quality product"
JT, 4/8/15
5/5 "very fast shipping.. items as described.. thanks"
TheTop4884, 4/5/15
5/5 "Products are inexpensive and are immediately delivered"
6regala, 3/31/15
5/5 "great products"
scollinsjr, 3/26/15
3/5 "I ordered Rely-x luting plus and received Rely-x luting 2. While they are essentially the same minus the ability to tack cure with the luting plus, I did not received exactly what I ordered."
toothdoc, 3/18/15
5/5 "great"
al, 2/26/15
5/5 "#1"
Jer, 2/21/15
4/5 "Good supplier. Everything arrived in good shape and in a timely manner."
Dr. S, 2/19/15
5/5 "Easy to order and customer service was professional and helpful. will order again from them"
Em, 2/11/15
5/5 "Quick service and great prices!"
Mery, 2/5/15
4/5 "good no problem"
REMS, 2/4/15
4/5 "Solid"
Dcdan, 2/2/15
5/5 "Delivered on time at an affordable price"
James, 2/1/15
2/5 "Now on our second LV Dental Supply issue. It took them 20 days on order for them to come back with item is no longer available. 20 Days? Really? Prior issue: Products took 7 days to arrive. One item's description was not accurate causing a return which is in progress."
BWX, 1/30/15
5/5 "great stuff"
sweetlips, 1/22/15
5/5 "Mailed everything very quickly."
drfeelgood, 1/21/15
5/5 "Sent out quickly. Received as ordered."
TM, 12/30/14
2/5 "Vendor has some really good deals, but I have had trouble with shipping.
Update...I have used this vendor several times now and have had trouble with delayed shipment almost every time. Several times I've had to contact the folks at Net32 to get them to ship my items.."
diruopis, 12/10/14
3/5 "Product was ordered on 02NOV14 and not delivered until 26NOV14! I had to call numerous times to determine order status. If supplier was backordered, they should have notified customer, but did not!"
Frank, 12/3/14
5/5 "First of all they have EXCELLENT customer service!!! We are a pediatric dental office located in Hawaii which means if we order supplies out of state it takes on average 2 weeks when we receive our order and shipping cost is outrageous! I have been ordering supplies through net32 with LV Dental for the past 4 months and every order I have received 2 to 3 days later and shipping $10 or less!"
Mokihana, 11/6/14
5/5 "safe ,fast and great follow up, treating the customer #1 ,and SAVE YOU MONEY"
dr.crist, 10/29/14
5/5 "Good price, quick ship, as described."
DrSteve, 10/29/14
5/5 "They are as good as 3 M, great price!"
Doc, 10/27/14
5/5 "fast service"
adam, 10/7/14
5/5 "Excellent quality, best price ever. Glad i found this place."
Redicka79, 10/2/14
5/5 "Fast delivery, no problem with return,"
DrSteve, 9/4/14
4/5 "good service, got all products in one delivery. will buy again"
Smiles, 9/4/14
1/5 "Vendor never informed that items are backordered, I was waiting to receive items for very long time, an had t cancel the order. Poor customer service"
DDS*****, 9/2/14
4/5 "wrong quantity item shipped"
doc, 8/26/14
5/5 "came on time great"
dentaljock, 7/30/14
5/5 "good seller, quick ship, good exp. dates, no backorder"
LigthouseDave, 6/30/14
5/5 "Why do I shop here? I have ordered goods on this site few times. Quality of goods is high, and delivery have alway been in time - to me it is very important, means I don't spend time I have scheduled for the client on the acceptance of delivery. I keep doing comparison of shops online, but this website have much better production selection and price.
We are looking forward to the continuation."
Elena61137, 6/30/14
5/5 "The items were shipped very quickly."
Alvin, 6/16/14
5/5 "Semi quick shipping at low cost!!"
BIBS, 6/6/14
4/5 "I did not like the masks that were sent. Description said they were 3 ply, but did not appear to be so."
EasternDentisry, 5/21/14
4/5 "Delivery was prompt ,everything I expected"
Joyous, 5/21/14
5/5 "My items arrived when they were supposed to and they were exactly what I had ordered. They also were a great deal!"
aplacetosmile, 5/19/14
4/5 "The material is good ,however expensive."
Doha Dental Clinic, 5/12/14
5/5 "great vendor"
suture, 4/28/14
5/5 "Very satisfied."
RaddyRad, 4/25/14
5/5 "Delivered as expected"
toothdoc, 4/10/14
5/5 "LV Dental Supply delivers quality products with great service. They promptly filled my order and shipped it fast. I have been working with LV Dental Supply since 2004. I have always received the same great service and confidently refer them to others. Thank you LV dental supply

Delon Gilbert, DDS"
DrDelon, 3/31/14
5/5 "I have been using LV dental since 2002 and they always deliver excellent service. My order was shipped promptly and was accurate. I would recommend LV dental."
DrDelon, 3/25/14
5/5 "excellent"
Omar, 3/24/14
5/5 "Very efficient and great pricing!"
Dr Cee, 3/21/14
5/5 "My order came very quickly and it was exactly what I had ordered. It was also a great price."
aplacetosmile, 3/11/14
5/5 "products as expected and delivered promptly.
I have purchased from LV before with similar experience."
Fishlyn, 2/22/14
4/5 "delivery average in time"
jdash, 2/14/14
4/5 "Took almost 10 days to get but reasonably priced"
Angela Sullivan, 2/14/14
5/5 "Use this product all the time. Response was as usual very quick."
BOB, 2/14/14
5/5 "I'd buy again."
Ish, 2/13/14
5/5 "LV is quick and efficient they really know what they are doing"
BOB, 2/3/14
5/5 "good quality +Good price +good sevice"
naguib, 1/29/14
5/5 "Prompt service, great product"
Patty, 1/27/14
5/5 "Smooth transaction"
Jjg, 1/22/14
5/5 "Fast shipping."
Cascade dental, 1/5/14
famme, 12/31/13
2/5 "Consistently takes a very long time to fill orders. Probably will not order from this company again."
jdash, 12/26/13
4/5 "The order was shipped right away, very happy with LV Dental Supply."
Gloria, 12/6/13
5/5 "everything showed up as is"
Dr Klop, 12/5/13
4/5 "waited awhile for back ordered items... need to know after order is placed how long back order items will be so I do not run out"
Boss, 11/13/13
5/5 "Products came on time and are quality"
GH, 10/18/13
4/5 "the cheaper company was back east so it took longer to get here on the west coast."
lshig, 9/24/13
5/5 "1/2 the price of patterson. Love it."
DR H., 7/23/13
5/5 "Great prices on Caviwipes & Cavicide!!"
Heather, 7/9/13
4/5 "Good service.prompt delivery"
sp6, 7/9/13
5/5 "Excellent product, AMAZING price and VERY prompt shipping. This surely helps to make a dent in our overhead. I just started this practice and I need to be as financially prudent as possible. Thanks LV, I need all of the help I can get!"
ToolNila, 7/5/13
5/5 "Order exactly as described! Quick shipping once processed! Excellent to deal with overall. Would use again."
BostonKid, 7/3/13
5/5 "We received exactly what we requested."
mkedzierski, 6/11/13
4/5 "Items arrived very quickly and order correct"
Dr. T, 6/6/13
5/5 "efficient delivery."
Rich, 4/17/13
5/5 "Very reasonably priced and very quick service."
bobpdl, 3/27/13
5/5 "product arrived quickly"
Rich, 3/19/13
5/5 "good price. efficient delivery"
Rich, 2/28/13
5/5 "Great price and same effectiveness as the more expensive "name brand" products."
Dr. Stu, 2/28/13
5/5 "They seem to ship orders promptly. Of course Kodak gives such great quality."
jojo, 2/20/13
5/5 "Provided a great product for a very reasonable price AND delivered it in a timely manner."
Mark, 2/18/13
5/5 "Quick delivery and a great price for the product."
Mark, 2/18/13
5/5 "I found what I was looking for and was delivered according to what I was told."
psmeed, 2/11/13
5/5 "Quick delivery."
JI, 2/11/13
5/5 "Fast Delivery.
They called before processing the order and accepted the changes we made over the phone."
Nebo Medical, 1/28/13
4/5 "Delay in shipping, but price was great. I highly recommend the seller and would purchase from them again"
jpeifer, 1/24/13
5/5 "Fast delivery. Great products."
Dr Ted, 1/17/13
5/5 "always prompt shipping"
mont, 1/17/13
4/5 "product sas described"
owen, 1/17/13
5/5 "Shipped quickly, accurate order"
rbratton, 12/29/12
5/5 "fast and correct product delivery."
wdckt, 12/29/12
5/5 "They always do great unless for some reason the item isn't in stock."
Windmilltr, 12/24/12
5/5 "Fast shipping"
gdbtreasurer, 12/13/12
4/5 "Very happy with our product and timely shipping"
Priscilla, 12/13/12
5/5 "Prompt service, quality product!"
TashaY, 12/12/12
5/5 "Received order whole, in good condition, and surprisingly fast."
Rich, 12/11/12
4/5 "Great vendor to buy from. I always get my supplies in a couple of days."
RTDental, 12/10/12
4/5 ""
piercegroup, 12/3/12
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LV Dental Supply

Feedback Rating: 4.5
4.5 stars (272 ratings)
In our continuous efforts to represent the best in dental supplies, we are determined to offer products that exemplify quality at a very affordable price.
Standard shipping $4.75.  There will normally be no standard shipping charge for orders exceeding $30.00.  *Please note that there may be additional charges for heavy or hazardous items, deliveries to a residential address, and extra delivery fees incurred due to incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses, zip codes, suite numbers, etc. Contact Net32 for further information and for orders outside the 48 Contiguous states: (800) 517-1997 or
Delivery Method
Payment Methods
AMEX, MasterCard, Visa
State Tax
Please contact Net32 customer service at (800) 517-1997 or
Return Policy
All returns must be issued a return authorization number. Items returned for reasons other than damage or defect will be returned at the buyers expense and will incur a restocking fee of $10 or 20%, whichever is greater. Returns must be requested within 7 days of receipt of product. Returns must be in original package with unbroken seal. Defective items need authorization before returning and will be evaluated before credit is issued. Damaged goods need to be reported within 48 hours of receipt to receive credit. Items may be returned up to 7 days after receipt.***Please note: All x-ray aprons are special order and are not returnable. ***Perishable items returns can not be accepted due to the prolonged stages in transit as well as any Plasdent products.
****Free shipping or shipping rate of $3.75 does not apply to heavy shipments. All shipments over 5 lbs are subject to standard UPS Ground rates.****
Please note this vendor's name will appear on credit card statements as follows:
CA customers: Dr. Dental Supply
All others: Dental Diamond Supply
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