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Dental Supplies > Impression materials > Impression material accessories

Impression material accessories

Net32.com offers Cartridge guns, Dispensers, Miscellaneous accessories and Impression gun holder, along with many other products in the Impression material accessories category. We offer you great deals off retail pricing on top brands House Brand, Enthus and Plasdent made by top manufacturers House Brand, Dharma Research and Plasdent. Navigate below to find discounts on all your Impression material accessories needs. Order today and see the Dental supply savings firsthand!
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1–60 of 76 results

1–60 of 76 results

76 results

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Best Selling
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Impression Material Accessories
House Brand High Performance Dispensing Gun, 1:1 / 2:1 ratio for 50ml
House Brand Dispenser Type 50 4:1 ratio & 10:1 ratio Cartridges
Enthus High Performance Dispensing Gun, 1:1 / 2:1 ratio, single dispenser
Zenith Type 50 4:1/10:1 Applicator Gun with Slide. Used with LuxaTemp
Pac-Dent MixPac HP mixing gun, fits all standard size cartridges
GC NDS Cartridge Dispenser II Impression material dispenser (48 ml). Makes
Garant Dispenser - 1:1/2:1 Ratio. #77580
Dispenser with 1:1/2:1 ratio
5 2
$109.00 $191.56
Extrude Kerr Extruder Gun for 50 ml Cartridges. #28747
$119.00 $183.99
EZ VPS Connector Impression Material Transfer Connectors & Ribbons
$26.99 $29.99
Enthus Dispensing Gun 4:1 / 10:1. For 50 ml cartridges
$16.95 $37.95
Hydrogum 5 Alginate Powder Scoop and Water Measure Set
$3.70 $15.00
House Brand Automix dispensing gun for 50ml cartridges, 10:1 ratio. Single
Acumix Automix Cartridge Dispensing Gun, 1:1 / 2:1 ratio for 50ml round flange
Express Putty Spoon, Package of 2. #7314
$22.00 $25.29
Parkell Split Cartridge Dispenser Gun, Single gun, #S343
$137.50 $189.69
Defend Dispensing Gun, for 4:1 or 10:1 - 50 ml cartridges
Alghamix Alginate Powder Scoop and Water Measure Set
$3.70 $15.00
TriPhasix alginate powder scoop & water measuring scoop. One each
Pac-Dent 2-Guns Impression Gun Holder
Currently out of stock
Acumix Automix Cartridge Dispensing Gun, 1:1 / 2:1 ratio for 25 ml Cartridges
House Brand High Performance Dispensing Gun, 1:1 / 2:1 ratio for 25ml
Currently out of stock
Jet Bite Dispenser for 50/75 mL Cartridges. #C6900
Dispenser for 50/75 mL Cartridges
$124.75 $177.78
PerfectIM Cartridge Dispensing Gun
Single cartridge gun
$55.00 $57.67
O-Bite Dispensing Gun Type-50, Single Gun
$134.25 $177.99
Sultan Dispensing Gun Type-50, Single Gun
$148.75 $176.99
BFC3 Battery Powered Impression Gun and Lock-N-Reload Cartridge Coupler Kit
Virtual Dispenser Manual 50 ml, Single Dispenser
$114.20 $128.35
Master-Dent HP Cartridge Dispensing Gun, 1:1/2:1, for 50 ml HP cartridges
E-Z Squeeze 1:1/2:1 Combo Cartridge Dispenser, fits 5 inch cartridges
$139.83 $144.00
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