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Dental Supplies > Impression materials > Impression material accessories

Impression Guns & Accessories

A dental gun is a convenient way to add dental impression materials to impression trays. For efficient, precise impressions, it's a necessary instrument to have on hand at any dental practice, and fortunately, you can find impression guns and accessories at discounted prices on the Net32 dental marketplace.
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1–60 of 83 results

1–60 of 83 results

83 results

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Best Sellers
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Impression Material Accessories
$19.90 $37.95
Dispenser with 1:1/2:1 ratio
5 2
$116.00 $191.56
Dispenser for 50/75 mL Cartridges
$119.96 $177.78
$14.00 $15.00
$134.95 $189.69
$4.10 $15.00
$21.50 $25.29
$22.00 $28.50
$208.30 $221.99
$58.99 $85.75
5 Ribbons + 100 Transfer Connectors
$47.94 $47.95
Single scoop
Currently out of stock
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dentists Need Impression Guns?

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An impression material dispenser is an easy way to squeeze out impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges. It also can be used to create temporaries in a patient?s oral cavity.

Using an impression gun can be helpful in comparison to doing it manually. The gun makes it easy to add the material to the impression tray and move it around until it?s exactly where it?s needed. It also makes it easy to dispense specific amounts of impression material. Using an impression gun is much more efficient than doing it by hand and will save you valuable time.

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What Types of Dental Impression Guns Are Available?

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Net32 carries a range of different types of impression guns so you can easily find one that?s suitable to your needs and preferences. These are some of the types of dental guns you can find within our product offering:

  • Enthus High Performance Dispensing Gun
    • 1:1/ 2:1 ratio
  • Zenith Type 50 Applicator Gun
    • 4:1/ 10:1 ratio
    • Has a slide
  • iSmile Cartridge Dispensing Gun
    • 1:1 ratio
    • Has a slide
  • BFC3 Impression Gun Kit
    • 1:1/ 2:1 ratio
    • Battery powered
    • Includes 1 impression gun and 100 BFC syringes
  • Acumix Cartridge Dispensing Gun
    • 1:1/ 2:1 ratio
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What Other Impression Gun Accessories Can Dentists Purchase on Net32?

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In addition to just impression guns, you can also purchase a myriad of other impression gun accessories on Net32, such as:

  • Dental impression gun holder: You will find several different types of dental impression gun holders so you can conveniently store your dental gun. They can hold up to 3 impression guns and some options include compartments for mixing tips and intraoral tips.
  • Alginate scoop: These come with a powder scoop and water measure set so you can accurately measure your materials.
  • Mixing unit: Net32 carries several different options of mixing units, including automatic, handheld, hands-free, or rechargeable options.

You will find all of the dental instruments you need to run an efficient and successful practice. From impression materials to dental gloves and dental curing lights, you can purchase all of the supplies you need at affordable prices on the Net32 dental marketplace. Not only is it convenient, but we make it easy to buy in bulk so you can save.

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