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Customer Testimonials

Great prices! I don't think I would buy from Schein again!
Dr. Hamid Yazdi from Georgetown, TX
Net32 is like for dental products.
Dr. Robert Hwang from Hartsdale, NY
Net32 has provided our office with products now for three years. Last year we saved almost $20,000, and this year has been the same. We receive our orders within days, and have been completely satisfied with our supplies. Dr. Gerber orders all the same brands he has used for years, and is completely satisfied. With our savings, we have invested in new equipment and employee bonuses! Thank you Net32!
Dr. C. Richard Gerber from St Marys, VW
Anyone who is using one of the major supply houses instead of Net32 for the same exact products is seriously overpaying.
Dr. Steven Schwartz from Mount Kisco, NY
Great prices on name brand products.
Dr. Ronald Scherick from Vernon, CT
I have averaged 52% savings compared to retail prices over the last three years. Buying the same quality materials for less than half the price has really helped my practice in these difficult economic times.
Dr. Marcia Nemecek from St. Augustine, FL has simplified my ordering of dental supplies. I love to see the low price and how soon can I get it in my office. I have used eBay, and other dental supply places but thank you, you're the best!!!
Dr. Andrew R. Lunn from Chattanooga, TN
Good selection and great prices. I don't see why anyone would choose to continue getting screwed over by the likes of Patterson when all it takes is 30 minutes every other week.
Dr. Eric Harris from Tallassee, AL
Net32 has done a great job of creating competitive pricing in the dental supply world. The large dental supply companies have noticed Net32!
Dr. Douglas Sandmann from Glenville, NY
I heard about net 32 from a friend and was amazed at the prices and quality of the product. I will be back regularly.
Dr. Steven Ochsenreither from Philadelphia, PA
I have discovered that by using, I am saving so much money, and having so much fun, that I can't stop smiling! What a great service! Keep up the good work! Thank you so much.
Dr. Dennis Carr from Aberdeen, MD
Net32 saves me thousands of dollars a year!
Dr. Salomon Maya from Valley Village, CA
Great competitive pricing! Same product better price. We save an average of $300 on each order.
Dr. Robert Andrus from Aurora, CO
I get the same exact products for as much as 30% less. Net32 is a no-brainer!
Dr. Steven Schwartz from Mount Kisco, NY
Great products (because we only work with the best). Fast service (because sometimes our patients can't wait). Best pricing (nobody wants to overpay for the same product). Our patients deserve only the best.
Kamlesh Patel from Washington Crossing, PA
I was astounded at the difference in prices versus what I paid Patterson dental. I paid $340.00 for 50 rely-x capsules from Patterson and $119.00 from This is only one of many products that were anywhere from 60% to 20% less in price. I like my representative but, this is too much of a difference to ignore.
Dr. Curtis Hayslip from Warner Robbins, GA
I am absolutely shocked at the savings I have found versus my regular supply company. I have used Patterson for 20 years. Think of all the savings I could have put into my retirement fund. I found one product I paid 395.00 for 50 and it cost me 119.00 for 50 on your site from Hey Dental. Most all of my products used are 20-30% less if not more. I would highly recommend Net32 to all of my colleagues.
Dr. Curtis Hayslip from Warner Robins, GA
You can't beat the pricing and degree of selection of a wide range of products.
Dr. Paul Aswad from Needham, MA
Excellent pricing of preferred, quality product(s) not available to patients in the retail market.
Mr. Robert Hast
I feel fortunate because I am just starting an endodontic practice and I just happened to learn about Net32 from a friend. I am surprised at the high quality of the instruments, even the inexpensive "house brand." I plan on ordering everything I can through them.
Dr. Noboru Yamaki from Scarsdale, NY
One of the few websites I can trust for informed decisions, essential for running profitable dental offices.
Dr. Shaku/Mayank Adatia from Naperville, IL
Quick, immediate service. Prices are unbeatable.
Dr. Stephen Gardner from Charleston, SC
Net32 is the market place/space to shop bar none! The big suppliers are way behind in these times. Looking forward to an easy app to use from my Android.
Dr. James Dunnavant from Las Vegas, NV
CANNOT beat the pricing and service. Orders usually received in totality with very seldom backordering. Also enjoy the ability to comparison shop.
Ann Demko from Owensboro, KY
Net32 is always the best price in one place.....why would you not give them a try?
Dr. David Moss from Florence, SC
I save thousands of dollars by pacing orders on your website. As a result, my patients enjoy less expensive dentistry compare to competitors.
Dr. Sarah Lecerf from Framingham, MA
Great prices, great customer service, decreased overhead, and win for all!
Dr. Debora Bolton from Rougemont, NC
I saved $100 on my first small order, and then I saved $300 on my second order when we compared to our pricing with Benco! Products arrived in the timeframe specified and overall it was a great experience. Thanks Net32!
Dr. Steve Garrett from Hillsborough, NC
Net32 allows great ability to order major name brand items easily at substantial savings.
Dr. Michael Tullman from Wynnewood, PA
What a nice refreshing experience! Comprehensive list of products with excellent descriptions, you can compare vendors on one page, very good pricing. Order delivered fast, product is as promised and you save money. These people care!
Dr. Julie Ross from Novato, CA
I'm glad someone out there is working to save us money. I'm very glad I found this website.
Dr. Randy Roberts from Taylorsville, UT
With Net32 comparing prices and saving up to 60% on my favorite products, makes them my preferred means of acquiring stock.
Dr. Adrian Landsberg from Sarasota, FL
Net32 has saved us thousands of dollars. I compare all the products that I buy with the prices on Net32 and almost everytime Net32 wins.
Dr. Amanda Cerqueira from Carolina Beach, NC
I always double check pricing when placing an order and save at least $200.00-$350.00 each order the office places by ordering some items at Net32. The products are the same exact products... not expired or close to expiration. In today's economy it is great to cut down the overhead where you can!
Dr. Patrick Huly from Warren, OH
Net32 consistantly provides great pricing and selection.
Dr. Paul Aswad from Needam, MA
Prompt and very, very helpful customer service. They go beyond what I expected.
Dr. Rose Satterfield from Pelham, NC
The ease of ordering and the customer support is great. The website is very easy to navigate and they even recommend which deal is better based on certain sales that certain vendors are running for the week. I really like this site since it really helps me save a lot of money over the years and I have ordered with them for over 10 years.
Dr. Thu-Nga Ortega from Fairfax, VA is the place to go for incredible savings and customer service.
Dr. Dennis Mohney
I have been using net 32 for a long time and have been a very happy customer. I get charged over 50% less than major dental distributors. I have been very happy and would like to recommend it to all my other dentist friends.
Dr. Thu-Nga Ortega from Fairfax, VA
Net32 has saved my practice thousands of dollars in overhead by allowing my staff to easily comparison shop for supplies and quickly receive the best products at the cheapest prices.
Dr. David Eidman from Elmwood park, NJ
net.32 is quick, easy to use, and saves me money. All orders I have placed are accurately filled and delivered on time. I can heartily recommend them.
Dr. Susan Robins from Snoqualmie, WA
Easy to use and excellent savings.
Dr. Robert Hersh from Brooklyn, NY
I find Net32 the quickest most convenient way to comparison shop for dental supplies.
Dr. Greg Mauro from Paoli, PA
Great products! Unbelievable prices! Perfect solution to our struggling economy!!! Thank you for being there.
Dr. Ernesto Hipolito from Las Vegas, NV
Worth the time when you can save $2000 in 15 minutes.
Dr. S. Badger from Show Low, AZ
Net 32 has the products I use at great prices, I save 50% on average!
Dr. Jennifer Lynn from Pasadena, CA
Net32 makes it easy to find quality products at lower prices. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years keeping my overhead costs on supplies down. Thanks, Net32!
Dr. Barbara Panko from Oswego, NY
Customer service is great. They stayed on the phone with me to find a solution. And the pricings can't be beat.
Dr. Galina Nasakin from Palo Alto, CA
I was totally surprised at the pricing and availability of products that Net32 has to offer. I don't know how Net32's competition can match its service.
Mr. Rupe Cervantes from Vallejo, CA
I have used Net32 for past few years and I would highly recommend to other dental offices for their service and wide selection of products.
Dr. Robert Tang from Burlington, MA
I now pay 30-35% less than I did ordering through Schein or Patterson for the same exact products. I like those companies' sales reps, but not that much!
Dr. Steven Schwartz from Mount Kisco, NY
One of my goals is to keep my fees reasonable for my patients. Net32 pricing and service helps me do this!
Steve Carron from Perryville, MO
Great site, easy to use, competitive pricing, fast shipping, large varied selection of items and great service!
Dr. Joseph LoPinto from New York, NY
Net32 has a huge impact on my practice by controlling my overhead.
Dr. Clayton Finley from Melbourne, FL
Our office was able to save 32% on our normal budget for monthly dental supplies, which allowed us to add supplies/office equipment we were desperately needing. Thank you Net32!
Dr. Nick Kanning from Omaha, NE
If you want the absolute best prices, without the feeling of obligation to a local sales rep, is the solution for my Dental Practice.
Dr. Charles Dombrowski from Altoona, PA
Net32 beats the pricing of the major catalog retailers.
Dr. William Thompson from Tukwila, WA
Net32 often offers a price 30 to 40% below the cost of my local supplier.
Dr. Jeff Huffman from Grove City, OH
My first order from cost 35% less than it would have with Patterson for the same exact products. I wish all my business expenses could be reduced by 35%!
Dr. Steven Schwartz from Mount Kisco, NY
Net32 has been a valuable tool in assisting me to control my supply costs. I was one of the earliest users of Net32 and have referred several colleagues to Net32. The consistent response back to me has been a big "Thank You!"

Net32 lets me compare apples to apples, but at multiple orchards. Give it a try, you might agree that sometimes change is good.
Dr. David Larson from Hummelstown, PA
Net32 has saved my practice untold thousands of dollars over the years, and it adds up. Especially in this climate, saving money on supplies can drastically lower your overhead and increase your bottom line.
Dr. Clayton Finley from Melbourne, FL
This is a great site to comparison shop. Usually the prices are much better than my local suppliers. The customer service is superb.
Dr. Derrek Yelton from Las Vegas, NV
Net32 has consistently provided top quality products below generally advertised prices. It is almost as though we have a license to shop wholesale!
Dr. Michael LaMarche from Mill Creek, WA
Easy to find the best price.
Chantal Corbeil from St. Hyacinthe, QC
After using the so-called "big boys" of dental supplies I've decided that Net32 is the only way to go. Most orders are shipped the same day and arrive in my office shortly after. Net32 also is very efficient in keeping you informed on the status of your order. There is no better place to find supplies at substantial savings -- Thank you, Net32!
John Gordon from Islip Terrace, NY
Net32 allows me to quickly and easily compare prices of thousands of dental supplies, and then place my order at my own convenience. The yearly savings is in the thousands.
Dr. David Eidman from Elmwood Park, NJ
I like because I can comparison shop on my own time online and not deal with annoying phone calls from sales reps trying to push their own brand.
Mrs. Laurie Heon from Cummington, MA
Net32 has provided me with all the name brand products I use on a daily basis in my practice at prices that no other Dental Dealer can match. NOT EVEN CLOSE!
Dr. Clayton Finley from Melbourne, FL
I really like to shop with Net32 because I can easily go from vendor to vendor to pick and choose at my own pace, and no pressure from sales rep.
Dr. Thuy Nga Vu from Roseville, CA
Having practiced for over 30 years I have seen and tried all the different techniques to lower supply overhead, from full service supply houses to buying clubs. Net32 is the easiest way we have found to control costs, acquire quality products while expending least amount of energy and time.
Geoffrey E. Bell, D.D.S. from Carlsbad, CA
Most certainly the best way to shop for dental products.
Dr. Harry Karna from Moreno Valley, CA
Net32 is a no brainer if you want to save thousands per year on dental supplies.
Dr. Eric Cook from Mahopac, NY
In this economy the only way to keep costs down and the doors open is to keep things as affordable as possible. I have seen substantial savings from ordering from Net32. These savings are apples to apples products, not generic substitutes. It only makes sense to order our supplies from this company.
Dr. Frank Caffaratti from Sparks, NV
It took difficult financial times for me to turn to Net32. I'm so glad I did! After seeing the prices of some things on Net32, I feel like I've been ripped off by the Big Vendors for years. It takes some planning sometimes, but I save a lot! I'm not going back.
Dr. Daniel Cronk from Woodland Hills, CA
I couldn't believe the discount I got! I saved my boss almost half of the cost that she had allocated for the purchase!
Ms. Marilyn Spencer from Princeton, NJ
I found surprisingly great savings, great selection and the opportunity to make choices for my business that let me take control of my spending without the pressure to buy over-priced goods from a single supplier who has their own agenda.
Dr. Frank Kruse from Dawsonville, GA
An amazing tool to allow true free market shopping. This service has come at exactly the right time. You've got to try it.
Dr. Wayne E Lyerly from Metairie, LA
I have been ordering from Net32 for years and have never been disappointed in the remarkable service and prices. The ability to instantly compare vendor prices on brand named products is truly a time and money saver. Makes supply shopping for a frugal office a more satisfying experience.
Dr. Ann Demko from Owensboro, KY
Since I have started using Net32 they have always been courteous, had prompt delivery and provided great savings. I will continue to use Net32.
Dr. James M. Fili from Dubuque, IA
Shipping was very fast, it came to me in two days!
Mr. Sang Hwi Jung from Los Angeles, CA
Net32 has saved my young practice thousands of dollars in its first year and a half. I only wish I would have found them when I was doing the start-up.
Dr. Benjamin Cope from Enterprise, UT
Best pricing anywhere.
Dr. Quon Nguyen from San Jose, CA
Net32 exceeded all of my expectations with regards to product availability, comparison shopping, brand name, and delivery options and promptness. This is an exceptional site second to none.
Steven Gruber from Miami, FL
Great site for comparison shopping. Easy to find great prices and vendor specials. Great customer service and accurate filling of orders and an email notification when items ship. OUTSTANDING!
Dr. Gerald Joseph Thibault from Springfield, MA
Purchasing from Net32 has enabled me to significantly lower my overhead. They offer the industry leading products at prices that can't be matched.
Dr. Darshanand Persaud from Tampa, FL
Great cost savings when compared to the big dental supply companies, and no sales rep to stop in when we are wading knee deep in patients and do not have any spare time.
Dr. Steven Hall from Berlin, MD
Very efficient, cost effective, no middle man which = savings!
Dr. Mike Glasmeier from Antioch, TN
I would recommend working with the people at Net32 anytime. They are friendly, efficient, and you can't beat their customer service. I feel fortunate to have learned about this company and look forward to a long relationship with them!
Dr. Beverly H. Dorrance from Louisville, KY
Unbeatable pricing. Easy comparison shopping. Reputable, efficient vendors. No membership fees. No commitment. What more can you ask for? Net32 has saved my practice thousands of dollars. In this economy, you cannot afford to be complacent about your supplies bill. Try it once--you'll be a customer for life.
Dr. David Eidman from Elmwood Park, NJ
I am amazed at how much Patterson was charging me for the same name brand items! I have been totally pleased with the savings on Fuji GX, Herculite, Relyx to name a few items.
Dr. Patricia Kellar from Plano, TX
I am the owner of a small dental lab and I order everything from I always get my order in a reasonable time and have never needed to exchange or return any items. It's extremely easy to use the website too, I always find what I need.
Dr. Laurie Heon from Cummington, MA
In a down economy, it's important to control overhead. Net32 gives me the exact same products at tremendous savings! Net32 is my ticket to reducing expenses and keeping more of what I work for!
Dr. Marianna Clougherty from Harrisburg, PA
Great customer service. One email to customer support and my problem was solved. Possibly the best online customer support I have seen.
Dr. Rick Caldwell from Bellaire, OH
Definitely best prices anywhere and easy to use website for ordering :)
Dr. Tracy Murphy from Pocasset, MA
I have saved an average of 50% on products our office uses every day over the national distributors.
Richard Schram
Same brand name products that we've always used at 25% - 50% less.
Dr. Brian O'Lear from Centerport, NY
Net 32 has saved our practice so much money over the last few years. It brings honesty and fair market value back into our profession.
Dr. Deb Bolton from Durham, NC
I have been a Net32 user for over 10 years and have been very happy with the savings that I have received for my products. You can get really good deals at times. The site is set up very nicely and helps you to compare prices with different vendors, etc. Great site!
Dr. Thu-Nga Ortega from Fairfax, VA
Since my first order back in 2002 I have saved tens of thousands of dollars on dental supplies and have been extremely satisfied as to availability 24/7, ease of use, paper work reduction and great customer service. All products have been delivered as promised or satisfactory arrangements for returns or replacements have been made.
Dr. John W. Adams from Salina, KS
Net32 has helped my practice reduce supply costs by 50%.
Marc Nordstrom from DMD, Bend, OR
I order almost everything for my dental practice from While practice management gurus talk about lowering the supply bill to the 5-7% of production range, I average 3.42% consistently by ordering from! I get the EXACT same brand names at an incredible savings! (Go ahead and check it out on the Web site, or have your staff compare just one order online.) We work too hard to give it away!
Dr. Marianna Clougherty from Harrisburg, PA is where you want to shop! Don't pay your sales rep to stop by and say 'hi' but instead keep the money in your pocket. Or you can pay him to keep coming and bothering you. I chose not to and am saving thousands of dollars a year. Yes, thousands!!! You can't beat
Dr. Bargren from Stevensville, MI
95% of my ordering goes to Net32. I find it much easier to order online and of course the savings over retail makes a big difference. I think you are doing a great job and providing a valuable service to the dental profession!
Dr. Aldon Hilton from San Jose, CA
Excellent business model, allowing users such as myself to order at any time between patients or even at night and instantly get the best bargains from multiple vendors. The merchandise is name brand and identical to what I get from the major supply houses, albeit much cheaper. I've never had a problem reaching staff, oftentimes getting responses to my questions in ten minutes or less.
Dr. Nelson Mar from Phoenix, AZ
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