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Cord Packers

Running a dental practice means needing the necessary equipment for a myriad of procedures. Finding the right equipment at reasonable prices can be difficult, but Net32 helps you find the equipment you need without having to sacrifice quality for cost. From gingival cord packers to evacuation products, Net32 has you covered for all your dental needs.
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1–60 of 62 results

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Cord Packing Instruments
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Cord Packers Are Available for My Practice?

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Cord packers are essential for proper retraction of gingival tissue during the impression process for dental crown and bridge procedures, as well as for some periodontal procedures. It’s important to have the right type of cord packer for the procedure you’re performing. There are a variety of cord packers available for your practice.

These are all the different types of cord packing instruments you can find on the Net32 dental marketplace:

  • Serrated
  • Smooth
  • Plain/smooth
  • Blue titanium
  • Angled/Smooth
  • Plain
  • Serrated and angled
  • Taper angled
  • Taper straight
  • Angled/serrated
  • Double end
  • Straight/serrated
  • Straight/smooth

Note that there is a difference between braided vs. knitted cords. Braided cords have a consistent and tight weave, and many dentists find them easier to place in the sulcus with cord packer dental instruments. However, knitted cords unravel and fray less during placement than braided cords do. A cord packer with round, non-serrated, or smooth ends help with atraumatic cord placement and serrated cord packers go best with braided cords.

There are also a variety of diameters and sizes for both braided and knitted cords, so it is ultimately up to the dentist which type they prefer to use.

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What Features Should You Look for When Selecting Cord Packers?

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When considering which dental retracting packing instrument to buy for your dental practice, there are a few key features you should keep in mind:

  • End of cord packer should be thin so that it doesn’t damage the tissue during a procedure
  • You want cord packers to have a 45 degree angle as it reduces the need to flip the cord packer from end to end
  • Thin, flat packers work best for anterior tissue
  • Rounder serrated or non-serrated packers work best for posterior teeth
  • A smooth shape can be easier to maneuver
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How Much Do Cord Packers Cost?

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The price of dental packing cords varies depending on what you are looking for. This is the price range of cord packers that Net32 carries:

  • Less than $10
  • $10 to $20
  • $20 to $40
  • $40 to $60

While most of the cord packers on Net32 are between $40 ro $60, you can also find more affordable options for under $10. The Net32 dental marketplace has weekly specials on certain packing cord dental instruments, so you can easily find one that fits in your budget. However, good quality is worth paying for, so that you don’t have to replace them too frequently.

Whether it be gingival cord packing instruments or cements and adhesives, the Net32 dental marketplace has you covered for all your dental practice needs. It’s crucial to have the correct equipment for a range of dental procedures, and with Net32, you can find good quality instruments at affordable prices.

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